Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cindarella Slippers

What would you do to live out your favorite fairy tale? Every little girl wanted to be the princess with the glass slippers. Would you settle for rubber flats? Marc Jacobs has created some soft rubber ballerina flats that emulate the glass slippers. Do I like them? I think that they aren't strong by themselves and can easily go terribly wrong if worn incorrectly but if worn absolutely right they can be really good. 
There is a lot of work that is going to go behind looking good in these flats. Toes have to be done, nails have to be done, hair has to be right, either skinny jeans or a nice dress, select accessories but don't over accessorize basically you'd have to hire me to style you in these.
However don't let that deter you from purchasing them, as I always say try something, take a chance, it might work out for you.
Try on the slipper here: 


Nature Inspires

I always say that as a designer your first influence should be nature. Animals in the wild, the way the trees sway in the wind, the unified movement of an ant colony and the flow of water are all good influences when designing. Now we see nature emerging in fashion this summer, on these Valentino bags with floral decorations. 

-side note-
Back in ancient Mesopotamia people used to create things for utilitarian purposes and decorate them with animal depictions and articles of nature. Are we really that different from them?
This bag is my favorite, I would definitely invest in this for someone special. Brown leather, huge floral decoration on the face of the bag, deep inside storage, you cant go wrong.
Pick a flower here: 


Brown YSL

I was out and about yesterday and stopped in one of my favorite stores and saw this very nice leather bag.
If your in New York I think you should go check it out:
3 East 57th Street, 10022 New York

or if your not in New York you can utilize the store locator to find a location near:


Watch Time Glow?

Nooka, my favorite alternative to G-Shock, has just created a glow in the dark version to the Zub watch. If you have a Nooka watch already then you know the reaction people get when they see it. For those of you who don't own one your actually having that reaction right now.

How do you read it?
 Well there are 12 big bars and those big bars represent the hours seeing as there are only 12 hours in AM and 12 hours in PM. There is a section under the bars that tells you whether it is AM or PM. The next set of smaller bars directly under or next to the big bars represent the minutes and there is a meter next to it that increases in increments of 15.
As if the watch wasn't unique enough already they had to make a variation that glows in the dark. 
On my must have list. As soon as it is released L&F will be the first to know.


Half Off Sale @ BKC!

Imagine what 50% really means. I know, hard to fathom right, well thats because sale's like this don't care around everyday. The line was serious both in the store and outside but nobody was getting offline, which always amazes me.
The atmosphere of this place is unparalleled, feel the good karma.


It was so serious that Bevin had to come out and direct traffic.
An injury didn't prevent him from coming out so what's your excuse?


Friday, June 20, 2008

Mother May I?

Mother may I take your picture because you are so sick with your sandals? 
Mother's reply: Why yes you may take my picture because now all of the children follow me and wear these sandals.

Caught this fabulous women in the F train station on my way uptown. We got into a pleasant conversation in which she disclosed that her well kept sandals are over THREE YEARS OLD! That means that she was wearing these before they were the must have item for summer 08 and that all of the children now slipping into them are just following her.
Well children do tend to take after their mothers.
"This is Sparta!" Leonidas


Jam On!

There is so much that can be said about this sequin filled Alexander McQueen piece. Its un-realistic,obscene, un-appealing, repulsive, over-thought, ridiculous and too reminiscent of Michael Jackson's shinny pants. Why would he design such a monstrosity? Honestly is there nothing better for me to do with $2,345 than spend on this foolishness? Oh yea in case I forgot to tell you, that is the price of this non-sense.

I say to you now, if you have it to spare then get it. The masses don't want it because they aren't ready to think for themselves but you are more informed than them because you read L&F and you are an independent thinker. It's okay to stand out as long as you are confident and your not afraid to start a new trend.

Try something new and see how many people respect you for it. Take a chance, take a risk because its the risk takers and that really enjoy life.
Jump Off A Cliff Here: McQueen

"I take wrist strong enough to pop out cuffs" Papoose


Some Familiar Faces

They wear RockSmith so why don't you?


Give Me More!

Imagine being famished and someone comes along and says I'm going to help you and they give you one cracker. Your going to say thank you and then your going to say...GIVE ME MORE! 
Well that is how I feel about Rihanna in this picture taken while she was a guest on BET's 106 and Park. The heels are a modernization of the sandals from the days of Sparta and Gladiator and they are sick; I honestly like them. 
Dig in: Gladiator
When the gladiator heels made a reappearance and everybody had them I must admit I didn't like them but they've grown on me and these were a good choice for her so let me take this time out to clap for her stylist and to say that he/she has done a good job with Rihanna with this look. Nothing to really say about the rest of the fit, I would have done it slightly different but its not bad, just safe.

"Simplicity we use to survive" Sizzla


The Wheels on the Wagon

I bring to you more flavor from the Wagon. This place speaks for itself, upon entering the store just take your time and walk around and I guarantee you that you'll be impressed. The second time I went back there were different lines and new shipments and that was in only 3 days. Plus my sources tell me that a big shipment is coming in really soon.
In the month of July keep your eyes on the Wagon.
July 15th new shipment coming in.

