Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Along The Watch Tower: Guitar Solo

If you have ever been in the subway system in and around the SoHo/ NoHo area then you have either seen, heard or all of the above this well dressed artist. If status were based strictly upon style then this guy would be in the top tier of that hierarchy. Kanye West recently said that his swagger is on a hundred thousand trillion, if that be the case then where do you place this solo stringer? 
From the pant to the silk tied around his head this man's outfit is on point. People don't dress like this but then again if everyone dressed like this then this wouldn't be so unique now would it? Some people might consider this weird but thats only because the masses follow what society dictates and society usually sides with the people that like to keep order and keep things in order. This style represents a time period when the people were in favor of rebellion and anything but order. 
There is no better way to say free spirit.
Smoke on the water


Friday, February 27, 2009

Beyonce Smashes Ebony Magazine

Asked about a quote from years ago where she said she wanted to retire by age 21. She says she could have retired at that age but now she has no intention of ever retiring:
 “I’ve worked so hard on my craft, and I will never stop. I will never retire. I love it way too much.”
Sheer elegance.


Mjolk 09 Collection

Your so jealous.


Carlos Campos S/S 09 Collection

I'm really into this collection, from the construction of the pieces to the presentation of the clothes I think this is an exhibition of excellent craftsmanship. The three looks that I have previewed are three very clean cut pieces, nothing too flashy or over the top, still they were very well executed. Care to see the rest of the collection? Follow the source link below.
I can't be the only fan.


Kanye West Stronger Performance on VH1

Cool performance. 


Your Such a PYT

I want candy large and small pins.
Simply Beautiful


Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain: Blame It

This song is really big right now, everyone is singing it and the video shoot was a star studded event featuring some really big names.
Check it out.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hedi Slimane shoots Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Lohan really opens up for the camera in this shoot. To see the rest of the shots follow the link below.

Word on the SoHo Block: Gareth Pugh

It's still just a rumor but word on the SoHo Block is that LVMH is seriously considering trading Kris Van Assche for Gareth Pugh as the creative director of the Dior line. If he gets the position I predict that he will be to them what Marc Jacobs has been to Louis Vuitton.


Lanvin Presents: Pearls

There are some trainers that look good when you keep them clean and in shape but they age beautifully and actually start to look better the more beat up they get. These are not those kind of trainers. These trainers need to be purchased, concealed in a glass case, roped off and showcased in your living room. Sound extreme? Well whether your a sole collector, connoisseur of luxury goods or just a regular guy that likes nice things you can agree that these trainers are something special. I think it's safe to say that Lanvin has really fell in love with this design seeing as the last five trainers that they have released all feature this intriguing high top design. This new release is superb.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

F.I.T Museum: Seduction


27th street and 7th ave New York NY 10001-5992

Tues - Fri: 12PM - 8PM
Saturday: 10AM - 5PM

Now - June 16, 2009
Today I took a trip over to the F.I.T Museum to see the exhibit entitled: Seduction. The exhibit is a very interesting collection of dresses to say the least. The title Seduction is an appropriate title seeing as the entire collection showcased the way in which women expressed their sexuality through their clothing throughout history. It actually starts off with some very revealing pieces as an introduction to the exhibit. 
When you really get into the exhibit you go on a journey through time where you not only see beautiful gowns but you get the history of the gown that you are viewing and of the time period in which the gown was designed. So you really get a sense of the world and how fashion was affected by it throughout time. It has been long believed that fashion interprets what is going on in the world, I like to think on a broader scale, fashion along with other forms of art are imitations of life. Every season editors look to collections to see how the designer has interpreted and portrayed the current events through the clothes. I advise everyone that is able to get to this exhibit to make a stop by and check out the exhibit.
How can one say no to a woman dressed this well?
For more information follow the link:


Barack Obama Addresses Congress

I don't know if you've ever seen or heard any other presidents speak but the reason why people are so taken by Obama is because they have grown to accept the fact that politicians stutter when they speak and they speak in circles never really answering the question at hand because they don't have an answer but aren't allowed to say that due to the fact that they are supposed to inspire and infuse hope in the nation. Barack never really stutters or gets caught on his words, his thoughts are always well thought out and he always seems as though he knows what he's talking about and he has the answer. It truly is a treat to listen to him speak. Sometimes you get so caught up in his rhetoric that you zone out while he's speaking but this is one speech that you need to pay attention to.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Late Registration: Public School S/S 09 Collection

In the entire collection these two pieces have to be my favorite. I would wear this wool coat everyday. It is just perfectly designed. The cut is appealing because it's not too tight but it is still very well fitted to the body. The coat hits right at the waist and not a step further, which sometimes is a very desirable trait in outerwear. The positioning of the buttons makes the face of the coat look a bit more presentable, even though I would have gone with some different buttons I do believe that those buttons are the most functional buttons that they could have chosen. You have the option to change the buttons but be warned the buttons that you want to put on it to make it look better may not be as resilient as the ones it came with. The collar is masterfully trimmed with leather and my favorite feature on the entire coat is the epaulette's on the shoulders, which served as the icing on the cake (and I don't even eat cake) .
How can you go wrong with a cardigan? I've always loved cardigan's because they are a bit less restricting than a sweater but you still get the same comfort and warmth. The V neck on most cardigans is perfect to showcase your tie and a bit of your shirt. If the weather permits you can leave the cardigan open. Sometimes when you wear an oversized cardigan it works better if you leave it open. Think of it as a free spirit, buttoning it will be like trying to restrict or contain a free spirit; not a good outcome. The cardigan seen above won me over for one reason: attention to design. I noticed that the sleeves were ribbed, very nice feature. Although if your arms aren't as long as the model seen above then the sleeves might be too long but that won't be much of a problem even without a tailor you can simple fold then one time right at the stitching from the ribbing. Once again we see the nothing below the waist safety feature which is exactly where you want a cardigan to stop unless of course it is a purposely oversized cardigan. My favorite feature on this cardigan has to be the faux leather trim encasing the buttons down the front; very nice.
For the rest of the collection follow the link:



Curt@!N$: Black Folks Trailer

I know that all of you are scared. Half of you are scared because you don't know where he's going with this and you think he might have deceived you with the Rebel Radio mixtape. The rest of you are scared because you do know where he's going with this. Curt@!n$ told me back in January that 09 was going to be an exciting year as far as his music and so far he is a man of his word.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Look a Bit Harder

In these trying and uncertain times everyone is looking for a way to cut back on something in their household. Sensibly of course, no one wants to resort back to the lantern but at the same time we are all trying to pinch pennies. Some find it harder than others and I don't think it's because we aren't looking hard enough I just think it's time that we've had our eyes checked. That is definitely an avenue that most of us haven't explored when it comes to saving some cash; our bifocals. Frames these days run deep into your pocket when you start shopping for some good frames and your left wondering what did I pay all of this money for? Eye sight? Something that I used to take for granted at one point in my life I am now paying through the ears just to be able to see properly. Is it right? No. Should you tolerate and accept the fact that you have to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to be able to see? No you should not. If you have already accepted that the optical department is one place that you don't want to skimp on money because you don't want to cut corners with your eye sight and get a lower quality than what you deserve, I can understand that but what if you didn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability? Luckily for you I'm not the only one that feels like frames shouldn't be so expensive, the New York Times wrote a very interesting and informative article about how to go about saving money on your eye care and there is a very good website that I think you should give a gander to if your looking to save on your eye wear.
Follow the link:
This site features some very good frames for way less than you would expect to pay and you don't have to sacrifice quality. My favorite pair is displayed at the top of this post. I like them because you don't see a lot of people with them and sometimes when you dare to be the difference it gets accepted and inducted as cool.


A Trend For Fans to Follow

I'm not a fan of following trends but this is a trend for fans to follow, modeled by the ever so radiant Material Girl. What we are looking at is a combination of a mix between style and a trend. The style note comes in the form of the frills on the front of the blouse which works very well under her blue blazer, the sleeves of which she has wisely rolled up show some skin. Now all of that aside the trend is the most interesting part of this outfit; the head band. Women have been wearing all types of bands, strings, and other material around their head for some months now. Often time you read about trends in magazine or on internet sites and you never see them anywhere else except for on the model in the description in the magazine. Here we see one that has not only materialized in this picture but has been an undertone on L&F since the summer 08. Now everywhere you look you can find a woman with her head tied up. At every party, sitting in on every fashion show, on any given SoHo Block you can find a woman reaching deep and channeling her inner hippie.


Beyonce's Oscar Performance

Beyonce performs on the big stage with Hugh Jackman. Her dress, red sequins. Let this be the last time anyone question any of my fashion predictions. I'm not a fan of musicals but I thought this was a good performance.


Michelle Looks Amazing

Do you set the standard or do you just adhere to it? Do you affect those around you or does everything around you affect you? Are you a factor or have you been divided so much from yourself that you don't matter anymore? Be the difference. Dare to be different, dare to go against the norm. I salute this man, not because he is the hope of America and the chance for a better future, not because he is the newest super hero, not because he is going to undo years of oppression and segregation, but because he is just a man. That's right ladies and gentlemen he is just a man. If you keep looking for the change in someone else and you keep looking to the rising of the sun for this great hope of the nation then things will never change. We all have to now look within to see the change in ourselves. We have to instill hope and belief in ourselves because if I don't believe in me then how can you? If you look to nature you will see that change is inevitable so that is something that will occur whether you do something about it or not. The change that occurs is up to you; not the president.


And The Oscar Goes To...

If you really think about it there isn't one Will Smith movie that you can honestly say was a bad movie. There is always something special about his feature films. From Hitch to Seven Pounds there is always something deeper than what you see and the message is always so strong that you have to imagine these rolls speak to who he is as a person. I mean sure someone else writes the script but what most people don't know is that Smith gets the ability to alter his character and certain scenes in the movies that he does. He also gets to bring a bit of his own personality to the character in each movie, which basically sprinkles pixie dust on the film and makes it much more than anyone involved with the production could have imagined. Here we see him presenting at the Oscar's and one has to wonder if you look back at the Will Smith featured in the television series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would you have known that he was going to grow into this powerful, influential, iconic figure in society? I for one would not have and can't honestly say that I know where he is going but I am proud of his progression and admire his maturity into the man that he is today.
Ladies and gentlemen; Will Smith


Christina Milian - King Magazine Spread

Nobody say a word.

I didn't want you to ruin it for everyone else.

N.D.C Made By Hand Moccasin

In a world that has been extremely affected and changed by mass production it is always good to know that things are still made by hand. Knowing that something is handmade just gives you a better feel about spending the money on the item. When things are hand made it has a more personal feel because you know that a person made it, you know that someone's hard work went into performing every stitch and knot to the best of their abilities. Sure they aren't going to be perfect because there is a degree of human error but they are sure worth a hell of a lot more than the automated, mass produced product. 


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Christian Siriano A/W 09 Collection

I am impressed with this collection to say the least. I have been a fan of Christian's work since his project runway appearance and now he is performing on the big stage, even though this isn't his first time showing a collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. The collection is very well put together and presented just as well. He didn't deviate from what he likes to do as a designer and he did not disappoint as a showman. Some people may consider his overconfidence a weakness but the same crowd is quieted the instance that they see this collection because he has been able to use that attitude to his advantage and it shows through his clothes. We see another ready to wear collection that is more on the imaginative side than anything else but one should expect nothing less from Mr. Siriano. I see this as a movement where more attention is going to be paid to detail in ready to wear clothing. This is very good news for consumers because it means that in seasons to come we will start to get more for our money.
What a difference a belt makes.


Let's Talk About It

The older I get the more I realize that cartoons for the most part aren't only for children. There are so many messages and morals in cartoons that children are unable to comprehend. There are cartoons that transcend age, race, geographical location, etc. These cartoons go above and beyond the standard set by the everyday cartoon. It always surprises me how diverse the following for these cartoons are, due to the fact that the majority of them are in japanese featuring subtitles in english. If you don't know by now the cartoons that I am referring to is considered anime. Anime has a huge following that is dedicated to the many different series. With such a devoted following one has to think where are these people? Where do these fans go to get updates about what is new in the world of anime? If your a fan of anime where should you go to find other people that are interested in the same shows? There has to be somewhere that we all can go to find other people that have the same interest in anime as we do. What if I told you that there was a free online chat site where you can meet and communicate with like minds. People that have the same interest whether your a die hard fan of something like Dragonball Z or your just a casual viewer of InuYasha there is someone out there for you to connect with.
Then follow the link: