Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brief Intermission

Award Tour • Bathing Ape

Yesterday I happened to be in SoHo with the good brothers Demetri and Marlon. We went to a couple shops, spent some time in a fast food restaurant talking and laughing (mostly laughing). While walking I saw this picture in my head and thought to myself I wish everyone was here to see this. The Award Tour shirt was looking really cool yesterday especially since that was the shirt I was two steps from putting on before I left the house. Demetri doesn't know but that in my opinion the Bape shirt that he is wearing is the best Bathing Ape article of clothing that he owns. Phil just spoke of the cuff in the pants "everyone and their grand mothers was prepared for a flood of epic proportions."more is it pure coincidence that Marlon wears this extreme cuff in his pants and wears an Award Tour shirt and hat with it? Probably. The best thing about my friends is that they are not afraid to be themselves regardless of persecution. Societies standards don't apply to us.


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