Enjoy The Visuals:

Sources tell me that they have some deals with G-Shock. In store they carry G-Shocks for men and women.
Everything that you see on display in the store is for sale; everything except the LV duffle. From the coogi sweaters to the Gucci Duffle, everything is available for your consumption.

1214 Union st between Rogers and Nostrand
Brooklyn Ny


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rock, Paper, Smith?

Ladies and gentlemen meet RockSmith. RockSmith is a Japanese clothing line based out of Tokyo but when your designs are this good it's only a matter of time before your work get global recognition. Now it hasn't completely caught on here in the U.S. but they are slowly gaining favor with hipsters and cool kids in NY. For those not swept by the hype of the actual design maybe the fact that a familiar face is modeling it will help in the decision making process. Besides there is also RockSmith for women, so stop by KarmaLoop
and pick up a Barocksmith tee for that special someone available in black and white.

Go deeper: RockSmith

Far Out Man!


I Can Feel The Good Karma Flowing

Karma Loop recently opened a store in Boston and guess who's got the footage from the in-store and secret party...ME! lol. Thanks for the heads up Chelsea; we love and appreciate you too! Muah!

Maybe next time Karma Loop has an event I'll actually get an invite, just a thought.


A Millie

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter 3 sells a little over a million in its first week after being leaked 3 times; weird. I knew he was going to do good but damn. Rappers don't sell albums like that anymore, its been so bad for a while that they thought that it would be impossible to sell a million in a week. The press is saying that Wayne selling that much in a week is spectacular.
Everybody raise your glass please, lets drink to Wayne's success.


I Heart This

I really like this accessory and I'm not going to tell you where exactly to clip it. I would love to walk down a SoHo Block and just see a biddie being really original with this. Hanging from your waist on those jeans days, hanging from your sick bag, just held in your hand; these are just a few examples but the possibilities are endless. Be creative, get carried away with it, remix it just don't be light! 

Would you like one?

Click Here: Anna Sui
SoHo B


You know the jacket, you love the jacket, you thought it was sold out but you still want the jacket or maybe the price was too steep for you to get the jacket. Do you still want the jacket?
If yes then go get the jacket!

The BBC military jacket is on sale at common wealth for $320!
My only question is why are you walking?

-A look back-

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cocktails in the Wagon

Hellz Bellz

Street wear for women is what most would consider Hellz Bellz but I'd like to think of it as everyday wear. I know many women would love to be made up everyday or at least give you the perception that they are made up everyday but lets be real, at some point you have to unwind and some days you just don't feel like doing it. I haven't met a woman that wears heels everyday. So on those flats and skinny jeans days you can top it off with a Hellz Bellz shirt.

"Hellz Bellz, for those Real days." Jason Burke
(they should actually use that)

get your everyday wear here: Bellz


Children The Word of the Day is:

I was introduced to these sneakers about two to three months ago by Squeaks of L.I. and then re-introduced to them by E about a month ago. I actually like them, even though they really resemble numerous Jordan retro sneakers. Honestly when I first saw a pair I was disgusted because I felt like they lacked originality and that they were just copying a design that already exist but then I gave it some thought and I really looked at how they look when worn and it's true that they have the same designs as the retro Jordans the little twist does make it a totally different sneaker. After all we all love Bathing Ape and the only difference between the design of the foot soldier sneaker and the Nike air force one is a star as opposed to Nike's check. The refreshing color-ways and patent leather appeal helped make Bathing Ape a success even though it was so similar to the air force one.

Get into fine eating here: Gourmet


Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunch @ Jane's

D&G Zips Up.

D&G continues with their zipper fetish; this season zippers have been popping up all over D&G. This is the fourth time they have released a sneaker with this zipper technique this season. Also some of the jackets that they have created this season use zippers in unique ways. 
This zipper at the back doesn't even open. 
A new direction for D&G? I like it.

"Zip it up and zip it out" Dave Chappelle 


Hop on The Wagon!

-side note-
1214 Union St. Between Rogers and Nostrand

The Wagon is the best store to ever open in the hood! I have never walked into a clothing store in the hood that was so well put together and best of all nothing was fake. Usually when clothing stores open in low income areas they are either selling lines like: Mek jeans, Roca Wear and ENYCE or they're selling fraudulent clothes. However this store is something like, nothing like, anything you've ever seen in your life. I think the location of it is perfect, its two blocks away from a high school and they're are plenty of young people that live in the neighborhood that won't have to go far for their clothes anymore (including P).

They carry lines that I haven't seen anything new from in a long time like Blue Blood denim's and Modern Amusement, they also have interesting lines like Cheap Monday. I like the fact that they are introducing Cheap Monday to this demographic and I'm eager to see how they react to it.
The LV bag on display really impressed me. That bag was the LV center piece about two ad campaign's ago.

I'll be watching this Wagon go up the hill.



Walking through SoHo the day before father's day I ran into this huge crowd and I just had to find out what was going on.
Transit was having a huge sale, everything in the boxes must go in a day. Everything out there was $19.99 and I mean everything. There were boxes lined up against the gate that took up a little less than half a SoHo Block and for every box there was at least 3 people.
It was literally impossible to walk through, I was forced into the street. People of all types were drawn to this event.
More Visuals: