Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hermés Footwear

This is the beginning of the end, Hermés has officially crossed over into the footwear market with this metallic pair of high top trainers. I've seen some Hermés trainers before but none quite like this. The silhouette on these trainers is similar to every classic trainer on the market right now ranging from the legendary Chuck Taylor to the YSL rolling 10 trainer. I think that this silhouette is the winning formula; it just works. Sources say that Hermés has selected the finest materials to use on their trainers and that doesn't come cheap for the manufacturer nor for the consumer. With that said these trainers retail at a little under a thousand dollars.
Start saving


Friday, October 31, 2008

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered: Jay-Z Documentary

This documentary is one that you must see. Who doesn't listen to Jay-Z? Here's an even better question: Who has never listened to a Jay-Z song in their entire life? If you can show me someone who has never listened to at least one Jay-Z song in their life, I can show them a song that Jay-Z has made that they can relate to.


Barack Obama: Television Special

This is a 30 minute presentation of one of the possible outcomes for the next president of the united states. I seriously think that you should tune in to this.


Kapps in Philly

Theophilus London does a wild show at UBIQ in Philadelphia with Ninja Sonik. In this show he actually jumped into the crowd, it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves and if you don't remember UBIQ is the sneaker and clothing store that I wrote about from my last trip to Central Philadelphia.

-a look back-


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: 09 Bags

Stefano Pilati has presented us with three new Saint Laurent bags. There is a bag for everyone, starting with the first bag which is a gym bag. Recently I've noticed that no one uses things for there utilitarian purpose so I wouldn't limit this nice nylon bag to a "gym" bag.

To purchase: CLICK HERE

The bag seen above is the 09 Muse briefcase. So allow me to be brief about this wonderful bag. Although it may appear to be crocodile skin it is actually a croc stamped calf leather which basically means it's leather that has been altered to look like crocodile. However that doesn't make the Muse bag any less marvelous. It is a briefcase but I'm sure that most of you have already figured out something else to do with it. 

-style note-
The bag comes equip with a padlock and key.

To purchase: CLICK HERE

This bag is made exactly like the previous one except for the fact that this bags length is a tad bit longer. The zipper on this bag runs from one side of the bag to the other side, hence the name "muse north to south briefcase". Everything else is exactly the same including the padlock and key with are both branded with the YSL insignia.

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Lanvin: Zip Trim High Top

These new Lanvin trainers follow a similar design as those of recent time but there are some small changes that make this a totally different trainer. The zipper adds a new feel and gives it some more attitude, especially the choice in color scheme for the zipper. The upper portion of this trainer is a first for Lanvin this season but I doubt that it will be the last time that they use this material on a trainer. It really changes the look of the trainer for the better.
To get your hands on these trainers:
See change isn't that bad.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Michelle and the Market

Seems like the Obama's already control the market. I feel better knowing that the wife of one of the presidential candidates can do something to help the economic slump that we have been in recently. The story goes Mrs. Obama appeared on Leno recently. Leno inquired about the labels that she was wearing and she revealed the fact that her yellow outfit was J. Crew. The next day traffic on the J. Crew website increased by 64% and the hits for the skirt increased by 464%. I'm not making this up, ladies and gentlemen I believe that if the Obama's become the next presidential family America will be more alive in the next four years than it has been my entire life.

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Thank God for change.


Zara Winter Collection 08

Who doesn't like Zara? Are you kidding me? They have some of the coolest designs when it comes to the middle ground between dressing up and dressing down. They do suits  and shoes but they also do denim and trainers or even moccasins. I like Zara mainly because of the balance of their collections. They give you everything that you could possibly need and not only for men either. 
-side note-
The women run Zara's SoHo location.

I think that this presentation of the 2008 winter collection is a prime example of such balance.


L'Uomo Vogue: Diddy

See the shots, see the hard work, see the man; Diddy.


Blow Time: Chanel

Got some time on your hands ladies? If not then do something about it. A brand new watch from the Chanel watch collection should do the trick.
Get yours here: Chanel

The watch is set to hit stores soon but for now all you can do is marvel at its brilliance.


