Friday, April 3, 2009

Never is Forever

You are viewing the newest installment in the Chronicles of Never collection entitled the 5th Chapter Boot. I'm usually not a fan of shoes without laces but these are so well constructed that I have to make an exception. The design esthetic is incredible, I'm looking at it and still can't really wrap my head around it.
Very Nice


Halle Berrrrrry! Halle Berry!


Need a Job?

When was the last time you attended a job fair? Lets be honest, job fairs are a thing of the past; so where would you go to get a job? If going store to store filling out applications doesn't sound like a good idea to you I might have a better idea. How about you check this freelance job board site: Freelance Job Board
When you think about it most of us are: writers, bloggers, photographers and web designers; so why would we be filling out applications for department stores? There is no risk in signing up for this site because unlike other reliable job sites, this one is completely free. In these times some are trying to find a way to make more money, while others are just trying to pay the bills, this is a perfect opportunity for both sides of the coin.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

TopShop SoHo Store Opening

Today was a big day in SoHo. Today marked the opening of the much anticipated, London's own, TopShop. I was personally on site to capture all of the festivities. The line wrapped around the block; literally. TopShop took this into consideration and had staff walking the length of the line to supply the possible patrons with free bottles of water. Once people drew closer to the actual store and by closer I mean around the corner and down one block, there was a coffee stand giving out free cups of coffee supplied by Madevelle. The hospitality was definitely there but was it all worth it?
Did TopShop live up to all the hype?

How about I let the people decide the answer to that.



Do you think this is going to be enough to get people to invest their money into Steve Madden?

 In my honest opinion I was under the impression that they were doing fine but this is a clear sign that they aren't. Do I think that this is going to do the trick? Yes, I do. They have a pretty consistent following and this would be like a christmas gift to them.


Breath of Fresh Air

Today I took an innocent trip down to SoHo and while there I swam through blocks upon blocks of the same style and foolishness that it made my stomach turn. Seriously everyone was making me sick, that was until I saw this splash of originality. She came to me like a glass of water and my camera and I were two travelers lost in the desert. 

The hair was what first drew my attention to her face, which led me to the shades, that redirected my attention to the dress, then the cardigan yelled at me so I looked but they were only telling me...
check the shoes.

All around she had a style all her own.

Living Off the Wall

Sometimes we all read too deep into things.

We get so caught up in understanding that we overshoot it.

Sometimes things are much simpler than we would ever imagine.

Sometimes the writing is on the wall.
However only few are literate.


Gilt Groupe x L&F present: Alife Sale

By now I think it would be safe to assume that everyone knows about Alife, whether it's a hat that you saw someone with, a tee shirt that you own or a pair of trainers that you were always attracted to, we all love Alife. There is just a sense of realism in their clothing line that can really be appreciated when there are so many other lines imitating. 
This Friday, April 3rd at 12 noon L&F readers have the unique opportunity of getting their hands on some Alife products for a little more than half off. Through the services of the Gilt Groupe

Here is how it works, you follow the specially designed link for L&F readers featured below, sign up completely FREE, and start shopping; simple. Plus for every person that you sign up you get $25. How can you go wrong? What is the catch? There is none, so what are you waiting for? Follow the link below.
Get Alife


Wayne's World Sunny Side Up

“The rock shit just comes from what my life is now,”

“I just got — I’m not going to say ’so good’ at what I was doing, but it became such a regularity for me that I got tired of it. And then I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to rap on this one.’ “

“I don’t want to be the best rapper in the world. Not now,” he says. “I want to be the best. Period. Now. My favorite rapper hasn’t done what I’m doing.” Lil Wayne


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Love Supreme

To Download the U-N-I album


You Do Not Want to Miss This

(click to enlarge)


YMC Patch Detail Cardigan

I am constantly in search of articles of clothing  that are out of the norm because lets face it, no matter how much you pay for something, you are going to be crushed once you see someone else with the exact same thing on. So why not look for something that you know not too many other people are going to have and it isn't something that you see everyday. I think it is safe to say that if that is what you are in search of then you have found it in this YMC patchwork cardigan. Think to yourself where was the last place that you seen a cardigan like this and unless your talking Comme des Garçons, then the answer is nowhere.

