Friday, September 4, 2009

A.P.C (D.O.B) B.B.C

If I'm a mystery man then Coolness P must be the ghost. The readers like to see him on the blog but they know almost nothing about him. Women that know him and see him more than I do, have no idea what he does to generate an income. The people he goes to school with would be the best to answer questions about him but even then the most you'll get out of them is "He's cool, he dresses really nice, I had class with him." [So you spoke to him before] "No. I just see him all of the time and I think he's cool." There are people that know P, however you don't know those people. Our circle of friends is a family, very much like the mob. Most people don't have REAL friends and would never know what that is like. I am blessed, I have so many REAL friends, I can share.

Peace to the god Ghost P.


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