Friday, April 17, 2009

F Troupe Canvas Shoe

They are white, studded and very cool.
Any questions?
Put your hand down!

Little Red Louboutin

The best way to describe these would be if Christian Louboutin designed shoes for a 09 remake of little red riding hood (with a wedge heel).
It's creative, it's fun and is that straw? According to the details it is "rope", yeah like I thought; straw.
Most important part: They are only $432.61


New Lanvin Trainers

Same design, new look, new feel.
Now with the addition of a mesh material for a full range of motion. That should make them a bit more comfortable.


MJ's New Bag

Marc Jacobs is taking the bag game to a different level with this new design. Upon first look the bag seems like a regular bag, with a cool design on it.
Features some minor Marc Jacobs details, nothing major but then...
you discover that the bag can do this and nothing is the same anymore.
for more info: click here


Look Twice, Leap Once

When I first took a glance at these shades my mind wrote them off as the Millionaire shades however upon further evaluation they are not the Millionaire's design by Pharrell Williams, they are actually apart of Louis Vuitton's spring 09 collection. They have obviously seen a great amount of success with the sales of the Millionaire shades and decided to take an element from those shades and recycle it into the shades to be released shortly.
In my personal opinion that was a good decision.


Mr. West for LV featuring Amber Rose

I recently came across these pictures and I thought to myself, who better to advertise the new LV trainers designed by Kanye West then Kanye West himself? In my personal opinion these shots came out great, the first one is just mystical. There is something about it that just says a little more than the average picture.


Who is Jason Mayden?

If you seriously do not know who Jason Mayden is then you really need to follow the link below.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zac Efron Covers GQ

“It was the worst possible thing you could do in high school. Kids who are in musical theater tend to be self-confident in a quirky kind of way, and when kids who are really self-conscious see somebody doing that kind of thing, they try to bring them down. I used to do random things, man. When I was a kid? I dyed my hair silver, to look like Sisqó in the ‘Thong Song’ video. I just didn’t give a f—. I didn’t care.”


Citrine: The Music Series

Tonight was opening night for The Music Series being held at Citrine on 21st street between 5th and 6th ave. The opening act was Nina Sky,  before the show I got to talk a bit with Natalie; one half of Nina Sky. What I gather from our conversation is that she is genuinely a kind person. I had the privilege of watching both her and her sister interact with fans, gladly pose for pictures and tear up the dance floor all before their performance. The anticipation built up the whole night as crowd filed in to socialize and see the show. In the last hour of the event Nina Sky hit the stage to give everyone what they came to see; a good performance. The crowd consisted of editors, writers, bloggers, photographers, and PR company owners ;-)

Claudine Gumbel

The eclectic mix of people made for a very interesting night full of conversations about L&F and everything else under the sun. I met a slew of beautiful people and I think it's high time that you met my new friends as well.

Natalie Albino
Melissa Cronin & Katy Lindenmuth
Nicole Albino
To see more from the party: click here


Say You Will

Maybe Kanye West saw this sign while on the Glow in the Dark tour. 

Would that answer satisfy those of you whom are still uncertain as to why he is singing on his latest album; 808's and Heartbreak? Music is getting repetitive so from time to time artist will try their hand at something that isn't the norm. Whether they are doing it to challenge themselves or it's just to keep people interested in the end it's all good for the music industry and even better for real fans of music.


A Blast From the Past

1957 Chrysler.
Cheers to the owner of this hot rod, you have done a good job of keeping it in a fair condition.

RockSmith Fall 09

The Japanese sensation RockSmith has given L&F an exclusive preview of the new collection and in-turn I will share some of the looks with you all. 
This season I honestly believe that designers have stepped things up to a new level. RockSmith has never been one to disappoint, look for them to meet the challenge of a new season and the presence of competition with a new concept and a grin.
Until the masterpiece is unveiled...


