Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Jay-Z Interview

There is only one designer who is obsessed with skulls and likes to decorate things with these skulls and he goes by the name of Alexander McQueen. Dig into Hov's scarf.


Why Michael look how busy you've been! 

Get into these new two steps by Michael Kors. Patent leather, slingback sandals, only 4" high (I say "only" knowing that some women can only do 4"). 
They come in the black shown above or...

Diners cooling on the stove: Eat

Those two pieces are nice (especially the black one) but this is only for the advanced steppers. Are you ready?
Okay no more talking, there is a Michael Kors in SoHo right next to the apple store, lets go right now!

For those of you who are temporarily unavailable to make this SoHo trip for whatever reason here is where you can slip into one: Kors


Ro Ro Ro Roen gently down the seam.

This little black piece by Roen was giving me straight jacket when I first saw it but then it grew on me and it was like straight jacket with a twist and now I find myself going back to the site just to see this work out art. 
The sleeves are perfect length and in sync with the body length of the jacket. Also each wrist of the jacket is accented by an oversized gold stud. (channeling Mary Kate (see below)) The jacket is intended to be worn fitted and when the neck is hooked you'll see why "straight jacket" was my first inclination. The button down epaulettes are definitely a plus and the button work down the front is killer. The back is plain no extra design back there but i do like the fact that the jacket sits right on the waist.
Overall this military jacket is kind of Late because the military jackets all came around the same time in the season but I think its still relevant and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Consume here:Roen 

This is what I was referring to... Mary Kate with studs from her neck to her box.



So this SoHo Beauty is just sitting at the bar, flipping through the tabloids and sipping her alcoholic beverage of choice. On my way into the facilities I hadn't noticed her but on my way out I'm in search of the incompetent waiter that we had to deal with and her Gucci bag catches my eye and I exclaim "What a nice bag!" (in my Tim Gunn voice). So then she looks up and smiles and I was tossed into a revolving door between her face and the bag, I didn't know which to appreciate more. She was just so fabulous that I had to take her picture. Her name was...(what does that matter to you? Your nosey) 
Her Gucci bag was too big to be considered a clutch and it had handles so I'm going to say it was a petite bag and her outfit was very chic. 

Now I'm just waiting on that email so we can do lunch and talk about the constellations in my mind.
We weren't playing tag but she was definitely it.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Fried Calamari

Have a taste on Personal

I'll get the check.

Recessionary Spending

Word on the SoHo Blocks is that you guys liked the first look that P came out in for our friends over at Lethal Inspiration. Well that outfit is classic and honestly was my favorite shot from the show so here is the breakdown of the outfit.
The cardigan: A Tribe Called Fly by Lethal Inspiration
The Footwear: Patent Leather All White High Top Rolling 10 Sneaker by YSL
The Watch: Red G-Shock
The Oxford: Cocaine White Oxford by Hugo Boss
The Denim: Thin Finn Dry Denim by Nudie

Now that you know what he had on lets recreate the outfit in a more affordable way. These are fickle times in America and firms and big corporations are cutting back on their spending to try and fight the recession why shouldn't you?

Now lets start with the oxford, you can go with a cocaine white oxford from Polo by Ralph Lauren. RL is still the official on prim and proper dressing so don't count him out yet. 
Honestly you cant go wrong with a white oxford and surprisingly they go well with a lot more than just pants and chino's. Try something out.
Get into your oxford here: Lauren
-Also check out: J.Crew
Now the jeans that P wore were Nudie but nobody said that you have to buy Nudies to get the Nudie feel from jeans. I now introduce to you something that may have been flying under your radar for sometime now.
byCorpus denims. Honestly these are the first pair of denims that I have put on and it has given me the Nudie feel. I have been wearing the pair above for the past month and I love them so Im referring them to you all. (Now thats research)
If your worried that you wont get the same results that Nudie gives you after extended use and no washing, continue to worry. This isn't salvage denim however it is dry so after extended use and no washing you will get the same results.
-Prime Example-
The black Slim Jim Nudies aren't salvage denim but they are dry and I wore them for 8 months, no wash and they were just as defined as my grand father Nudies (2 year old Straight Sven)
also see: A.P.C

P wore the high top patent leather all white YSL sneakers. However the beautiful thing about fashion is that you have so many different options on how you can dress that you really dont have to follow anyone else or worry too much about someone getting the same thing that you have unless of course its an H&M dress. =)
I present to you the Common Project (super) high top all white Achilles Heel sneakers; Sick!
This sneaker is also available in patent leather in both white and black versions. 
-On a serious note-
This is one mean piece of footwear. The YSL's are beautifully designed about that I cannot lie for I own a pair myself. However Im also investing in these sneakers because I love the fact that they are true high top sneakers and they are so basic and chic. 

Sneaker speaks for itself
Dip into a pair here: unCommon Project

Buy now thank me later


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tip Don't Trip.

