Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are You Feel(ing)-X?

A lot of you may remember the Lethal Inspiration cardigan from the Goldmine Fashion Show back in March. The designers of the cardigan, Squeaks and Feel-X were both in attendance at the Goldmine for Graham 09 event. Squeaks always told me that X could rhyme but I was a little skeptical about it, its 2008 and everybody thinks that they can rap and are trying to get signed by a major label but the night of the event everybody was enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was perfect so I let him go on. I was curious to see what he can do.
He went on and did two performances that had me stuck in my seat. My favorite is a conceptual song called "money doesn't exists" in which he talks about the effects of having money and not having money, what people would do to have money and how it divides us.

I like his energy and his lyrical content is deep. Im definitely putting him on stage again. Hopefully next time you'll see his live performance.


Feel-X destroys this guitar sypha.


Friday, June 13, 2008

"Make It Happen" Theophilus London

Let me start by saying that Theophilus London is one of the most cooperative entertainers that I have met. My team put him through hell; seriously. However he still compromised and worked with us and he was really understanding. If anyone ever told me that he's an obnoxious and impossible to work with I'd fight them.

If you've never seen a Theophilus London performance then you won't understand what I'm about to say and need to go see him perform live immediately. 
His live performances are cooler than cool, ice cold lemonade on a summer SoHo Block.
The essence of captivity.

"The motto is make it happen" Theophilus London

Thanks Theo


A Movement Inspired

The executive director of the Caribbean Women's Health Association for 15 years, the deputy borough President of Brooklyn for the past 8 years, a key instrument in establishing Brooklyn's very first Center on Health Disparities in 2005 and a co- author to the text book is only a part of who Yvonne Graham is.
Ms. Graham is a very strong spoken woman and she is passionate about what she does, she fights for a greener planet and the empowerment of women. She lives in Brooklyn and knows the problem's that plague the borough and plans to use her political power to do something about those same problems. Ranging from affordable rates so Brooklyn is a livable area for low income families, to matters concerning the waste control in the area.

The Goldmine for Graham 09 Cocktail Benefit
"It's not who you are inside, but what you do that defines you" Rachael Daws



A Proper Send Off



A lot of women in NY are doing it but not quite like this. You can put that in quotations and post it anywhere I Jason Burke will go on record for making that statement and it will not be retracted. 
Goldmine for Graham 09 event last night evoked something in people to come out and dress themselves for a tradition cocktail party (maybe it was part of our plan) but when Sham showed up everybody died. Women had lesbian moments and the guys were whispering like the women. 
It goes without saying; this fit gave me a fit... Seriously Sick!

"I left most of my outfits in Atlanta" Sham


Kinda Sorta

I can't say that SoHo fashion is changing because fashion on a whole is fleeting due to consumer behavior and human beings nature to be indecisive. My generation of SoHo has always been trendy and you could always find someone that is clearly trying to blaze their own path or make their unique statement with an article of clothing. This young man is on the right path with the outfit that he put together. It isn't traditionally proper to wear camo cargo shorts with an oxford and a bow tie but if we all dressed the same that would be boring and slightly un-human. I like the footlocker uniform inspired shirt because that's something that I would have done, take an article of clothing that is used for one thing and use it in a way that normal people wouldn't imagine. The bow tie really made this outfit work. 
Good Job

"The hardest part of creating the best outfit is recreating the best outfit" Jason Burke


Loud Apparel

This is the Prada SoHo location's newest window display. The thing about this Prada location is that its mostly glass so you can see directly into the store and the items on display in the store can be considered a part of the window display.

What I think of this display?
Honestly it doesn't look like the window display of a competing Fashion House. Prada is a good couturier but this isn't even ready to wear, this is athletic wear. I know that the Prada America's Cup sneaker is a athletic sneaker but this is a reflection upon the entire line not just this location but all locations and this is saying "come in, we have track jackets!" 
Bad move, giving too much American Apparel.

I'm not mad at this in Uniqlo because this is what they do, they make loud apparel and they have branded themselves on making quality, loud, strong pieces and it has worked out well for them.


How To Tie A Bow Tie


The Elegant Kingdom

Bloomingdale's SoHo has a new theme in their window, they appear to be giving animals human traits or giving humans animal traits; either way I like it. Animals are the most elegant things in nature. Have you ever seen a peacock spread its wings and lift its head up? Its a thing of pure art. 
I think this is a good idea because it's different and if anyone else follows it's going to be obvious that they are mimicking Bloomindale's. It's refreshing to walk through SoHo and see good display windows like this. I always say that the movement of the human body is art and if you want to be a good designer then you have to understand the way that the human body moves but I often forget about the animal kingdom and how graceful animals are. Designers can learn a lot and really get inspired from just watching animals.
More Visuals:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tonight @ 7!!!!

June 12th
7PM- 11PM
The Patio Lounge
179 5th Ave Between Degraw st and Sackett st
Park Slope Brooklyn.

You can take the M,R train to Union st.

This Thursday its all going down! Thats right this Thursday!

Goldmine & L&F bring to you the banquet event of the year!

Goldmine for Graham 09!

Fashion for ballots!

Ladies bring out your cocktail dresses and heels.

Gentlemen bring out your fine linings. 
(Dress Code: upscale casual)

Think your fly? Think your cool?

Prove it!

Come out and support a good cause and meet new, cool and powerful people.
Most important of all have a good time because life is too short!

If you don't like the idea of other people making decision's for you come out and see what you can do about it.


Club Monaco

These twins touched me during my walk through SoHo today. I don't think you have any idea how much I love ruffles on women's shirts. If worn properly men can pull them off to but it has to be done right. 

This window display was styled perfectly, I passed by and I fell in love. The vest was the best addition.

Say No More


SoHo's Face Hunter

Walking through SoHo today waiting on Squeaks I ran into this vision and at first I wasn't going to say anything to her but then I passed a reflection of myself and I got my confidence back. 
She has this exotic look to her right now, the hair and the dress adds to it; its a complete look. I think that the dress is so seasonal and guess what... it's the right season. So not only was is she fashionable and photogenic but she's also beautiful. My heart skipped a beat when I seen her but don't tell her that.
She wasn't exactly alone, her companion and her were on their way to style a client. That's right they are stylist, we got to talking after the photo shoot and we'll be in touch. Keep your eyes on L&F most likely we'll be doing some business with these two. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

N.E.R.D on Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you missed it we got you covered.

Jedi P

"The homie thats rapping be the only one that has it" Jay-Z

For those of you wondering why he reacted like that when I called him skateboard P, he said he thought I was taking a picture then his bodyguard said something and diverted his attention.

What he neglected to tell me at the time was that its not skateboard P anymore, now Pharrell goes by the name Jedi P; he's just that cool.

"I'm on my dark side shit" Pharrell

Dig into his new custom made black diamond Bape G-Shock. He really likes to outfit items with jewel's. 

-A Look Back-

You Can't Stop The Crooks

New Crooks and Castle's shades.
-Big frames
-Shade is just right
-Plastic frame
Overall I like them.

Oh your not convinced? 
Check these out:
They are also available in black with gold details.
Happy now?
A Mosley Tribe and Crooks & Castles collaboration.

Get into Mosley Tribe: click here

Get into Crooks & Castle's: click here



I think its safe to say that N.E.R.D has a pretty loyal following. The majority of the people that wear Bape, BBC and Ice Cream wear it because of Pharrell. So when ever Pharrell and the gang come down to the BBC flagship store in SoHo NYC all of the Bape heads, BBC feans and Ice Creamers flock to the store hoping to see GQ's best dressed man of the year and possibly take pictures either of him or with him.

N.E.R.D's latest album Seeing Sounds' official release date is 6/10/08 but New Yorkers had an opportunity to get a copy of the album 3 days early. The BBC/ Ice Cream flagship store in SoHo NYC had the album in stock for sale beginning at 11am on 6/7/08 and a promotional tee shirt was also released.

refer back to Seeing Sounds

I got there at 1PM, I was anticipating a line 5 extra stores long, all albums and tee shirts sold out and some kids overjoyed because they got the album. Much to my surprise this is what I found; nothing. There was absolutely nobody there but the employees. I inquired inside about how the release was promoted, I was then informed that it was mainly word of mouth, but it was also on the BBC blog and it was on Classic L&F.

Seems like you all don't care unless Pharrell will be there.

-side note-
P and I purchased a copy of Seeing Sounds each; have you?

Review coming soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black Halo

This satin gun is only for the experienced to fire... Bang! This dress is so sexy that you can show up bare foot and still storm the room. (Don't show up bare foot or in flats!) The bust section is padded so ladies if you don't have it up there for that night you will. All around its just a well made dress and should be accented with the right jewelry in the right amount and the right shoes. Im not going to tell you how to wear it but I will give you some advice.

-Only For The Advanced-
Consume here: Halo

-Advice Hour-
-dabble somewhere between black or white pearls (preferably cultured(leave the fresh water pearls to the kids))

-or you can accent it with a nice diamond necklace that suits your neckline but be mindful of the quality of your diamonds because now they will be on display and any visible flaws will be discussed at the salad bar.

-the shoes should be black heels, patent leather preferably to sit well with the satin. If your going to wear 4" heels then you might as well wear flats. tip or don't come out at all.

-bracelet optional, petite feminine watch necessary. 

Keep in mind that this is just advice and you don't have to follow word for word this is only to be used as a guideline for your success.


Coolness P

Who Styled Him?

I found this couple in SoHo while waiting for P. I liked them couple because they were so simple and just simply well dressed. Also I liked the fact that they were dressed like this in 90 degree weather and probably couldn't imagine dressing any other way. Very stylish way to beat the heat I must say, plus he looks a lot like I styled him.

-A Look Back-


This Is So Posen.

Zac Posen that is to be exact. This one piece is a new number by Zac Posen and I'd just like to start out by saying I adore it but its not for everyone. 
This dress is so simple but intricate at the same time. It's chic, elegant and decorative at the same time. Upon first over look it appears to be a regular gray one piece, trust me I know you thought that because I did too but then I dug in the dirt deeper and what I found was profound.

This is the intricate part of the dress. Look at the attention to detail on the surface of the dress. This dress is without a doubt a conversational piece but the question is where would you wear it? I suggest that if you do think that it's perfect for you and you have the right shoes, bag and make up for it then go for it but don't make the mistake of just trotting down 5th in it. I mean there isn't anything wrong with that but you won't get the attention that your looking for. For the dress to be fully appreciated wear it to a mid day event or a well lit night event and step out in some sick suicide heels (6") and killer make up with a small clutch and your guaranteed to hold the rooms attention upon entrance.

-Only For The Confident-
Consume here: Zac


The New iPhone

People have been asking both P and myself all week how we feel about this new iphone. When I first heard about it I thought that they were saying that it was only 3GB's but now I see that there is an 8GB and a 16GB version to it. The 16GB version has a white back and the 8GB has a black glossy back. Honestly I think its a good idea for the company and for those of you who's only excuse for not purchasing the first and second string of iPhone's was the price the new iPhone starts at $199 for the 8GB.

-Oh Yeah-
-Its also slimmer
-Comes with more applications
For more on the new iPhone click here.


Tough LoVe

Im usually a nice guy so I wont do this a lot.

If you've ever ridden public transportation in NYC then you know that there is comedy in every train car that you enter on every train. Yesterday upon entering the 7 train I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my cotton scarf that just happens to be LV. As I'm bringing the scarf down my face I started to see something that would make my jaw drop upon seeing the whole picture. 
This biddie was rocking a fake LV scarf, she seen me when I got on the train with mine, looked at me and got up and moved. Why try to run? Why even get the imitation in the first place? The one she was rocking was a terrible replica, it wasn't cotton and it wasn't silk, it looked like a cheap Pashmina which isn't expensive to begin with. 
Get into the foolishness silver thong sandals. 
I'm not mean. I'm just tired of being let down by New Yorkers, so this is my tough love. 
You are all my brothers and sisters and I love you all but we have to do better New York.


The Review: Tha Carter lll

The most anticipated album release since Jay-Z American Gangster, Tha Carter 3 delivers. The album was originally set to be released in the earlier part of the year but as the story goes Lil Wayne got high in the studio after he completed the album and forgot it there. It then was accidentally picked up and sent out with the rest of the mixtape material. Rrrright! Wonder how much that person got for the leakage of latest album of the self proclaimed "Best Rapper Alive". Anyway Wayne went back to work the very next week, all while working on a joint album with Juelz Santana entitled "I Can't Feel My Face" which has still never been released due to creative differences in the Dipset camp involving Juelz and Camron. Hopefully those differences get resolved and that album gets released because I was fortunate enough to hear a couple tracks off of the album and they are amazing.
-Tha Carter 3-
Lyrically this isn't a better album then Tha Carter 2 and I say this after listening to C3 for about a week now. A good friend of mine was able to get his hands on the official copy of the album a week before it was released and it was passed onto me. The reason why I think the C3 is a better all around album is because there are way more concepts than what he gave on the C2. The C3 feels more mature and well put together, while the C2 was just a lyrical onslaught. In my opinion the C2 is still his best album to date but the C3 is a hell of an album with production from Kanye West, Swiss Beats and David Banner. Features ranging from Bobby Valentino to Jay-Z help make this album a good contender for album of the year.

Go Consume
The General Release of Tha Carter 3 is June 10th 2008.



I was at an honoree ceremony for a couple politicians and power players in the Brooklyn community and of course my outfit was sick but look who flew into my radar.

A beautiful woman by the name of Mind Y. Business was dressed to kill and outfitted in just the right accessories.

-Break Down-
-Her hair had a really relaxed look to it, nothing special and made it all look so effortless. 

-Her necklace was well crafted and had the right stones in it. VS1 E-F class white diamonds.
(That is just off of me glancing at it)

-The white gold watch and tennis bracelet also work well, giving the ensemble a nice contrast.

-The shoes were 5" silver heels, sorry I cut them out but sometimes life is like that.

-Silver clutch, it was nice that it didn't draw any attention away from the dress.

-Now for the dress. This dress is what really drew my attention to her in the first place. How do I love this dress let me count the ways...
1) Its seriously sick
2) Appropriate according to body structure not age
3) Strong focal point of an outfit

She is obviously in well enough shape to slip into this one piece and she wore it with such distinction that she was giving me Vannah White. It was so wonderful, the sequins weren't excessive and the dress was breathable but had a draped feel to it at the same time.

Hair, make-up, jewelry, clutch and shoes.
Everything was on point.

(Round of Applause)


Objectivity is Key

What a powerful album title. There is so much under the table, bathroom line, buffet style fuss about this album. However the media won't cover too much of it because if they talk about the album or the people taking about it that might actually work out positively for Nas. You see it's all about him failing in this case because if he fails he'll "learn" that there are certain things that you just can't do and naming your album after a word created to divide, demoralize, demean and destroy your culture is just wrong. How dare you try to build yourself and your listeners up off of something that was originally meant to break "you folk" down!?!?

"no Fuck You! Fuck You Nasir Jones! You had it all and you threw it all away... dumb nigger."

I ask you now what is it to have the world but lose your soul?

Dare to be different. Don't follow, make your own path and lead.

(video compliments of Concrete Loop)


Can't Con Him

Notice the third person from the left in this ad? Is that... wait a minute... Yes it is Pharrell! That's right kids Pharrell Williams is featured in a Converse ad sporting a BBC shirt. P and I were flipping through Paper magazine and came across this ad. He is a true business man, if you only take a second to sit down and think about it you'll understand why I say that and I don't have to explain it.


Stacy Dash

Behind the scenes shots from a Stacy Dash photo shoot. She was caught sporting the fur of something soft out of the animal kingdom that just made my heart skip a beat; so sick! Courtesy of Concrete Loop. If my wife looks this well when she turns 42 I'd opt for early retirement. She honestly doesn't appear to be aging, maybe she found the fountain.
Dig In:
I don't care who doesn't like her, you can't deny the fact that she's beautiful.


June 5th 2008

Excuse me but where were you on the night of Wednesday, June 4th?
You were at your residence?!?!?
That sucks!
On the Wednesday night (6/4/08) N.E.R.D performed in L.A. at the Roosevelt hotel for Zune and honestly if you can sit still while listening to Everyone Nose then you have a problem. 
Imagine a live performance of that song enhancing the feeling that comes over you when the base in the beat drops and your body slips into a trance.
Who else has this much fun performing?
... I'll wait for your response...