Raf Simons & Fred Perry Make a Loafer

When I caught a half asleep glimpse of these loafers my eyes popped and I felt a sudden burst of energy. If I may speak frankly, this is where fashion meets style. The two aren't at polar opposites however it is still rare to see the two work so well together in this generation. I like a lot of the looks from the S/S 09 collections because they are drawing influence from the classic looks but adding modern updates to them.
These are more than just loafers, it's a work of art.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"King of the Road"

P knows how much I like these cars so he sent me this picture straight from the car show here in NY, however my first love will always be a BMW.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Words From The Showstopper:

SoHo B: What are your 3 favorite clothing lines?

Curt@!n$: Hmmmm… Tricky question. Lets see… Dior Homme never disappointed me. Ralph Lauren is slowly becoming one of my favorites, and Coca-Cola for the classics. I’m not really big on lines as a whole, I’m more into pieces. I’m not a fashion person, I’m into style, so I really just single out certain pieces from certain collections and I enjoy those. 


Tazmanian Connoisseur

Taz: Take your time. You got to work your way up. Learn about these brands, educate yourself, build your confidence up so you not so sensitive about what people say about you, then you can think about being a young master or just a student in depth. But there's many stages to becoming a master, and I'm a young master; I'm a new generation of masters. I'm a new Karl Lagerfield or Ralph Lauren. You seeing the new Ralph Lauren right now, an original character who's just being him.
Your obsession is inspiring.


I've Got Three Fingers For You

Want to get in on the three finger ring action but don't want to go over the top? Here is a nice, clean alternative to everything else that is on the market.


Gilt Groupe x L&F present: Nina Ricci

The Gilt Groupe has brought forth a beautiful collection by Nina Ricci and offered it to it's members for a third of the retail price. I have selected my three favorite items from the sale but I'm confident that once you peruse the metaphysical sale rack for yourself your sure to find something that you like.
Follow the link, join up (completely free, no hidden fee's) and enjoy the benefits.


Gilt Groupe x L&F present: Helmut Lang Sale

I believe they have gone off the deep end with this sale. Gilt is moving this tuxedo blazer for $218 and leather jackets for $328; are you serious? Why are you still reading this? Why haven't you clicked the link yet? How can you complain about economic times like this when the clothes that you have always wanted are moving for a quarter of what they used to move for?
Do yourself a favor, not just for this sale but for the everyday discounts on everything, follow the link below and sign up, completely free; no strings attached.


Who's Got The Gossip?

I do not watch the show so I can do absolutely nothing with this however for those of you who do this is a great opportunity.


YSL Patent Leather Belt

I really like this belt because simply put I think it is cool. There is nothing too extravagant about it, it's a plain black leather belt. The YSL logo is big but it isn't unsightly or overbearing and I think it'll be nice for a change because honestly I think the Gucci belt with the signature red and green colors has been overdone. 
I have two concerns with this belt:

1) The design of the logo deems this belt to casual wear, so you can't wear this belt with a suit.
2) The gloss on the leather may be a bit too much or it may just be the way it looks in the picture.


Kim is Still Killing It

I am not a fan of the show but to see Lil Kim in this light is something that I can't pass up. There is something very attractive about a woman that can dance this well.


Surface to Air Collection

What you are viewing are three pieces from Surface to Air's newest collection that have recently become available for consumption. I like the plaid shirt because of how they played with the material, comme des garçons designs like this a lot but it's good to see other lines dabbling in the craft.
I like the hues of the pants that they have out now, the denim is a bit tight but it is raw denim meaning that it is unwashed. So the longer you wear it the better it will fit your body, just don't wash it until you pass the 6 month mark (at the very least). 
In my personal opinion I don't think you should ever wash a pair of raw denim but if you absolutely have to then 6 months is the least amount of time.


Support This Album

A- Trak "Infinity+1"


Rocksmith Does Denim

The clothing line that we have all fallen in love with now presents denim. It's like hitting the refresh button on a line, we can fall in love all over again. The denim looks good but the question is can they be as successful as they were with the rest of the articles of clothing in their collection? Will the denim sales reflect the hype? Time will tell but for now what I can say is that I am a huge fan of the denim.