Summer is here and if you don't have a summer bag already then refer back to the "Summer Tory" post. However if you've made it over that hump then tune into this post. Your also going to need some new shoes for the summer because those shoes that you obtained in the Winter and trotted about in all Spring aren't going to make it to Fall. So here is your solution:
The all white Tory Burch ballerina flats. Never mind the name you don't have to dance to wear these, just tip! Tory Burch flats are a must have and there has never been a time to slide your feet into a pair, so why wait? 
Get all the way in here: Tory

Just a thought but Im sure your going to need some elevation in your rotation unless your 6'11. So here is Tory Burch's newest wedge heel. I know its no glass slipper but I like it. I honestly think that it should have been a skinny 6' heel but this is still a good look for hot dates with SoHo B and black cocktail dress parties.
Slip in one foot at a time here: Burch
I know I know


Summer Tory

Ladies you need this bag in your life. 
I introduce to you the Lux T canvas tote by none other than Tory Burch. If you dont own anything by Tory yet dont feel bad, Tory Burch is like school, its never too late. Get into the patent leather classic Burch design and the patent trimmings on the bag; sick! This is going to be your favorite bag for the summer, trust me. With the dimensions of 16" x 17" you have alot of room to dig and just so you dont have to dig too much to confirm lunch with SoHo B there's an inside zip pocket for things like: your iPhone, your iTouch, your LV agenda, or your Chanel lip stick. It would be so unfortunate if you wait to get the bag and then it gets sold out, so to avoid that just click here: Tory
Buy now, thank me later


Monday, May 26, 2008

Jack and Jil went up the hill...

but forget the bucket of water, Jil really wanted to storm that hill in these.
Meet the new Jil Sander cut out shoe actually designed by Raf Simons, these shoes are a man's solution to summer footwear. So if you dont do sandals and your not a flip flop guy then these breathable shoes are all you.
More Visuals:

get into your pair here: Jill


This is the next Air Jordan Nike Uptown fusion to be released. A fusion between the Air Force 1 and Jordan 3 sneaker. The red, white and black Jordan 3's are fabled by sneaker feans to be the best Jordans, well at least one of the best. Its funny that these sneakers are considered a Nike fusion when the original 3's are already Nike's the only difference is that these incorporate some features of the Nike Air Force 1's.


Diane Von Furstenberg

Just so you know Diane Von Furstenberg does more than just design sidekick's. Here is a little number by Ms. Von Furstenberg, now here is the best part; its on sale!
Jump on this before your size 4 is gone.
Consume it here: Intermix


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comme des Garçons 6th Anniversary

The first Comme Des Garcon store in Tokyo is celebrating their 6th anniversary and in honor of that they have created not only the bear above but also a special tote. 
Soon To Be Released


Sound Dunny

I used to have the Dunny zipper pulls, I liked them because it looked cool to me to have little Dunnies hanging from my zippers on my backpack but this is just taking it to another level. Get into the Dunny speakers designed by Ed Lewis.
Modern Home Decor


Curiously I Write...

Haven't been across the pond to London yet but the opportunity has arisen for me to take a gander over at my London chaps. Paul St George has constructed a telectroscope connecting New York and London which he claims was initially started by his great grand father in Victorian times. 
According to the New York Post the viewers on both sides can see each other and write messages to each other on a wipe off screen. If your in New York and you care to peer across the bond head over to the Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn but if your in London and care to see the inhabitants of the big city trot out to the Thames River. You might want to hurry though because this opportunity is only available until June 15th which doesn't leave you with much time. 
See You There


TOKYO, London?

I took this picture about a week ago and I have been looking at it everyday in deep thought about how I really feel about it and I am finally ready to speak on it. This picture is exactly what I needed to see, this is a direct representation of the state of fashion in London. Its free spirited, in the sense that in London the trendy people wear what they want to wear the way that they want to wear it. In America its all about competition like "he has YSL so I have to either get YSL too or something bigger like LV" in London its like I'm going to wear this because I like it and I'm going to wear it the way I want to wear it because this is what I like. Now if you ask a New Yorker about why they wear the clothes that they wear they would tell you that thats what they like but in all actuality we live in a society in which we do things because other people are doing it. Even when we try to be different it is because we want to be the first to have something just so that we could say that we had it first. Of course there are some exceptions to this theory of mine but the majority rules. Hand claps to Miss Tokyo Diva and her "Juice Krew" for thinking Across The Pond especially when I know for a fact that there are people that do not so readily agree with the way she dresses such as high fashion connoisseurs. So thank you for sticking to what you like and doing your thing through the ridicule, this is just what I needed.


The New "Flashing Lights"

A new version to the Flashing Lights video has just surfaced. I got word of this at 1AM. Thanks boo.


The Breakdown

What is so crazy about this is that this is the exact same explanation I came up with for the video when it came out. The concept isn't hard to understand when you live that lifestyle.