Friday, April 25, 2008

Im With It!

Not going to say too much about these because I think that they speak for themselves. The sneakers are so strong that you only have two choices: Love em or Hate em. Personally I love them just not for myself. I usually only go after women in mean dresses and nice shoes but I mean these sneakers worn properly are acceptable. Besides the bottom is still red. ;-)
Just don't get a whole Reebok collection. 

-The Reebok Classic's aren't a good look. 
-Whether you get the high top or low top
-No matter what color, it just isn't a good decision.
-Notice the gold glitter in the red bottoms, now that something that you won't find on the bottom of your Loubotin's. 

-Summer acquisition.
-Optional; Not a MUST BUY!
-Release date to be determined

Stay Tuned...


Apply Now

You dont want to miss this. Party with a purpose doesn't mean that you cant have fun. Get ready for the best party of the year; seriously! This event is going to be so much more than just a party and its all for a good cause but I am not at will to release anymore information. Ladies get your cocktail dresses from now and gentlemen you have to come proper; that doesn't mean three piece suit. 

More information soon.

Apply now by emailing your full name, age and a short paragraph about yourself and why you deserve to be there, to and hopefully you get accepted.

-Please note you must be 18+ to apply.
-Color theme is teal.
Good Luck


Brooklyn Circus Interview



Brooklyn Circus

When was the last time that you were under the big top? Well not the real circus anyway, I was referring to Brooklyn Circus. Brooklyn Circus is a very well put together boutique located on Bergen and Nevins. Where they sell some lines that you have most likely heard of by now like Nudie and J. Lindeburg along with some that you might not be as familiar with. They also have their own brand Brooklyn Circus under which they produce an array of t-shirts sporting the logo of and elephant and other designs. They get back to the circus theme with the re-occurring display of bright pronounced colors. 

-see the display below.

-see the bags on the top shelf, over the shirts.
-prices on bags range from $250-$500
-the bags are a MUST HAVE!

-see sweater below. 
-notice the neon colors on the black canvas
-notice the neon blue silk like interior in the hood; very smooth.

-see varsity below

-also available in all black with grey undertones.
-a cold winter MUST HAVE
-price range $200-$300
! Please Be Informed !
The entire fall collection of Brooklyn Circus items are on sale while supplies last and that usually isn't very long so you don't have time to waste.
Run Don't Walk to Brooklyn Circus!


Stay Tuned...


Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Future

What will your children wear? What do your children wear? If your a (good) parent then you take pride in your children and the way they look. You wouldn't buy Louis for yourself and Children's Place for your children. Now upon hearing this you might say: "What is SoHo talking about?" "Whats wrong with Children's Place?" and my response would be nothing at all. I never said that there was anything wrong with The Children's Place I was simply saying that when your a (good) parent you make sacrifices for your children. Now what kind of a sacrifice would that be if you wore LV and your children wore Children's Place? You walking into LV and spending $1200 on a bag and then go and spend $50 on your son/daughter. How does that even out?

-Location: 298 West 4th New York, NY. 10014

Here's what you can do, head on over to the Little Marc store and pick up a nice outfit for your son/daughter(s). Whether it is for an event where you need to dress your child properly or its just recess I think Little Marc is a great choice, so head on over to Little Marc and see what they have to offer.

Here is another alternative to Little Marc; Polo Ralph Lauren Children. Refer to Nicky for the Polo sweater inspiration. Similar to the Little Marc theory that kids are entitled to dress just as well as u do. They offer sweaters, shirts, polo's, pants, etc. basically everything that you need to help your child look as up to par as you are.

-Special thanks to Nettye for allowing us to use the picture of her son Nicolas.



We Wont Stop!

Well there has been yet another Bathing Ape store opening, this time it's in LA. It would appear that Nigo has adopted Sean Combs 1999 modo for his Bad Boy record label; "We Wont Stop". This store is fresh and in my opinion way overdue for LA, they needed a Bape store around the same time that New York did. There was an all star guess list of course including N.E.R.D and Takashi Murakami. However there was one person in attendance that surprised me; Mike Tyson. Who knew he was still alive? One of the greatest boxers ever to fight was in attendance at the LA Bathing Ape store opening. Who knew that he even knew what Bape was? 

-(left) Nigo (right) Takashi Murakami

I really like the design of the store and I think it will be a success simply because its a Bathing Ape store. Who doesn't like Bathing Ape? Let's just hope that the Aging Fakes in LA dont overpower the new store and that the citizens of LA do the right thing and purchase the authentic merchandise. 

-just in case you thought that I was joking...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time and Place!

I've posted this video because on the one hand its funny (not them but him) and at the same time its a serious example of the importance of knowing place and time. Society says that there is a time and place for everything and somethings just arent acceptable in certain situations. This was obviously one of those things, you can tell by the audience reaction.


Monday, April 21, 2008

If it isn't unleaded gas then it's ______.

Have you been paying attention to Diesel lately? I have and I must say I'm impressed with what I've been seeing from them as far as the bags that they have been producing lately. My second favorite would be a bag that they make called "Harook" for $250 and my overall favorite is called "Bromo" for $1,200. They have a big selection of different kinds of bags all very well crafted and designed. I really appreciate this new line of bags from Diesel but dont take my word for it, go to Diesel and see for yourself. You'd be doing yourself a disservice not to do so.

Side Note
-I wont lie to you hand bags arent for every man so if you dont think that you'd be able to pull one off dont force it.
-If you can pull off a hand bag and you do buy one, be cautious, they are addictive.

Your Welcome


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dress Like You Have Somewhere To Go.

Can you hear my footsteps? Temple University heard my footsteps and felt the wrath of SoHo B as I stormed through the campus; in this instance the B stood for Beast! Check out who was checking me out while I was on campus. I was featured in a Philadelphia blog, check out: Broad&Market
to see what was said about L&F's own SoHo B.
Cheers to L&F


The Leak

Okay so the cats out of the LV bag, Coolness P and I went down to Philadelphia for Temple University's Spring Fling. We had a blast and we want to share that with all of you but editing the video is taking a little longer than expected so we have released some clips on alternate sites such as YouTube and Myspace. Here is a preview of what is to come.
Please Be Patient