Saturday, December 13, 2008

M.I.A: Clothing Line

The Sri Lanka born singing sensation M.I.A is well known not only for her unique sound but also her unique style of dressing. Loud colors, glow in the dark accessories and M.I.A tee shirts are all apart of M.I.A's wardrobe but no longer limited to her wardrobe alone. She has been working on a clothing line for some time and it she has finally completed a collection. I can say one thing about it, you don't have to question who's collection this is. The bright colors and eclectic patterns are a dead giveaway.

To get your hands on some pieces:

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Honorable Ingrid Joseph

Congratulations to Ingrid Joseph on being the newest appointed Civil Court Judge. It is always refreshing and encouraging to see everyday people achieve extraodinary things. Achieving Civil Court Judge gives hope to children that were led to believe for so long that a title of that magnitude was out of their reach. The fact that she is a Brooklyn resident sheds some light on an inner-city that was once forgotten, reborn and is now growing in ways that have never been seen before. The year is 2008 and there are signs everywhere that things are changing for the better. Change is inevitable so fighting it is futile. What is the difference between the great people in history and the ordinary people that you see everyday? Nothing physical, the only difference is the things that they believed that empowered them to achieve the great things that they have achieved. There was once a time in America when being born black meant that you were born with a disadvantage, there was a time in America when women weren't allowed to work and even after they were allowed to work they were discriminated against. I ask that you all raise your wine glasses in celebration because ladies and gentlemen those days are over.


CURT@!N$: The Interview

You know nothing about anything until you read this interview; seriously. You may think that you listen to music but after hearing Brooklyn's own Curtains you will want nothing else but Curtains. Stop for a second and think about the best dressed person that you have seen lately in entertainment or the street (no difference), got the person in mind? Good, now forget it.
You think you know but you have no idea.


Stiletto Heel Event: 2006 Miu Miu

Not too decedent, simply elegant presented to you by Miu Miu.


The REAL Housewives of Atlanta

I thought that I told you all not to believe everything that you see.


Eley Kishimoto x Eastpak Backpacks

When I came across these backpacks today one word came to mind... hip.


The BBC Answer: BBC NYC

Where: BBC NYC 
(West Broadway between Houston st. and Prince st.)

Time: 11AM

Thats why.


Beyoncé The Great

If you haven't been caught up in the brilliance that is Beyoncé then you've been living under a rock. In light of the release of her newest album I Am... Sasha Fierce she has been doing round the clock promotion. She has been popping up everywhere looking nothing short of stunning, every performance has been memorable and the outfits are straight off of the runway. When entertainers wear dresses from the runway it doesn't always work out in their favor but Beyoncé makes it look like each piece was made for her. From Alexander McQueen to Gareth Pugh, all of the ensembles work so well with her body that this promotion has taken Beyoncé to a new level in her career. She is undoubtedly the Queen of R&B but it doesn't end there, she is also a fashion designer for her own clothing line House of Dereon. Which is quite impressive if I may say so myself. She has also extended her reach to commercials and movies, her most recent feature was in Cadillac Records as the legendary Etta James. What you may not know is not only was Beyoncé featured in the film but she was also the executive producer of the film. There are very few limits to her influence in entertainment and what ever limitations do exists are only temporary because she is on a fast track to being a living legend. If she stopped singing today she would be remembered but if she keeps going she will be immortalized.

What more can you ask for?

Gucci and the Girl

Myspace gives us an exclusive behind the scene's look at Rihanna's ad campaign and contributions to Gucci. From the photo shot in Paris to the minor alterations made to certain pieces in a sit down with the creative director Frida Giannini.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seize sur Vingt: Party Walkthrough

It is finally here and you all have no idea how long it took to upload to youtube.


A Quote by Kanye West

"Some people say man yo pants is tight so that means you like guys." "I don't even have to holla at some girls to make yall know that I don't like guys but I think that a lot of gay people dress really good, so I think that you should take tips from them... to advance your style of dressing." "When I started to wear my jeans like this a lot of people tried to call me gay or whatever but it's like... I just laugh at that now." "I don't take offense to anything that anybody says about me at this point." Kanye West


Happy Bday TT

Happy belated Birthday TT. The invite went to my spam mail.


Seize sur Vingt: Peter Oasis Interview

Peter was really cool, thanks again for the interview.


BBC Bow Tie

Take two of these and call me in the morning.


Seize sur Vingt: Adrian Fields Interview

Really cool interview with Mr. Fields.


Kanye West: Latest Interview

Forget all of the big late night show interviews, scratch the extra long press interview, never mind any other interview, because this is the Kanye West interview that you need to watch. This is in my opinion his best interview of the year. 

-side note-
If you look in the mirror behind him you can see Kid Cudi.


Hellz Bellz: 2008 Holiday Collection

Coming to live from this alternate realm of existence of confidence and pure dopeness I present to you Hellz Bellz collection entitled: Born Bad. The shots speak in volumes about a confident, smart, eclectic, outgoing, beautiful woman. I really like this line because I feel like they always make garments that infuse a little self confidence in women. Women see the ads and they get ideas like: "I can wear something like that." or "I might look good in that." I think there is a whole personification for the Hellz woman and it isn't negative, despite how it sounds. The Hellz woman is an independent, innovative thinker. I'm not knocking the reserved women or the traditional woman but there is a sense of endearment when a woman is opinionated and not afraid to be heard. Many women are opposed to the state of women's rights but the Hellz woman fights for the improvement of women's rights.

A tribute to a Hellz of a woman.


Stiletto Heel Event: 2006 Giuseppe Zanotti

You are looking at the beautifully curvy design of Giuseppe Zanotti. This 06/07 design is stunning and guaranteed to strike up a conversation upon entering the room. The stones that adorn the shoe are merely icing on the cake because without the stones the shoe would still be a marvel to look at. Since I missed a day yesterday and I promised you a shoe a day you get an extra day rather than kill you with two sick shoes in one day.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seize sur Vingt: Plaza Party

Knit No More: December 19th

One of the coolest venues in the city is closing this year. The knitting factory was the place that I first saw Theophilus London and Mickey Factz perform live while Ashanti did her show upstairs the same night. It was one of the best experiences that I have had in a long time (live performance wise). The setting is so intimate and hip that it just takes you back to a time when hip hop was underground. I am sad to report that it will be closing at the end of this year. However they are going out with a bang! The last show will be on December 19th and will feature Rakim, Black Thought, Keith Murray, Just Ice and Sasha Jenkins. This is the one show that you do not want to miss. By that time Theophilus London will be back from London and Mickey Factz will be back from LA, Lethal Inspiration will be in attendance, Coolness P and myself will be there plus the rest of the Nation of Cool family, etc. I guarantee a packed house, this is our last chance to enjoy the raw essence and amazing feeling that you get when you see a show at the knitting factory.
See you there.


Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers and Customers

Seize sur Vingt: Plaza Hotel

Seize sur Vingt threw a Plaza Store Opening party last night and of course I was in attendance so that means that you were there as well. The pictures are cool and the videos are even better. The official video will be released as soon as I'm finished with all of the editing and the entire post will be up as soon as Wordpress and I resolve our differences. I promise it won't be too long but until then enjoy the teasers:

Chelsea Lately: Akon Interview

Now here is an artist that lives what he talks about in his songs. I think we should all support his album for that.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stiletto Heel Event: 1995 Andrea Pfister

The second installment from the December 4th Stiletto Heel event is a bedazzling, bejeweled heel that is brought to us by Andrea Pfister. It is an open toe heel but I took the shot from behind because I wanted to show the incline on the heel. It makes me think about how much women put themselves through to look appealing to men and that makes me appreciate them so much more. This heel was made in 1995 but I don't doubt that if it were worn tomorrow heads would still turn. When you make something right the first time, you don't have to make it again. These heels are classic, elegant and the best part is that they are only the second installment in a set of 9 shoes so stay tuned because there is still so much more to come.


Meet The Press: Barack Obama on "The Big Three" (Auto Industry)


Monday, December 8, 2008

Recession Proof: Lindsay Lohan

The numbers are in and NY Daily News reports that despite these financially unstable times Lindsay Lohan's leggings line, 6126 is doing exceptionally well. Stores say the tight are flying off of the racks and out of the store but the most astonishing fact is the leggings can cost you anywhere from $44 to $132. As a matter of fact the tights seen below are $132, they are called the Mr. President tights and they are the best seller of the line.
How do you give these to your girlfriend without insinuating something?


Jay-Z - Bk Anthem

Stiletto Heel Event: 1999 René Caovilla

This is the first installment from the December 4th Stiletto Heel event at the Hitlon. I liked this one and I thought that the design was sick but compared to what is to come for the rest of the week this is just a warm up, trust me the shoes just get better so stay tuned because you don't want to miss L&F this week.


L&F Personal: Root of All Evil

What is the root of all evil?
I want to know what you think so read the post and comment: HERE