To get yours click here


Kanye Was Right

This was the coolest 5 minutes of my day.

follow the link: click


Brooklyn Circus; Tailored?

These pictures were ripped straight from the facebook profile of Bevin Elias; the well dressed young man featured in the photograph's. Unfortunately this post isn't about Mr. Elias, this post is actually about what he is wearing. Bevin is sporting the newest pieces in the Brooklyn Circus collection: a denim front waist coat, soft blue oxford shirt and the navy blue overcoat.

In my personal opinion the overcoat is the best piece so far. This coat features gold tone buttons, two red stripes across each arm and a Brookyln Circus patch on the left shoulder. The craftsmanship is spectacular and the attention to detail is truly to be appreciated.
At this point it is still unclear whether the pocket scarf and the hat are apart of this collection but if they are I want to be the first to say I like the direction that the BkC is moving in. 

I still remember the interview I did with Kohey a little under a year ago and the esthetic of the line at that time, totally different direction. However there is a saying that goes: "I give you what you want, so that you may want what I have to give you." If they came out of the gate like this I don't think everyone would have received it as well as they are now.
To see the previous Brooklyn Circus post:


Japan Fashion Week

There was a point in time when Japanese fashion wasn't respected enough to earn them a fashion week, well I believe it is safe to say that time is long gone. Not only do they have their own fashion week but they are making good use of it to display just how different they really are. The look seen above is one of my favorite's from a collection that is anything but ordinary. The name of the line is Né-net, to see more from this collection click here
To get a first hand look at exactly how Japan Fashion Week is going with Black Book


Asher Roth Sits Down with Black Book

Since you loved college so much, did it hurt to leave? 
I loved it, but the opportunity of a lifetime came along and I definitely have the luxury of being able to go back to school if I needed it. I was into it, but I also felt like I was kind of just in school to be in school because that’s what you do—you graduate high school and go to college. So the rapping opportunity presented itself and I decided to go test the waters and it was just a snowball effect after that. You can’t blame me for chasing the dream.

To read the rest of the interview follow the link below:


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If Only For One Night

I'm as much for comfort as the next man is but sometimes you have to get your act together. 

Imagine your girlfriend gets invited to a corporate dinner party, she's thinking a room full of people that my boyfriend needs to know, this can be really beneficial for him. So she asks you to be her date to the dinner. Three hours before the dinner you run through your closet for something to wear and all you can come up with is a two year old oxford that barely still fits you, a solid black tie, brown slacks and some tired shoes that you used to wear to church, when you actually attended.
This is a sign that you need to start shopping smarter. Before you end up in a situation as desperate as the one described above, I think you should get a move on. You don't have to spend a ton of money to look good either. You just need some prominent pieces that every man should have in his possession.
They are often thought of as the accessories but I think it's time we change that to the necessities. For some this may be a bit extreme and that is okay, the good news is that you don't have to dress like this everyday if you don't want to. When you need to have an outfit for a social gathering that is going to be a bit less formal than denim and trainers at least have a set of argyle socks to show for yourself.
Who said that a tie clip is excessive? A money clip may be a bit much but a tie clip is as appropriate as the tie is.

If this is all new to you, the better because now you really get an opportunity to mix and match and try a bunch of things because everything that I just showed you (with the exception of the tie) was under $ 22 dollars.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone's Talking About It

What did Rolling Stones expect when they employed Terry Richardson to do a photo shoot with the Gossip Girls? Two things for sure one thing for certain, they got their monies worth, the shots look amazing and giving Terry such beautiful subjects to shoot is like turning a lion loose in midtown.
To see the rest of the shoot:


Painting by Anonymous

"Ooooh can't you see the sky is turning grey,
when you turn to me it takes it all away." Theophilus London