Friday, July 10, 2009

Right Before You Jump

Somedays you are the man on the cliff looking down. Others you are the man at the foot of the cliff looking up. Regardless of your position today you have to appreciate the beauty of your situation. If you can't find the positive in your situation then you aren't looking at the big picture. Take yourself out of yourself and fully review the situation before you make a decision. Look at the image above again, notice the white light in the background? It's the likeness of the man on the cliff reviewing the situation before he makes a decision that he may regret. I know in these situations your emotions are high and your adrenaline is pumping so it's hard to stop and think but either you control your emotions or they control you.


A Great Walk on the Highline

The city turned the obsolete tracks on 10th ave into a functional park. This is nothing like anything you have ever seen before. It goes through buildings, along side art exhibits, over restaurants and even under the Standard Hotel. On a good day you can come here and get a tan on the nice pool side bench's, however there isn't a pool; yet. You can even admire the nice flowers that they have planted in the garden. Whatever your reasoning for venturing to this elevated park; enjoy yourself.
Want to check it out?
It starts on 20th street and 10th avenue.
Take an artistically inspiring walk.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Do You Feel?

Malcolm T. Liepke
Intensity II
Oil on Canvas, 09
Arcadia Gallery

She touched my chest and I felt her warmth. When I looked into her eyes I completely understood and in a strange way that was comforting to her. She told me tales of her adventures and how she had come to be here and I told her tales of my adventures and how I had come to be here. In that moment we both understood why we were here. I didn't think of the guys that were here with her before me because none of them touched her the way I did. I don't care about the guys that will be here with her after I leave because what I did cannot be undone. It is inevitable that I leave. 
So I left.

51 Greene Street 
New York, NY 10013 
(212) 965-1387


Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad Boys 4 Life

I'm into style but I'm not a fan of sacrificing comfort for style so I usually find the middle ground and play there. These trainers have been in a box in my collection since 2007 and from then to now I have only wore them five times; that's about to change. 
Meet the YSL Rolling 10 trainers. The black leather and suede combination above belongs to yours truly and have been out of circulation for some time now. (I've been waiting). They are the perfect combination of style and comfort and have worked their way up to the top of my list.
Meet the partner in crime, white patent leather YSL Rolling 10 trainer belonging to none other than Coolness P. He's had them since '07 as well and they don't look a day old, he's blessed with the ability to maintain his belongings while I take pride in destroying mine.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keith Herring x Great $cott

I see things the way that my brain tells my eyes to see them. People don't always understand that.


The Three Monkeys

As a non meat eater I often have difficulty finding something to eat when I'm out. However last night after leaving the Hotel on Rivington we decided to walk around the area a bit and something about this place grabbed my attention; maybe it was the green color scheme on the display board. Upon further investigation I learned that they have a full vegetarian selection of wraps. They also cater to the carnivorous consensus with a selection of chicken and beef wraps. This is something that you definitely should try for yourself, quality food, great atmosphere and all for under $6.
The Three Monkeys 
99 Rivington St New York, NY 10002 
 (212) 228-8022


SoHo B + 3

Welcome back to the Night Life.