Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are You Really Living?

It's all about perspective.
Yours or mine?


The Style King?

I ran into King D the other night at a York College fashion show and realized that from head to toe his outfit was on point. I am a fan of the way that he subtly displays his labels.
Here it is:

Air Yeezy!


The Face Hunter Show

It's all in the spirit of fun. He's right about how crazy the blogging scene has gotten but it's still cool because we all know each other (for the most part) and it's a friendly competition. You can't be too upset about the new kids on the block so to speak because it can't die when you stop. For instance if I stopped today, there would be 20 new bloggers to take my place and out of that 20, 10 may be almost as interesting, 5 may be just as interesting and 1 may be very special.


D&G Capped Toe Oxfords

The blazer is optional.

The pocket scarf is optional.

You can do without that tie.

Maybe you shouldn't wear that watch.

Try another belt with those pants,
but the shoes...


Friday, May 8, 2009

I.Am Scholarship

This is what it means to do what you can.


Still Dancing With The Stars

I don't think that they should have been eliminated either but I am not one to sit and complain over something that has occurred already. I think Kim put it in perfect perspective when she said there is always a bigger plan. We might want them to win on Dancing with the Stars but they might be lined up to start their own dancing show; who knows?

There are only a handful of guys cooler than Regis and it's only by a small margin.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kanye West: 2 Words (Unreleased)

I feel like I just watched the realest video that I have seen in a long time. Look at the videos that are being made now and look at this video and feel the difference. I want to watch it again; care to join?


Drawn 2 Reality

Have pride but not foolish pride, it will consume you.

Walk amongst kings but never lose the common touch.

Whenever your nose is in the air there should always be a wine glass to your mouth.

It's unbecoming of a young man.

No one likes a snob because they have a better than thou attitude. If you are even the slightest bit enlightened you understand that all human beings are equal. Some may be a bit more financially inclined while others are financially challenged but on the broader scale we are all human. When you lose sight of that you became a bit inhumane.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words From The Showstopper:

SoHo B: What/ who influences your sense of style, as far as the way you dress?

Curt@!n$: Homeless people. I’ve seen some real stylish homeless people, I mean they’re doing it for survival and warmth, but I find beauty in some of the choices they make as far as dressing. I dont know if that was the politically correct thing to say, but i’m no politician so fuck it. Other than that I only admire, never emulate. Its a few cats that aren’t known to the public who are pretty dangerous as far as style, my man Bailey from Flight Club L.A, Jean Marc from Bape LA, the whole A.S.A.P Crew in NY and my man Reggie Know from Chicago. Those dudes need to be in the public eye, they can really school cats on the fashion tip. Taz Arnold might be the illest by far tho. 


Causing Quite a Stir

Matthew Williamson's H&M collection has caused quite a stir in the industry, people have been anticipating it since they news of the collection first leaked and crossing off days until the day of the release; now a commercial has surfaced. The commercial draws an obvious influence from the Transformers movie in the way it uses a collage of different people and voices to convey a message, then the dead give away was Williamson's arrival, which was similar to that of the Autobots arriving on Earth in the movie. All in all the commercial is creative and imaginative, I don't doubt that a lot of work went into the creation of the commercial and I just want to say that I appreciate it.


Hunny, Where Is My Tie?

Imagine this, the bow tie is actually apart of the top button, so if your in a rush for that event that you almost forgot about this is your new best friend. It's light weight, easy to iron and the bow tie is apart of the shirt; how can you go wrong?

88's Summer

Meet the newest two colorways from the Bapesta 88's.


Dancing With The Stars: Kim Gets Kicked

We are all sad to see her go but every week she surprised us with how good she was doing. No one really knew what to expect from Kim the dancing star but she soon proved herself to the world. I would like to say that she had a good run and this has done wonders for her public image especially since she just came out of a correctional facility. It has also extended her fan base, all of the people that liked her on Dancing with the Stars are now more likely than none to purchase her album.


The Rules of Engagement: Style Leaders

"Think of fashion as one huge high way, there are a million lanes and everyone with a unique sense of style has their own lane. The people that follow those people do not realize that they will always be trailing the lead car in that lane; a victim to the changes in that person's life." Burke


Gilt Groupe x L&F present: John Varvatos Sale

This is one sale that you would kick yourself for missing. John Varvatos shoes and accessories on sale for a little over half off. That means that these beautiful washed wingtip shoes that used to be $400 are now only $148 through this rare opportunity.
The bag seen above is a leather finish bag, perfect for that weekend trip or that road trip that you and the guys were planning. The bag has straps on the sides that extend the length and depth of the bag for more storage space. The bag used to be $1,695 but is now moving for $698.
This is one window that you wished would never close but like everything else in life, the sale is only while supplies last.


The Most Interesting Man

While in Pittsburgh a while back a young lady told me that I reminded her of this commercial. I watched the video on youtube when I got back and it has been my favorite set of commercials of recent. Hope you enjoy as well.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Gentleman's Box

This is a box. Not just any box but what I would like to call the gentleman's box. As a gentleman that takes so much pride in the way that he carries himself (on most days) there has to be some order by which you store your accessories. 
What you are looking at is the top level of the inside of the box. The top level of my box consist of a watch, some time pieces, shades and glasses. The second level consist of a few more watches, a Dee & Ricky heart pendant, cuff links, cologne, another pair of shades and ear rings that I no longer wear.
I also have a box for my scarves and neck accouterments but that is a totally different post in itself. I am actually looking for a bigger box to move everything into; I might invest in a nice trunk. The whole point of a gentleman's box is to establish order amongst your belongings.
Try It.


It's All About Pizzaz!

Raf Simons
Cross Stitch Military Trainer
I find it unfair to refer to these trainers as nothing more than just trainers. The end result of however much hard work and energy went into the creation is pop art. Therefor I prefer to refer to this as artwork for the feet.


Let's Do Some Shrooms!

Cheap Monday presents: WKND
White Mushroom Tube Tee.


The Nose Plays.

Bernhard Wilhelm
Mask Sunglasses


Esquire: Megan Fox "Good Morning"

There is a reason why Esquire is a gentleman's magazine.


Keri Hilson's David Letterman Performance

The first time that I heard this song I didn't really listen to the lyrics but after listening to it during this performance I have deemed this a good song with REAL content. There is a REAL message in the music.


The Rules of Engagement

"Looking good in your clothes comes second to feeling good in your clothes. If you are not comfortable in what you have on 9 times out of 10 the people looking at you can tell." Burke


Monday, May 4, 2009

UBIQ Canvas Slip On

What you are looking at is what I like to refer to as an innovative design. The quilted design in the front of the slip on is cool but what really takes it to another level is the buckle addition at the side. These are definitely worth some consideration.



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ubiq Yeezy Line

The Yeezy lines were no joke, especially the one in Philly for Ubiq. See King D in the video?


Presidential Press Conference

Is it that serious? Is this outbreak that much of a worry that it had to be the first thing that the President addressed or is it that he just wants to calm everyone down. I was never the type to walk around with anti-bacterial wipes, nor am I a bust boy so I will not be sanitizing any surfaces before I sit down. I will say wash your hands but you are supposed to do so anyway. Schools are closing because of a swine flu "scare" which means that there wasn't an actual outbreak. I understand the fear but come on are we that unprepared that we have to take such drastic measures?


Malice Breaks It Down

You have to learn to separate the fake from the REAL. 

"If your eyes deceive you, your ears mislead you and your brain can't differentiate then follow your heart." Burke