T.I. Gets Personal on Tyra

I take that back this is a much better T.I. interview. The other one was just funny but this one is real.


The Empire

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

This is a documentary about the bike culture and the riders of NY. It's amazing to see that it has become a culture, it would also be interesting to know why different people ride. Aside from the fact that it's a documentary about bikes and it's sponsored by Mishka NYC and Brooklyn Machine Works, it's a cool video to watch so tune in.


3 Questions For Kaws

He never had a plan. Go figure.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

T.I. Interview on Chelsea Lately:

One of the best interviews since Pharrell on Nardwar.


MCM x TI$A Phenomenon: Winter

Three brand new pieces from the MCM and TI$A Phenomenon collection. I like all three pieces but my personal favorite would have to be the gloves, off which I shall chop the fingertips. The overnight bag is a little too flashy for my taste yet it is still a well crafted bag with a shoulder strap. The scarf is also a good clean creation, not too flashy but yet not so discrete that its boring.
You can get your hands on these goods and more if you simply:

The BkC Goes To Columbia University

The BkC goes to Columbia? Yes indeed they did and put on quite the fashion show, displaying the upcoming collection which was said to make quite a stir there. The shot above says a lot but I think it is the shots below that actually tell the story.

To check out more on the Brooklyn Circus: 


M.I.A. feat. Jay-Z: Boys

J.Crew Ties It Up

A tie is one accessory to a man that can easily make or break his outfit. There are many different aspects of the tie to be considered such as: the material, the width, the pattern, the color and the type. The majority of the market is made up of silk ties so most men wear silk ties. However that doesn't mean that the cotton ties are any less attractive than the silk ones. I have comprised four very nice options of ties by J.Crew. 
The first tie is a black silk bow tie. 
To purchase: CLICK HERE
Thin-Stripe Cambridge Silk Tie 
To Purchase: CLICK HERE
Old-School Stripe Skinny Knit Tie
To Purchase: CLICK HERE
Churchill-Stripe Skinny Knit Tie
To Purchase: CLICK HERE


Monday, October 27, 2008

Assistance Please:

I think one of the most important things about a woman's appearance is her accessories because an accessory can make or break an outfit. A flashy outfit and a flashy accessory can be overbearing but a chic, simply outfit and a flashy accessory will actually work out pretty well. Below I have lined up some very interesting pieces that can assist your outfit and really complete a look.
Elizabeth and James
Double Cutout Gold Cuff

Kenneth Jay Lane
Crystal Crest Emerald Pin

Sonia Rykiel
Ruby Crystal Safety Pin

Sonia Rykiel
Crystal Safety Pin

Feel free to explore more options on the Intermix website; have fun.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comme des Garçons for H&M: Online

As if walking into your local H&M wasn't easy enough all you have to do to see the pieces of the Comme des Garçons H&M Collection that you so desire, just log on and view to your hearts content; it's that simple. Unfortunately you will still have to use the store locator to find a H&M near you to physically pick up the pieces that you want; no online store.
To view the highly anticipated collection:


A New Light: Knitwear

The conventional ways of thinking about knitwear has now been made obsolete by a designer by the name of Sandra Backlund who has pushed her creative mind to a new level. The most impressive aspect of these looks in this collection is the material. Usually this would be silk or satin with some chiffon for the structure but this is all cotton knitwear; imagine that. The model that was chose to model these looks was a perfect choice but enough talking.
To get your hands on these pieces and more:

Marc The Winter

It's how I plan on staying warm this winter so why not you? I'm opposed to thick down coats right now so this winter I'm going to wear wool trench coats, cable knit sweaters, cardigans and layers but nothing too bulky. If you like the sound of that and you are looking for an alternative to the average ski jacket then this Marc by Marc Jacobs double breasted jacket may be for you.
If so ladies:

Kanye West: Coldest Winter

This is not the crapy radio rip version that you have heard already.
To listen to the new version:

Kanye West has also released another song from his forth-coming album 808's & Heartbreak entitled Robocop. When I first seen the title of the new song I wasn't sure how to react to it but then when I actually heard the song it coincides with the theme of the album. 
To listen to the new song: