Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Look Back...On a more serious note

Sometimes its good to take a look back. In business corporations look at the past performances of their company and others to try and predict the future. Take a look at this video and keep in mind that this was the last American fashion show and Marc Jacobs was spectacular this year.
Think to the future.


No One Is Perfect....I Knew It

Just Enjoy..LOL

Cool KeV

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bape found the Goldmine!

Friday May 23rd is a very special day at Bathing Ape NYC. Today was the release of not only the gold bapes but also the silver ones. Reminiscent of when Pokémon released Gold and Silver version the same day. Similar to that experience today was a success for Bathing Ape. Alot of designers are releasing gold and silver patent leather or reflective versions to their shoes, some of which are: D&G, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ato Matsumoto, Alessandra de la aqua, YSL, Y-3. With that said I think its safe to say that owning gold and or silver sneakers is in this summer so if you haven't gotten your yet then your out of the loop. 
Catch up.
 Of course SoHo B and the L&F family was in attendance at Bape today, here are some sights from the day: 


Excuse My Grey Ant....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If you were ever wondering about Pharrell Shades that he has been seen with.Well then wait no longer,Grey Ant brings their signature hipster style to these funky Status Sunglasses. Oversized plastic frames have a bit of '80s flair with a squared shape and silver tone hardware at the corners. Tough construction pairs with standout design for sunglasses you'll find yourself wearing all the time. You can even wear your sunglasses at night if you want to.

Don't Expect The Diamonds On the Sides

(Sold Seperately)

Available Here: Tobi

Check em OUT...
CooL KeV

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Perspective Chair : Pharrell Williams

What's in a chair? What do you look for in a chair? Maybe you seek out things like: comfort, contrast, modernity, resilience, etc. Well thats people you don't think outside of the box. People that think outside of the box look for eccentric things out of their furniture, their furniture has to do more for them than its utilitarian purpose, their furniture has to be Domeau & Pérès. Domeau & Pérès is a prestige company that primarily focuses on designs and makes custom furniture. They are considered the haute couture of design, which basically means that they make thought-provoking conversation pieces while other companies just make... furniture. They excel in their art and they definitely stand out, it's no wonder why Pharrell Williams would collaborate with them to create the "Perspective Chair".  However just like anything else that Mr. Williams does there is a deeper meaning and purpose to the creation of the chair than just its traditional utilitarian purposes. According to Pharrell the chair is his physical representation of being in love. If you're in Paris October 21 through January 10th, the chairs will be showcased at the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie. They will be available in a few colors and only 4 of each will be sold.
Have a seat here: Pérès

“I had often wondered what it’s like to truly be in love,not lust for once..So I decided not to ask what it was like in someone else’s shoes or what it was like to sit in their seat..I decided to sketch out my own experiment; the perspective chair.” Pharrell Williams

A True Visionary


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Even More Hookah!

Run Dont Walk To Brooklyn?

Thats right RUN dont walk to Brooklyn, and why not? Brooklyn Circus has a slew of vintage shades for your obsessive consumption.
Visual Feast:
Doesn't that look tasty?
Dig into the shades at Bergen and Nevins, thank me later; now GO!


Bearded Man Down!

One of the Brooklyn Circus own is down. Ouigi Theodore or "The Bearded Man" as he is more commonly referred to as is now home recovering from a hernia surgery. For those of you who don't know what a hernia is click here: Hernia.
Life is so fickle, one day your jogging and the next day your institutionalized. I would like to take this time out to say, laugh alot and enjoy everyday that you are alive, look to the future but dont let it ruin the here and now, you only have one youth.

-I just noticed thats a damn good jacket that he's wearing.
-nice touch with the spikes at the rear.

Get Well Soon

Go Ko!

Kohey took the best picture of Kanye that I have seen in a while. This pic is print worthy, congratulations to you Ko.

(Did anyone realize that the red stripe at the top of Kanye's shades is moving?)

This Just Surfaced

G Shock Event - Can't Tell Me Nothing from kwest on Vimeo.
This is a video from the G-Shock 25th anniversary celebration. Our family over at the Brooklyn Circus was in attendance (without us), the word from them was that they thought it was going to be crazy so they weren't that surprised at his performance.
Thanks Guys


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 30th

This is going to be the biggest movie release of the year. Yes thats right its going to outdo Iron Man. Can basketball beat Oprah? My point exactly.
Unfortunately I will not be a part of the masses that goes to see this due to the fact that I have never seen the syndicated show.


iWear For The Summer

The great house of Gucci has produced another banger. These are like a chic fusion between the YSL's and the Marc Jacobs shown below, and the eyes aren't totally hidden but they are still protected due to the light tint. These are so much more than just your everyday pair of shades, these have to be worn with distinction and a certain style. Look at it this way, if your charismatic enough you can wear these with a white v-neck tee shirt and be cool in my book.
(Christian Dior)
Sick! The way that the shades smooth out at the top of the frames is simply beautiful, like the curves on a woman. These shades are so sexy and so necessary. Run don't walk!
(Marc Jacobs)
When it comes to personal favorites MJ is a usual suspect for SoHo B however all bias aside these shades are a MUST HAVE! Way too sick not to own, the shape of the frames are super trendy, the size is fit for wear and the whole feel of the shades is right but be warned they might not be right for your face.
Big frames are in and YSL delivers with these dark shades. They get even better when you look at them from the side view, thick typical YSL animal print decorates the side of these beautiful plastic frames. These would be a great addition to anyone's collection. 

For your consumption purposes: Shades
Shades brought to you courtesy of Intermix


Flava for your eyes

I know that he always kills it with the Jordans but get into the Goyard hood and the LV jacket. Joe is killing em with the flava in this one.


Monday, May 19, 2008

And You Think I Never Sleep?!?!?

Phil the great is what they shall call him when the masses finally realize his talent. I told you all after the Goldmine Fashion Show that Award Tour was the most wearable line presented and is most likely to succeed. The reason why is simple...PHIL! His creativeness is unparalleled, he truly sees this world through a fish bowl. Well the Endless Summer is here and Phil never stopped working on the Award Tour line so here are some visuals: 

By the way I know for a fact that the Fall collection is serious.
You've Been Warned.

Mikhail in Brooklyn

Browsing Myspace the other day I found that one of my friends was a model for Brooklyn Circus. But its not what you think, well you'll have to see for yourself.

He is Brooklyn Circus first plus size model. lol. On a more serious note this is the first look at the new articles of clothing from Rich Young.  Two shirts, shorts, jeans and a jacket. Personally I think the designers did a good job with the pieces that have been produced and I know for a fact that "We" one of the designers and manager at BkC doesn't stop working whether it be on the new Brooklyn Circus store, the blog or the Young Rich clothing line. 
More Visuals:

Impressed I Am

Hey Mr. West What Happen To Pastelle...


Well Kanye West will finally be showing us what his anticipated clothing line has to offer. He decided to release eye wear first( Not shocked By that).Australian fashion label Ksubi, will be collaborating an eyewear range for Kanye West's line Pastelle.Set to release this October, Ksubi x Pastelle will be available Internationally and will feature limited-edition gold frames, which will sell for about $2000.

This MAN Is Physically changing the WORLD

CooL KeV

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guest Writer

Tonight we at L&F had our very first guest writer by the name of Cool Kev. We respect his input and his creativity. He is currently working on a clothing line, Vanity Enigma which is going to be a very interesting line to say the least. I was told not to expect a bunch of screen tee's and hoods. We'll see exactly what his line has to offer by late September around the same time that the Goldmine pop up shop is launching; coincidence? Maybe.
There is also talk of a second line, just keep your eyes glued to L&F for the scoop.

Get into his post: Toys
Get into him: Kev

To be a guest writer on Classic L&F send us a detailed email to complete with either a link to your myspace page or a detailed description of why you think your qualified to write with us and a photo of yourself.
Thank You and Enjoy


TOYS aren't Only For KIDS

CooL KeV

Word on the SoHo Block is its 33lbs

This Dior Swavorski crystal embedded kite dress just fly into my radar and what do I think about this Dior Flying Object...SICK! See you in the skies is all I can say to the first biddie to wear one. I dont even think that women are going to want to wear it, it's more of a case were fashion meets art and they intertwine and become the same thing. So more women are going to want to own it just to say that they have it and if they are creative (or have a good interior designer) they would (artistically) display it in their home.
A Dress to Die For


Kanye North of Jay-Z

Kanye beat his big brother for the number 1 spot! Agree or disagree?
I Want to Know