Thursday, April 16, 2009

Citrine: The Music Series

Tonight was opening night for The Music Series being held at Citrine on 21st street between 5th and 6th ave. The opening act was Nina Sky,  before the show I got to talk a bit with Natalie; one half of Nina Sky. What I gather from our conversation is that she is genuinely a kind person. I had the privilege of watching both her and her sister interact with fans, gladly pose for pictures and tear up the dance floor all before their performance. The anticipation built up the whole night as crowd filed in to socialize and see the show. In the last hour of the event Nina Sky hit the stage to give everyone what they came to see; a good performance. The crowd consisted of editors, writers, bloggers, photographers, and PR company owners ;-)

Claudine Gumbel

The eclectic mix of people made for a very interesting night full of conversations about L&F and everything else under the sun. I met a slew of beautiful people and I think it's high time that you met my new friends as well.

Natalie Albino
Melissa Cronin & Katy Lindenmuth
Nicole Albino
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