Friday, October 23, 2009

Coolness P in BkC

When you wear clothes its not just the fact that you like that particular article of clothing but its also a matter of you showing your level of respect for the brand. I like this article of clothing and I respect your brand enough to give you my hard earned money in exchange for this product. So this is P showing his respect for the brand The Brooklyn Circus.
150 Nevins St Brooklyn, NY 11217-2349 - (718) 858-0919
Open Daily 12pm-7pm


The After Party

I was attending a Knick pre-season game the night of this party but as I watched this video of what happened after the party I was in complete shock; I don't think I moved until the video ended.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Made Magic

(click to enlarge)

I was thinking to myself the other day, there are many people with nice cameras and very few 'photographers' now that the true photographer's don't even want to be addressed as such just so they don't get mixed up with the rift raft. Personally I know some good photographers and not just people that play with lighting but I'm talking about some chicks that can kill you quick with a big gun (capture amazing shots with a nice camera). One in particular came to mind and I actually kind of miss her work. I don't see as much of it nowadays as there used to be and I feel like it needs to be seen so keep your eyes locked b/c in the near future there will be a reintroduction. 


Diamonds & Maybach's

Rick Ross & Triple C's In Studio from Jason Burke on Vimeo.

"I don't have a twitter but if I did I would wake up 5 in the morning everyday and twit all my bitches this..." Rick Ross in reference to the song 'What I Do It For'.


Monday Night Football

If you ask me to forecast what a Monday night would look like I'd probably picture a beautiful young lady laying in my arms after hours of 'extra curricular activities' or even a three hour long conversation with  a beautiful out of towner, who's voice alone gives me enough motivation to pack my bags for another trip.
However what I often forget is that my life is random to say the least so in short my Monday night was spent watching a rapper who made his way into MTV's top ten list & his crew tear up a manhattan studio while playing tracks from their upcoming compilation album. I'm working on the video as well, nothing special just a little something before the album drops.
Stay Tuned


Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Is Art!

featuring: $hellz
photo credit: Synkami Diablo

Mixed feelings from most? Maybe, but most never get genius until years later when what that person did finally becomes acceptable. Upon first sight my reaction... WOW! Possibly even a couple laughs until I got to this picture and I froze. I was stopped dead in my tracks and captivated for God only knows how long by this shot. It's perfect. However it was much more than the fact that it was perfect that held my attention, I wanted to understand why I thought it was so perfect? How is this shot any different from the rest? Then it hit me, this is a natural shot. A moment in life captured, very different from a picture. Most pictures are posed people, held in time and reviewed in frames of existence but this photograph is what every photographer tries to do in every shoot; make it look as natural as possible. Except for in this instant there was no effort, it just is. I can mentally see the motions a second after the picture, they might not even had been ready for the shot but just then... a flash!
Cheers to perfection.