Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nylon TV: Lily Allen

"There are definitely things that come out that are really good but there are also things that are really bad and not just for me I think it's bad for other people, I don't think that celebrity culture is very healthy for young people." Lily Allen


A Quote From Nas

"Life! I wonder, will it take me under? Na, never that." Nas


L&F Personal:

L&F Personal, either you read it or regret it.

Barbara Walters: Barack & Michelle Obama

"In only 55 days Barack Obama will replace one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history." Barbara Walters


Original Fake Trainers

These trainers are one of the few low tops that I would consider this season. The high top has been in since February but this new collaboration between Original Fake and Visvim is something that I think you should seriously consider. Since Kaws collaboration with Marc Jacobs for the mouse flats a lot of us were anticipating the Original Fake trainer and for now this is it. Personally I like it and I think that this is one investment that you will not regret.


Friday, November 28, 2008

A Clot Winter 08

Clot is starting to show its true colors, so to speak, with the release of their wool pea coat which has enough details on it to be considered a M65 jacket. This is honestly one of the best pea coats that I have seen in my lifetime and I have a feeling that it will be for some time. The cut doesn't look too slim from the pictures but one must consider the fact that the coat is open in the pictures and open coats do tend to look bigger. The gold buttons was a nice touch and the epaulette's on the shoulder (which originated in the armed service as a way to distinguish the generals from the foot soldiers) add a certain element to the pea coat that is matched by none at this time.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pinocchio Story: Mr. West

"Do you think I sacrificed, a real life, for the fame and the flashing lights?" Kanye West


Comme des Garçons: Accessories

Garçons accessories get dipped in silver this season. I find this funny that it was only recently released seeing as how the popular color's of last season were gold and silver. Bathing Ape released metallic gold and silver trainers last season and I thought that would have been the last of the metallic silver but I was mistaken so here is the latest release from Comme des Garçons.

Happy Thanksgiving: 808's and Heartbreak

Please purchase the album.


New KVA Trainers

Kris Van Assche you have done it again. These trainers are incredible and that is the simplest way that I can describe them. My favorite pair is the white pair and all I can think about is how beautiful they are going to look beat up. These are high tops that actually live up to their title of being "high" which is hard to find now a days seeing as how most of the trainers that we consider "high top" are only high enough to really be considered mid top. This is footwear to truly be appreciated.


BBC NYC: 1 Year Anniversary

Are you in New York? Perfect! Friday November 28th 2008 the place that you are going to want to be is the BBC/ Ice Cream NYC flagship store because in honor of being up and fully operational for a year now they will be releasing this limited edition tee shirt. You know how the line is going to be and you also know that when they say limited edition they mean it, so just be there at two to three hours earlier; doors open at 11 am.


Release Dates: Kanye West

Pastelle: January 09

Air Yeezy (Sneaker deal with Nike): March 09

Louis Vuitton Footwear Collection: TBD

Lets go over the facts here, Mr. West has come out to say that his clothing line, Pastelle will be released this coming January. His latest album 808's and Heartbreak was just released on November 25 (please purchase the album). The sneaker deal with Nike that cause such a stir is actually going to be brought to fruition by March unless of course the date gets pushed back again. Kanye has also been selected to work on a footwear collection with the legendary house of Louis Vuitton (what an honor) and lets not forget he promised another album sometime in the earlier months of 09. This man is going to be very busy building an empire in 2009.


Rolling Stone: Britney Returns

This is a truly applaudable feat. The entire world watched as it all fell to pieces for this young lady and now she is looking as good as she did before everything happened. Judging from this cover shot alone one might forget everything that she has been through, incredible how blessed some people are.
Who God bless let no man curse.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GQ: Designer of the Year

The Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine has named Thom Browne designer of the year. That's a major compliment for a designer, but do you think he really deserves it? Email us at with your response because we want to know your opinion on this one.


Model of the Year: Jourdan Dunn

The Brit's have something to say and they shall be heard. According to our friends at Style the British Fashion Council has awarded Jourdan Dunn ,seen above walking for Gareth Pugh, Model of the Year. A big title for such a fresh face, I can't say that she didn't deserve it but she beat some serious competition: Sessilee Lopez, Chanel Iman and Agyness Deyn just to name a few. Congratulations to the new top model (non Tyra associated) and good luck to her in her future endeavors.


D&G S/S 09

Some clothing lines never change.


Acne S/S 09 Collection

How many ways can I express how cool this forthcoming collection from Acne is? I'm not sure but I'm going to take a stab at it. This collection embodies everything that they try to achieve as a company and what's more than that is the fact that fashion houses go 50 years trying to create a collection that represents them in a way that words couldn't even describe and fail, they fall short where Acne has ascended with this collection. This is now what I would refer to as a stand out brand, one to look out for because I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful design path. It's classic yet modern, vintage yet refreshing and most importantly of all it's cool. This is something that I would wear but at the same time I could see Ray Liotta dressing like this in his younger years.


Terry Richardson for Vogue

I don't know if you read the post that I did last week about Terry Richardson and how cool he is but if you didn't then you did yourself a great disservice. Terry Richardson has been commissioned by Vogue to photograph beautiful scantily clad women in some risque poses which is right up his alley anyway. The idea behind this photo shoot is to create a calender with fourteen shots instead of twelve (don't know how thats going to work out but okay). The entire photo shoot has been released and you can take a look at it on the Hypebeast website.


CNN: Michelle Obama

Personally I like this short report that CNN has done on Michelle Obama and I think that it is very appropriate and long over due. The only "stereo-types" that I think about are Bose and Yamaha. I say that because the idea of seriously considering a stereotype as a rational and reasonable way to view someone is ignorant and shows of a serious lack of education or information. The whole system of stereotyping came from a place that no one wants to willfully go back to; slavery. A time when the slaves with the farer skin were favored in order to create a sense of animosity towards them from those of a darker complexion and spread jealousy through the entire plantation, the idea was in order to keep them from uniting and over throwing the master instill these feelings in them and let it spread through their population so that even their children are affected this way they will be too busy fighting with each other to fight us. That was a time when ignorance triumphed and rationality and better judgement was tossed aside, we don't wish to return to those days America; do we? I promise you that the reciprocation of an attempt to re-instate that kind of thinking and behavior in this country will not be as well received as it's inception was. If you wish to be viewed as a professional, respectable, educated and valued member of society then I suggest that you carry yourself as just that and nothing less. Leave the stereotypes to the simpletons.
Beside every great man is a woman that made him better.


Conan O'Brien: Kanye West interview

This is a good interview for those of who who has fallen out of love with Kanye West. This Kanye is a mature, well mannered man and what comes out in this interview is the fact that he hasn't forgotten where he came from nor lost a sense of who he is. This is displayed when he goes into the segment about the ways in which members of his family participated in the movement and what he is going to do to bring about change in the media world for the better. I must admit I myself am guilty of running up on a celebrity with a camera, without their permission and I understand how rude that is and how uncomfortable that must make then feel. I am not a professional photographer and it wouldn't make it right if I were so I'd like to take this time out to issue a public apology to Pharrell Williams for my actions on 7/30/ 2008. There is no excuse for the way in which I acted and I should have shown more consideration for your personal space. I'm sorry.

Jason "SoHo" Burke

Ellen D'Generous: Beyoncé Interview

This interview is really the first time that I have ever heard either Beyoncé or Jay-Z admit that they are married. In a way its funny to hear her openly talk about it and at the same time it really takes the fun out of the whole thing. I think the fact that they were so secretive about everything is what made it so fun to follow and I imagine that it might have made it interesting for them as well but now that it's okay to openly talk about it will they make appearances together besides when the media catches them being normal people in public? Heaven only knows.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Pierre Hardy:

When you think about Florida what comes to mind? A rigged election? Maybe retirement, palm trees, sunshine and Miami beach. Well these trainers that you are looking at is Pierre Hardy's interpretation of Florida. I mean he didn't stray too far from the original formation of his signature trainers and he's pretty much on point with the colors so I'm not against them. Just keep in mind that the inspiration was Florida so maybe they will work better in that environment.


Myspace iCandy: Epiphany

Monday, November 24, 2008

Usher on Tour: Dsquared

How many artist can say that they have gone on tour? All of them, even the ones that have faulty record deals. So what makes Ushers tour so different? Well for starters it's Usher and if that's not enough his wardrobe for the tour has been provided by Dsquared. Now how many artist can say that? I don't have to tell you how serious the collection is, I mean just look at the suit jacket above perfectly paired with an oversized bow tie and tuxedo shirt. 
Spot on sir, spot on.


Party with P-Dizzy

Come to the 40/40 club on November 30th and show P-Dizzy some love for his birthday. Don't be a free loader, come with gifts. He doesn't want hugs and handshakes, this is a Fly Society member that we are talking about here so you know that you have to come hard with the gifts. You don't want to be the one that came and gave him the lame gift, since everyone is balling lets see it. Big boxes!
See you there...L&F in the house!


Merry Christmas From Bape

and a BBC new year.


New Pastelle Preview: Kanye West

At the 2008 AMA's Kanye West previewed another look from his forth coming clothing line; Pastelle. The piece is a cotton jacket with two different tones of blue and red leather around the upper arm and the pockets. The word Pastelle is also branded on the left side of the jacket and again in bigger font on the back of the jacket in yellow cotton. The around the arm thing seems to be the signature for the line due to the fact that it has been seen on a pastelle sweatshirt that he wore a couple of months ago. Personally I like the way the collection is looking and I'm interested to see a complete collection. I am even more interested to see the consumers reaction to it but for the most part I predict nothing but good things.
-style note-
This is more like something to look out for than a style note. If you pay attention you will see that Kanye has what appears to me as a fox tail hanging from the back of his pants. I do not doubt that this will pick up as a trend so keep an eye out for it.
Pictures provided by our friends at


2008 AMA: Kanye West - Heartless

When you watch this video and listen to Kanye West perform Heartless live I guarantee you that it will really change your perspective on the theme of the latest installment in his discography; 808's and Heartbreak. He sings with such conviction in his voice and in the end when he broke down you can tell that he really means it and he is really going through something serious. First losing his mother and next losing his girlfriend, there is no way that you can put that in descriptive words to even try to explain how that feels but in a situation where most artist would run from music and turn to hard drugs and self destruction, Mr. West channels all of that emotion and produces a hell of an album. Don't listen to what the critics have to say, buy the album and you be the judge.
(Artwork by: Kaws)


2008 AMA: Beyonce - Single Ladies

Sit down and watch this video with your girlfriend; you'll thank me later.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

SoHo B in Church:

For more pictures and information