Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Eye

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Seven months ago I did a short video for Nike and the topic was the WNBA and why the multitudes of people that love the NBA don't show the same enthusiasm about the sister of the basketball giant. My video revealed that people find the women's league less exciting than the NBA. 

Oddly enough Mr. Corbin recently acquired tickets to a WNBA game at the garden. (long story) Honestly I have never watched a WNBA game myself so I really didn't know what to expect. 
Turns out it isn't much different from a NBA game (except the fact that there were no dunks); these women play hard! The intensity and determination that they played the game with flowed through the crowd and got everyone involved. If you look above you will see the CT Suns, even though the Liberty was the home team I liked the way the Suns played so that is the team that Mr. Corbin and I were rooting for. We were receiving some foul looks from the fans behind us that really wanted the Liberty to play but it was all in the spirit of fun to us.
There were some talented children performing for a portion of the halftime show, I wasn't really paying attention due to the constant flow of messages to my blackberry but I did manage to get this shot which I think really captured the moment.
The NY Liberty wore all pink to show their support for women with breast cancer and the fight against breast cancer. My grandmother died from breast cancer so I naturally I feel a bit more inclined to support than Mr. Corbin.

The Suns hit a heavily contested three to send the game into overtime but ended up losing by two points to the Liberty after a foolish last possession. I was a little upset but in the end it's "root root root for the home team!"


Friday, August 21, 2009

Living Fire

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Fire is a force of nature that can neither be controlled or reproduced. Technology has given us the illusion that we can control the elements. One by one I plan to disprove these ideas and free the minds of the masses from the constrains that limit us all to see the REAL. 

There is fire within us all. This living fire is the drive that pushes your determination to unnatural heights, assisting you in achieving things you couldn't dream possible. Fire is most notably known for it's destructive purposes however I believe fire only becomes destructive when it is not respected and appreciated as FIRE! 
Water can calm the temper of a raging fire but if the water is not in a higher concentration than the fire and if you do not have the patience the fire will flare up again and may even be stronger than before. Concentrate on cooling the fire in you and focus on releasing the rage but be knowledgeable of the appropriate times and be responsible with knowing the difference.

You may control the fire but you are not the fire. Respect the fire as an individual essence; a mystic if you must. If you do not respect the fire and you unleash the rage it will consume you. You and everything that means anything to you will be engulfed in the flames.
Only another powerful force of nature can contain the fire but the fire will never die! It will only relinquish it's energy to the universe to be reawakened in a new form. If your fire gets put out by any force understand that the energy still exists in your frame but in a new form, find it, learn it and unleash it to realize your maximum potential in life.