Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words From The Showstopper:

SoHo B: What/ who influences your sense of style, as far as the way you dress?

Curt@!n$: Homeless people. I’ve seen some real stylish homeless people, I mean they’re doing it for survival and warmth, but I find beauty in some of the choices they make as far as dressing. I dont know if that was the politically correct thing to say, but i’m no politician so fuck it. Other than that I only admire, never emulate. Its a few cats that aren’t known to the public who are pretty dangerous as far as style, my man Bailey from Flight Club L.A, Jean Marc from Bape LA, the whole A.S.A.P Crew in NY and my man Reggie Know from Chicago. Those dudes need to be in the public eye, they can really school cats on the fashion tip. Taz Arnold might be the illest by far tho.