Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ellie Owen

If we played guess the designer I would never guess that this was the work of a small business owner trying to get his line to where other premier high fashion houses are; these shoots just  blow my mind. One reason is that the photographer is so good, what aspiring designer produces these kinds of shots? Second of all the actual designs are beautiful, I mean aside from the fact that the photographer captured the clothes so well there is only so much that camera tricks can do. The line is really good.
This is the backwards blazer and honestly this is my favorite dress from this line. I already declared Dalia the best (small business) high end dress maker of the year and I won't take that back but this dress is really creative and I will say this, these are the people that you need to be looking out for because designers like Kesh, Leon (designer of Ellie Owen), Kat (designer of Katitude) and Dalia are the future of fashion and it's refreshing to see the direction that they are going in.
There are other piece's in the line that are just as wonderful as these couture dresses. There are skirts and jeans that show ingenuity. He designed a pair of jeans for women that hook under the heel so they don't move. 

Aside from designing Leon is also a writer.
Get in: his Book
If the fact that your dresses are sick doesn't get you where your trying to go then you can always throw a familiar mug in one of your get ups.

-Aubrey of Danity Kane tips in an Ellie Owen piece

If you wish to slip into yours it seems like this is the best way to do so:


Summer Stage: Outro

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reed Space (Continued)

Heading home from Seize sur Vingt the other day I decided to take an unusual route and this is what I found along with a bunch of Indian shops that tried to sell me trilby's (a post coming to you soon)
This is Reed Space. I've always heard about Reed Space but I have never physically been there and I thought to myself "I wonder how many other people don't know about Reed Space". The whole reason that we made the blog was for people that don't know about the things that are as second nature to us; we are here to enlighten the world.
Reed Space is everything and nothing in particular at the same time. You could call it a skate shop but then you'd be doing injustice to the rest of the store. You could call it a sneaker store but then you'd end up in the same situation. When I first walked in I wrote it off as a sneaker store but the sneakers wasn't the first part of the store that fell into my optical view. It was actually this display of books seen above that are more than just decor, thats actual reading material for sale.
Next is the hats and figurines displayed behind the register that is also for sale. The actual space in the store is big enough to skate through, that makes me think that's what they do on slow days (just a thought). I don't believe they have a larger figurine selection than Kid Robot but it seems that they have some that are exclusively produced for and are exclusive to Reed Space.
Of course they have a cool sneaker selection completing the feeling of the store. It's like a cool kid super market. They also have exclusive boards for your consumption purposes. Care to look around the Reed Space yourself?
Sure here's the address:
151 Orchard st. between Rivington and Stanton 
New York, NY 10002


NBA Live 09

There are two reason's why I'm posting this. First I'm posting this because I'm a NBA Live fan myself, I have had every year since 2002. The second reason why I'm posting this is because if you listen to the background music used by Live in this demo is a song called Day N' Night by Kid Cudi. Congratulations to you on that one man, you neglected to mention that in our conversation but keep up all the good luck and we here at L&F wish you 100 years of success.


Jay-Z Ft. Lil Wayne: Live @ The Hammerstein

This is a big moment in hip hop, not as big as Jay-Z bringing Nas out at the I Declare War concert but yet and still it's big.

"The best rapper alive and the next rapper in line" Lil Wayne


Summer Stage: V.I.P

Reed Space

"First you walk in and then you just enjoy the scenary" Jason Burke
To Be Released: 7/25/08


Summer Stage: Stylish

I was on my way out of the V.I.P section at Summer Stage and these two lovely ladies flew right into my radar. Their look was so different that I was draw to it. I loved every bit of them from the hair and the shades to the clothes. The sky blue floral dress really tickled my emotions and coaxed me into taking their picture but right after I took their picture I received a phone call then Hiro distracted me and I forgot to ask them what exactly they do. So for now they are just two eccentric woman that made the pages of L&F.

Here's a clue:
Their business card features their faces, maybe they are make up artist or hair stylist.
It's such a mystery.


sighting: Ato Matsumoto 14th Street

My homie Will was kind enough to share this with me for the purpose of the blog. Thanks Will, when you see him in the streets shout him a pleasant hello.

Get into yours here: 


Daft Punk: Electroma Preview

Electroma Myspace Exclusive Clip
More Soon


Summer Stage: Kesh

POW! Kesh's work sure is a wow factor. Whether your focussing on how the garments are constructed, the time in which they are constructed, the ingenuity and imagination involved in the creation or simply the look of her clothes your sure to say WOW! 
She has been designing and making her own outfits for as long as I could remember (over two years now). Kane West, A-Trak, Lupe Fiasco and Big Daddy Kane are amongst the names of those who proudly wear Kesh wear (yea her clothes are self entitled). She is also a DJ and a damn good one, she travels all over the world DJ'n for parties that are always cool, if you've never been to a party that she's played then you need to check this site to see when and where her next party is:

Kesh recently put together a collection to show in the Man fashion show in London by Topman. It's a menswear fashion show that exhibits up and coming designers.

