Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meditation Music

When I'm in deep thought about anything I turn on the waterfall. I go to this place in my mind where everything around me no longer exists and that can be a very dangerous extreme of the mind so I use the sound of the water as the bread crumbs to find my way back to reality. Funny thing about water is that it is the only liquid on Earth like itself; in a class of it's own. There is a bit of water in everything because everything organic requires water and 70% of our planet is comprised of water. Scientifically water is a mystery, spiritually water is a mystic, mentally water is a savior. Biblically water is the symbol used to baptize and wash the sins of a true believer. 

In the current generation we take water for granted. 
Due to technology we have gotten away from what is really important!

The bottled water that comes from a spring, gets funneled to a factory where the sediments, minerals and chemicals are cleaned out of the water. Then it is packaged and stored in a warehouse for some time. It is then packed in a truck and relocated to another warehouse where it gets picked up by different distributers and taken to your local super market where you finally purchase and consume. 

Ever asked yourself why bottled water has an expiration date?


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