Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad Boys 4 Life

I'm into style but I'm not a fan of sacrificing comfort for style so I usually find the middle ground and play there. These trainers have been in a box in my collection since 2007 and from then to now I have only wore them five times; that's about to change. 
Meet the YSL Rolling 10 trainers. The black leather and suede combination above belongs to yours truly and have been out of circulation for some time now. (I've been waiting). They are the perfect combination of style and comfort and have worked their way up to the top of my list.
Meet the partner in crime, white patent leather YSL Rolling 10 trainer belonging to none other than Coolness P. He's had them since '07 as well and they don't look a day old, he's blessed with the ability to maintain his belongings while I take pride in destroying mine.


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