Dig In:

I think that was a good look for her and I'm proud to bare witness to progression and her positive influence on the youth. She is a testament to the saying "you can be anything you want to be" except in her case she can be EVERYTHING that she wants to be.
If all of the things that Kesh produces isn't enough to WOW you then her drop dead gorgeous looks sure will.
There is a long story behind me meeting Kesh maybe it'll be on Personal soon; stay tuned.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Stage: Santogold

The crowd is packed to capacity, the event is almost over, everyone in the V.I.P section has become acquainted with everyone else by now and the only person that hasn't stepped foot outside of their trailer is Santogold. The crowd patiently waits for her to make an appearance. There was a whisper over the entire crowd all day about her, most of the people that came out came to see the Philly native tear it up. Her dancers finally come out and start stretching back stage, then she emerges from her room and makes her way to the stage.
The crowd spots her and explodes! Encore before the first word is even uttered seems to kind of surprise her. She brings the microphone to her mouth and it begins. 
Song after song I feel the energy in the crowd building and I get the sense that there isn't anyone that would disagree with me; it was worth the wait. Who ever put the program together, properly planned it when they put her last on the performance list. She was nothing short of a closer, high energy but not missing a beat. My favorite song by her is "Creator" so when that came on I was living but I had never seen her perform live before so I was in for a surprise. I had no idea that the melodic screeching at the beginning of the song was really her but I found out when she did it on stage. I'm surprised no one else passed out when she was performing she commands so much energy in her small frame that the crowd had no choice but to give her that much more energy and her back up dancers were not only beautiful but on point with every move.

I caught up with her and her dancers after their performance and let me tell you they had so much more energy like they could have gone back on and did it all over again. She was so nice, she actually made me laugh because she kept apologizing for being sweaty. I'm like "babes you just killed it out there, screw being sweaty; your amazing!" 
Say what you want Santogold is here and the people approve she's here to stay so this is SoHo B saying:

Toast to the future. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karma Loop TV: The Dunk Exchange

Jota from the Soul Collectors Crew in the Bronx, New York put me onto my very first Dunk Exchange. 
Let L&F put you onto yours.


Summer Stage: Intro

Summer Stage: A-Trak

If you've seen a show in the Glow In The Dark tour then you know that DJ A-Trak is Kanye West's DJ. According to the media Mr. West doesn't like anyone right now and he's on a self-destructive pattern, cutting off people that he's known and worked with forever. (I don't buy that) However Ye is yet to cut off A-Trak and I can see why. Honestly if you've never heard him play it may be kind of hard for you to imagine the experience so here is some information to help you get a clue.

-Just in case you didn't know-

- (1997)-DMC world championship at the age of 15, making him the youngest ever to win.

-The first canadian to win the DMC world championship

- The first DJ to win 5 DMC world championships

-The first DJ to win all three major DJ competitions (DMC, ITF, Vestax)

If you think that all of that doesn't mean anything just look at this crowd. We had to throw the water on em, Trak had them too hot. Two women passed out in the crowd and were rushed over to the ambulance to be revived; yes it was that serious. Trak spun some hits that got my attention. Some serious hits from Busta Rhymes, some Fat Man Scoop and Kid Cudi even came back on stage but what impressed me the most was the way that he mixed the songs and the scratching. He builds so much hype when he puts a cut from one song in another then goes into it and scratches it at the climax to keep that energy going; he had the V.I.P section going crazy.
After all of that we got a chance to kick it and I learned that he's a really cool person. Some people are naturally assholes and rightly so. I would think that after all of his achievements he would be an asshole, I would actually understand if he was but he's really down to earth. I appreciate his hospitality towards me and wanted to take this time out to say thank you.


Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West: Put On


Summer Stage: Ali

I caught this man coming into the V.I.P section with Taz Arnold (as seen behind him in the cowboy boots). I initially was all over the place and didn't get a chance to comment on his outfit but when I settled down I got into it as you should.
Sorry I didn't get into the shirt I will have to get back to you all with that information shortly but as for the suspenders if you read the post about Taz Arnold then you would already know what MCM is but just in case you didn't, MCM is a company that used to be a big name like LV and Gucci but never came out with a clothing line. Taz Arnold is working with them on their first clothing line.
Gucci suede loafers minus the socks. Honestly its up to you, there aren't any rules when it comes to fashion it's all about what fits you and what you like. Anyway this look fit him and he seemed rather comfortable in it. I had a very intellectual conversation with him about life while the world was waiting on A-Trak. A very pleasant person, who is much more than just a member of an entourage.


Summer Stage: Taz Arnold

-Just in case you don't know-

Sa Ra is a hip hop group that was formed in the 90's, comprised of Taz Arnold, Om'Mas Keith and Shafiq Husayn. This group of producers, musicians and executives has worked with artist like: Jurassic 5, Pharoahe Monch and Kanye West.

-Taz Arnold-
Taz Arnold will mostly be renown for his song "Obama Way" in support of the Democratic nominee in the race for the Presidency of the United States Barack Obama. The video features cameo's from some industry big names such as: The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Jay-Z and Travis Barker.
The shirt that he's wearing exhibit's a quote from the song "We hood we voting and throwing it up"
But here are some interesting facts about TI$A (Taz Is So Arnold) that you didn't know:

TI$A (sporting a MCM Jacket) seen below with Kanye West and Don C at Paris Fashion Week.


Summer Stage: Kid Cudi

5 minutes until Kid Cuti hits the stage and the crowd is anxious to sing along to the melodic mix "Is There Any Love?"
He gives the thumbs up and runs on stage, ready to tear it up.
Nick (Kid Cudi's DJ) says he's ready as well. He gives the thumbs up and screams "Fools Gold!"
On stage its like he transformed into the being of pure entertainment. He has a stage presence similar to Lupe's; I can see why Kanye took a liking to him. He went on by himself, he pumped up the crowd by himself and he performed 5 of his songs. For someone that just finished smoking a bone he seemed to be long winded. I thought that cigarette's were supposed to slow you down? Anyway "Day & Night" came on and not only did he rock it, he got the crowd into it, the DJ cut the music and all you can hear is a wave of the chorus to "Day & Night" echoed throughout the crowd lead by Cudi. There were even times when he'd just feel the energy from the crowd and start dancing. 
If you've never heard a Kid Cudi song be sure to do something about that as soon as possible.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Stage: Mz. Streamz

The next act on stage was Mz. Streamz (as seen above with SoHo B) all of the other girls are back up dancers except for the other frizzy haired beauty in the picture above. (not paying attention) These Baltimore bred girls are definitely holding their city down, talented and full of energy. Their shirts say "Get Mad" I guess thats what they use to pump themselves up or maybe they just drink a lot of Red Bull but whatever it is that they use, it works. These girls have so much energy that they went on twice. I was blow away by how much energy they brought to the stage. Had the crowd saying "go Mz. Streamz go Mz. Streamz go" now you try screaming that over 600 other energized people.
Diplo worked the turn tables for them:

Here is some of their performance.

"im hotter than a turtleneck sweater, sox and stockings" Mz. Streamz


Summer Stage: Blaq Starr

DJ Blaq Starr was the first performance and trust me he had the crowd going crazy. He spun some records that I haven't heard since Temple spring fling. The girls in the crowd were definitely ready to party. The crowd was so serious.
Squeeze In:

I caught up with him after his performance and chopped it up a bit. Really cool guy, definitely a good choice if your thinking about a DJ for a party, he had these girls swinging it and throwing it from all the way in the back by the bleachers. Now New Yorkers don't know anything about that but in Baltimore, Philly and D.C. they know all about swinging it. How they were swinging it in this crowd I don't know but they found a way. Security was just making sure that when they threw it, that they didn't throw it over the barricade. However if you think that Blaqstarr is all about the Jersey/ Baltimore (ongoing argument about where it started) Club music then your in for a pleasant surprise.

Great way to start off the party.


A Look Back: Temple Spring Fling

V Magazine August 08: Naomi Campbell

Yes! This is what I've been looking for, this is everything that I needed to see. Maybe somebody out there reads L&F. The huge hat, the heels, the scenery, the looks all come together to make this an incredible shoot. When you come out with photo shoots that look this good you can throw one tantrum a year just make sure that nobodies mother gets hurt next time. This shoot is simply beautiful, it's pictures like this that made me fall in love with fashion in the first place. I think that somewhere along the line we have lost that feeling or passion for the art of fashion and fashion photography. It was starting to look as though money has been the driving force in the industry but it's so refreshing to see shoots like this and the really good shoots that have been surfacing recently because it's obvious that this photographer (Mario Sorrenti), the stylist (Jane How) and everybody else involved in this shoot love what they do.

Fall in love: