Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Difference?

Rough Around The Edges

If everyone tries to be different and they all achieve that which they were aiming for are they different? No. Open your eyes and allow me to open your mind for a second. First everyone was opposed to difference and change. Then everyone wanted to get fresh and wear a whole bunch of labels, it became a race for the labels. Whoever had the biggest flashiest clothing was the freshest. It has now slid into "the age of (in)difference" where everyone is striving so hard to be different but what you all are failing to see is that in trying to be different you end up looking alike again. It's quite comical if you really sit back and watch it. No two people are exactly alike therefore we are naturally different, it isn't something that we must try to achieve. If you were to just be yourself your difference would shine through. How is it that some people can wear all black and still get the most attention in a room? Aside from the fact that the rest of the room collectively looks like an easel after the kindergardeners are done with it, some people's energy naturally attract others. 

Stay true to yourself and you will never get lost.


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