Monday, September 7, 2009

40 oz Bounce

Originally I wasn't going to attend the 40 oz Bounce. Then I spoke with some people about it, explained why I wasn't going and after great deliberation my mind was made up to go. Well that and a text message saying "Jason please come and save me" Maellé. On my way their I spoke with a young man by the name of Mark, but he may be better known as Mark the Kaws, a name bestowed upon him for his appreciation of the Original Fake brand. Mark was a little reluctant to attend the Bounce and he had good reason. He and I had the same reason for not wanting to go without previously speaking on it, that was until I sent him this message.

"I understand what your saying about it being hypebeasted and I'm impressed that you took such a stand against the hype but we aren't much different from them; we just know a bit more. When we start separating ourselves from everyone else we become a bit less human." Jason Burke

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shaken Not Stirred

Everyone in New York knows that what you do during the day is only a prelude to what is going to happen when the sun sets. So to conclude my day in SoHo I met up with two lovely ladies: Virginia and Maellé; what more could I ask for?! After their quick pit stop for hair products we made our way to Cafe Tasia which used to be my favorite spot but much like anything else that used to be good in New York it is now over saturated and over populated. End result is that it's great for business but bad for a patron in my situation that just wanted to share a nice conversation over some drinks with some beautiful women. We ended up having a good time anyway. MORE
Pineapple Margarita
Fried Calamari


Brief Intermission

Award Tour • Bathing Ape

Yesterday I happened to be in SoHo with the good brothers Demetri and Marlon. We went to a couple shops, spent some time in a fast food restaurant talking and laughing (mostly laughing). While walking I saw this picture in my head and thought to myself I wish everyone was here to see this. The Award Tour shirt was looking really cool yesterday especially since that was the shirt I was two steps from putting on before I left the house. Demetri doesn't know but that in my opinion the Bape shirt that he is wearing is the best Bathing Ape article of clothing that he owns. Phil just spoke of the cuff in the pants "everyone and their grand mothers was prepared for a flood of epic proportions."more is it pure coincidence that Marlon wears this extreme cuff in his pants and wears an Award Tour shirt and hat with it? Probably. The best thing about my friends is that they are not afraid to be themselves regardless of persecution. Societies standards don't apply to us.