Friday, September 18, 2009

Real Life: Big Mark

Big Mark

When I first saw Big Mark he appeared to be an intimidating person. However after I really met him and we hung out a couple times I realized that there is really nothing to be afraid of. A lot of people see him at parties, exhibits, around SoHo but how many of you really know him? After watching this video, there will be almost nothing that you don't know about him.
Watch and enjoy.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Difference?

Rough Around The Edges

If everyone tries to be different and they all achieve that which they were aiming for are they different? No. Open your eyes and allow me to open your mind for a second. First everyone was opposed to difference and change. Then everyone wanted to get fresh and wear a whole bunch of labels, it became a race for the labels. Whoever had the biggest flashiest clothing was the freshest. It has now slid into "the age of (in)difference" where everyone is striving so hard to be different but what you all are failing to see is that in trying to be different you end up looking alike again. It's quite comical if you really sit back and watch it. No two people are exactly alike therefore we are naturally different, it isn't something that we must try to achieve. If you were to just be yourself your difference would shine through. How is it that some people can wear all black and still get the most attention in a room? Aside from the fact that the rest of the room collectively looks like an easel after the kindergardeners are done with it, some people's energy naturally attract others. 

Stay true to yourself and you will never get lost.


Life: Drink Responsibly

Life Is Like A Bottle of Moet

Sometimes you reach a certain level and you start to feel a bit over confident. You really haven't achieved your goal but you get a bit closer so you feel good about yourself. The closer you get to your goal, the better you feel. Until the point right before you achieve whatever it is that you are aiming for and you feel like no one can touch you. This is a dangerous feeling because if you allow it to, it will consume you. I don't tell you these things because I sat and meditated on the topic for a lifetime and I have come to a conclusion on it. Nor do I want to preach to you because I am some authority on anything. I tell you these things because I have been there, I went through it, I've experienced it and I know how it feels. It feels good when your up and you feel unstoppable but for every unstoppable force there is an immovable object. For every good man there is a better man so never think more of yourself than you already are. Remain humble and you should make it out in one piece.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farewell For Now

September 11th means a lot of different things to so many different people for numerous reasons. However the night of September 11th 2009 whether you watched the Jay-Z concert, (which was a fund raiser for a foundation in support of relief for the victims of September 11th.) actually attended the concert or you were present at Ray's get together; you had something to smile about. The good brother Ray is leaving New York, moving down to Virginia to better himself. He is pursuing a degree in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering field, so basically when he comes back he'll be working hard to come up with new ways to save the world. I want to take this time out to congratulate him on this important step in his life and for actually having the drive to achieve something more than what he was told that he could do. Honestly I do not know anyone that works in that field and neither does Ray but that didn't stop him from pursuing a career in the area.
Dream it... Be it!

For the pictures from the actual party CLICK HERE


Ghost P

Maison Martin Margiela

No big spending for a year straight, practice a strict budget, work diligently, invest your money wisely and maybe you can comfortably afford the right trainers to run this town in.


ROMEing Panda!

When I first heard about the ROMEing Panda exhibit it was still in the early stages and nothing was definite; that was about a month ago. I got a text message from APN of 6'' informing me of the exhibit, the night of. I headed out to the event not expecting anything more than new colors on the rings however I was completely blown away by the range of Panda accessories created. It would be an understatement to say that Rome has been busy. He has completed a full collection ranging from the classic gummy bear rings in the original colors to belts, pins, pendants and neck accouterments. I am very impressed with Rome's progression to say the least. He has transformed what started out as just a cool ring that he impressed his friends with to a complete collection with endless possibilities. 

I am genuinely intrigued by the way in which an artist mind works. To take something as practical as a gummy bear and make people pay attention to it by reintroducing it is a talent. Most people don't even look at gummy bears when they eat them. The gummy bears in the "Yummy Gummy" collection are made out of a lucite mold of an actual gummy bear so no real gummy bears were injured in the process of the creation of the collection. I just want to take this time out to toast to Rome and all the people involved in the creation of this collection and the showing of the collection. I enjoyed the presentation 100%. I know that there was/ is a very special team involved with the process so to them I want to say congratulations.

To the people that aspire to do anything, work as hard as you can and then you work even harder because no one is going to put anything in your hand; you have to want it. You have to fight for your dreams because if you don't believe in your dreams how can I? If you don't fight for your dreams why should I? Nothing is impossible.

For more pictures from the showing of the collection CLICK HERE
For any questions, concerns and or ordering information: ROMEing Panda