Friday, August 28, 2009


We all brag about the wrong things. When we talk about the diamonds we talk about the cut (if it's cut at all), clarity, weight, grade, class and color. We never discuss what we had to do to get the diamond. There may be a brief mention of some activity that we down play to make it seem as effortless as possible. Sure it makes you seem that much cooler but when you look deeper at your actions you will see the negative reactions that occur. The people that look up to us see the things we do and they hear the things we brag about and they think it's easy. So when they try to achieve it and they realize that it isn't coming easily to them they quit because they think that they have done something wrong. They want it to come as easy to them as we have made them believe it comes to us... False Advertisement!
Nothing worth anything comes without hard work. If you want the quality things that you see everyone else with you have to work for it. If you desire a bit more than what you see everyone else with you have to work harder. When you get to those levels you will then realize that everything you ever wanted in life was small potatoes in comparison to what you could have had if you had just applied yourself and focussed on the goal. My advice to you is strive for something no one you personally know has ever achieved.

Write until your hand cramps and you have to take a break just to continue writing.

Stand until your equilibrium leans you to the left and your knee's are so tired that you have to lean on a support beam just stand up straight; then you stand some more!

Walk until the heels of your feet shoot pain through your entire foot that then transfers to your legs and makes you feel like you have to stop walking but you walk on with the ultimate goal in mind; your destination.

You will not reach where you are supposed to be until you have proven yourself worthy against all obstacles. The road blocks that you come up against in life aren't meant to deter you from the path but inspire you to work that much harder to accomplish your goal.


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