Friday, March 14, 2008

Appearance is everthing

Gisele Bundchen looks beautiful and the dress is perfect but why is it that Lebron was made to wear the clothes that he practice's in? We see the man in basketball shorts and athletic tops all the time thats why I was exciting about him being on the cover of Vogue. For one because he's one of the most electrifying basketball players out right now and two because I was eager to see what suit they would display him in but instead I find this, this insult to my intelligence. I've seen Mr. James hit red carpets and dress himself better and the expression on his face doesn't match hers. I expected so much more from Vogue.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Pharrell Williams also designed the LV Millionaire shades. These shades were an instant hit and it isn't hard to see why. The design is fitting for the current shades trend; small frames are out just in case you didnt know.

Everything that shines

The new Louis Vuitton jewelry line designed by Pharrell Williams.


Monday, March 10, 2008

"Cant leave rap alone"

Well readers it looks like he wasn't playing when he said "I can't leave rap alone the game needs me". I'm talking about rapper Jay-Z known to the business world as Sean Carter. Dressed rather dapper in Tom Ford for the 08 Grammy Awards; Jay-Z is definitely a power player. I cant name one thing that this man has done that has been a bad business investment, Warren Buffet look out. Now DJ Clue has leaked a new track entitled "Aint I" by the great Jay-Z and its said to be on his new album entitled "Blueprint 3" this would be the third installment to the Blueprint series, yes thats right this rapper has series, about 10 albums. Whether the album will really be released or not is unsure at this point but you know we here at L&F will keep you posted.


Just in case you've never seen it.

Here it is, currently unreleased but 
it's Kanye West's "Good Morning" video
and no I didn't tape it myself; 
my hands are steady.