Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dee & Ricky Finisher Bags

I know that I'm late with this one but to this day I still find the thought process of these two young men astounding. First the lego heart pendants which no one but them could have possibly thought about. The idea was picked up by Marc Jacobs and adored by the likes of Great Scott and Kanye West. Most recently Takashi Murakami was seen wearing the lego bow tie. Personally I was wondering what would be the next step for the twins after the whole lego phase dies down. Here is the answer, they have taken the classic starter jackets and turned them into what they call the Finisher Bags. Honestly I don't know how they thought that one up but it was a brilliant idea and it is now being distributed by No Mas. The sky is the limit for these two, keep an eye out because there is no telling what to expect next from the twins.


Uncrate Skate Wallets

Ever seen a skateboard deck that you like so much that you just had to have it in your collection. There are people that don't skate that have skateboard decks just because they like them. Then there are skaters that have decks that they won't skate on just because they like them so much. What if you could take that deck with you everywhere you went, wouldn't that be a middle ground for both kinds of people. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the middle ground.
Uncrate skate wallets. For only $60 you can turn your favorite deck into a nice wallet that can go with you everywhere.


Foxy Brown ft Movado - So Special Remix

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kid Cudi Interview on Eighty81

Do you know who Kid Cudi is? If not then I really think that you should watch this video because it's very informative.


Jay-Z - Go Hard Remix

Monday, December 29, 2008

Road to the White House


Chanel 2009 Pre-Fall Show

When  the head pieces on the models walking in a runway show for the Chanel PRE- Fall 09 collection all I can say is we are all in for a good year accessories wise. My prediction is that the quality of the clothes will remain the same but more attention to detail will go into the creation of the accessories worn with the pieces to make the outfit look better. Beauty, grace, elegance and royalty all in one runway show; incredible. 


Precursor to the Future: CURT@!N$

He who laughs last... CLICK HERE

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

R.I.P Ice

This is ridiculous! First Bogle now Ice, two dancers from the same crew killed in a time span of three years. Bogle is the father of dancehall, every dance that you see now is a derivative of something that Bogle was doing before his untimely demise. There are only two major dancers left from that era of dancers: Ding Dong and  Jon Hype. If they meet with an unfortunate situation as well then the future of dance looks bleak. The reason that dancing became so big in Jamaica and Bogle declared legendary is because he provided a peaceful alternative to violence. Bogle understood that times were hard and situations tense in Jamaica so he preached that the people should come to the parties and dance out their problems. That idea was later re-instated through the phrase "Gal over Gun". It was a movement about the preservation of life and having a good time with some good people and beautiful women. Rather than fight with rival crews you could just take it to the club and dance it out; your signature dances verses theirs. These dancers knew the power that they possessed as far as their influence on the people of Jamaica and abroad, having taken their dances and culture worldwide. It's just a shame that the violence of the island has spread to them.
Ice you will truly be missed.
R.I.P Ice


L&F Personal: Happiness

Can you truly be happy in a world full of unhappy people?

Everyone is so dissatisfied with who they are, where they live, the way they dress, where they work and the biggest one of all... CLICK HERE

Friday, December 26, 2008

What's in a Name?

Your son's name is Adolf Hitler and your daughter's middle name is Aryan Nation. Then you try to down play the significance of the names by saying that you just like the names? Come on! I don't think that they should change the names. How often do you see someone for who they really are after knowing them for an extended period of time? You always say: "I wish I had known that he/ she was that type of person." Well at least with names like Hitler or Aryan Nation there are no surprises.


The Way I See It: Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company

A BBC Christmas

Its good to see a return to the diamond and dollars pattern. Most may not remember that this is where BBC started, upon original official release there were BBC/ Ice Cream trainers featuring the diamond and dollars theme; other styles featured beepers, lip stick and ice cream. Before this wallet, the diamond and dollars theme was revisited in the creation of a black fitted cap, featuring the diamond and dollars theme in blue and red. The wallet and key chain are just another part of the new BBC collection that is shaping up to be incredible for 2009, the gold tones will make for an interesting addition to anyone's accessories.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stiletto Heel Event: 2006 Jimmy Choo

Merry Christmas

Will Smith on David Letterman

8 straight movies debuting at number one? He can't be stopped.


Kramer as an Officer



N.E.R.D - Sooner or Later


Teriyaki Boys feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown - Work That

New music from the Teriyaki Boys, the same group that had the whole world singing Zock On Zock On has a new cool song for you to rock to and they want all the biddies to "Work That".


Happy Holidays: DJ A-Trak

DJ A-Trak wants to wish everyone a happy holiday.


L&F: Personal

One day at a time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SoHo Best Kept: Kiosk

I've personally been all over SoHo, I know the ins and outs of that area of New York and can walk it with my eyes closed; hence the name. However while in SoHo yesterday I came across a store that I have never step foot into. Initially I had no idea what it was, probably why I never ventured in there before. It's a two flight climb before you even see the store but trust me it's worth it. What I found was an eclectic collection of knick knacks and other interesting items. The entire experience of finding the store, exploring the store and trying to make sense of everything is something that I think everyone should experience. The employees are very friendly and they even let the photographer try out the skateboard; that didn't work out too well for him.

Photo credit: Ashton Gooding
95 Spring St.
New York, NY


Scarf/ Hood: Tim Hamilton

What you are viewing is a scarf, hood combination with pockets. I'd like to start by saying that this is one of the best upgrades to an invention for the winter of 2008/ 2009. I say upgrade because G Star made a scarf, hood combination three seasons ago and I thought it was the greatest thing. However this Tim Hamilton upgrade looks more functional with it's built in pockets for your hands. It's a cotton knit and if your still looking for a cool scarf this should be on your list of options.


Beyoncé - Diva

I don't care what anyone says this is nominated for R&B video of the year, Beyoncé went off in this video. The styles that she blessed everyone with in this video is rivaled only by the styles that Lil Kim used to hand out back in her prime. So much Gareth Pugh in this video, plus the ill shades that she was spotted with on the set of the video shoot help put this video over the top.


Origami Timeline: Asics

This is the coolest video that I have watched all week. 


Nike iD Commercial

Check out the Air Yeezy's that DJ AM showed up with. Glad to see that Nike picked up on Adidas loss; Kobe Bryant.


Monday, December 22, 2008

James Brown - Please Please Please



Last Minute Shopping: Atrium

Last minute christmas shopping? Well don't worry Atrium has you covered with a 30% off of the things that you really want not just the things that we want to get rid of, sale. When you enter you will be greeted and anyone of their sales representatives are capable of assisting you with anything that you need but my personal favorites are Jason and Akenea. Also there is a woman of oriental descent, I do not know her name but if she is as good as I believe that she is, she will find you.


08 Best Boot: UGG Butte

This is undoubtedly the declared winner of the best boot for the winter of 08/ 09. I don't even have to leave Brooklyn to find a person with a pair on trucking through the snow. This is a clear example of a good product that was once unknown and exclusive but has since trickled down and is now commercial. The quality of the boot is unmatched and the warmth provided by the sheepswool interior is enough to have you hooked by just trying on a pair. You can get your pair at any David Z or you can go straight to the source.
Winter 06/ 07
January 21, 2007.
L&F handing out styles daily since as long as you can remember.


Mukluks: Promising 09

It's called Mukluks, it's a hand made knitted piece of footwear meaning that every pair is unique. Since it's handmade no two pieces will be exactly alike. Also as the sizes change, the color changes, so you can't have a medium and a large in the same color. The inside is lined with a blanket stitched leather sole and the best part and the best part is that it's only $42.
The down side is that the small is a size 9 and extra large is an 11. So if you wear an 8 or below or an 11.5 or above then your out of luck.


Martin Margiela: M Shirt

Last year the YSL logo tee shirt was the it shirt to have. If you had the shirt then you were cool. The price tag on the tee shirt ensured that only true fans of YSL or real hypebeast would make that purchase, so exclusivity wasn't an issue. Next year I predict that this Martin Margiela shirt will take the place of the YSL logo tee as the it shirt to have. As of now this line hasn't been mainstreamed which means that the masses aren't wearing it but 2009 may be it's break out year. With artist like Kanye West and Jadakiss plugging the clothing line in their lyrics and a shirt as flashy as this one it won't be long before everyone feels like they have to have it. Lets not forget that red and black Martin Margiela motorcycle jacket worn by Pharrell Willams at the Diesel party earlier this year.


Timberland Boot Company For Winter 09

Forget everything that you were thinking about as far as winter boots. Last year everybody was looking for something new and I believe this year they have achieved that with the UGG Butte which I personally approve of and encourage the purchase of. However by winter of 09 that boot would have been over saturated and is no longer cool so consumers will be on the hunt again for something cool to wear in the winter that will also serve it's utilitarian purpose. So I present to you the Timberland Boot Company. When it comes to considering a boot for winter 09 I believe that this collection has earned a spot on that list. My personal favorite is the pair displayed below.


ARC x New Balance

Back in the late 80's into the early 90's New Balance used to be the trainers to wear; they were referred to as "Suede Bally's". The popularity of New Balance has since faltered, however that hasn't stopped them from making good trainers and doing great collaborations. The most recent collaboration that caught my eye is the one seen here, these two color-ways are incredible and in my honest opinion worth a second thought. The design is classic but the color is so refreshing that it looks like a completely new design. One store that hasn't stop believing in New Balance and their collaborations is Alife, which is exactly why these trainers will be available at Alife upon release.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld: Telemarketer

Who doesn't want to live like Jerry Seinfeld?


Saturday, December 20, 2008

She Loves Everyone

and Pharrell loves them.


Dee & Ricky Lego Bow Tie

The picture speaks for itself.


BBC Look Book

The new BBC/ Ice Cream look book is finally here and I believe that it is safe to say we all are in store for another year of classic clothing. Ladies and gentlemen we all have the honor of watching a successful suggestive clothing line grow beautifully.
The sky isn't the limit, it's only the beginning.


Oh How Great Thou Art

More on the big homie Great Scott.


Stiletto Heel Event: 2004 Roger Vivier

Is it significant? Is it REAL? Or is it all just stuff, nothing more than a bunch of fluff?
You be the judge.


K. West on K RoQ

I'd fight him for the shades.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Gonna be a Christmas For You

I found this hilarious.


Burger King Cologne

Come on now! The fragrance smells like meat? I'm sorry but that's just stupid.


Teyana Taylor for Black Beat

I'm a fan of these looks. The shoot was obviously styled but it was done by a good stylist because the looks aren't far from anything that Teyana would wear on her own so it would be safe to say that she feels comfortable in these looks. That is most important when working with a client, the fact that they are comfortable, it helps build trust and fuels the relationship between client and stylist. My personal favorite look is the "taste the rainbow" look; very intriguing.


Vogue China

Artistically beautiful.


The New Bape Varsity

Bask in the essence of the recreation of what was already an amazing jacket. If anyone ever tells you recreating an original is a waste of time, punch that person in the face. This varsity was actually released in a previous season but has now returned with some additions. It's like hitting the refresh button on your favorite site, there is bound to be a new ad every time. This is definitely a must have item for fans of Bathing Ape.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chanel 2009 Pre-Fall Show Video

In an interview when asked "How do you come up with these designs?" Karl simply replied "How do you breathe?" "Do you think about breathing?" Mr. Lagerfeld is not to be taken lightly.


Zac Posen 2009 Pre-Fall Show

Hey doll, listen up! We's gonna take a trip, you and me; Yea! A nice daisy down the road. (Biddie ask) Where we going? Never you mind where we going just get in the car and don't touch nothing; ya hear?
What that broad didn't know was that Zac Posen would not only be taking her but the entire fashion world back to a time when stars were as bright as stars and entertainment was actually entertaining (go figure). You get where he was going with this collection right? Old hollywood is our destination, so just sit there and don't touch anything as we go back in time. The 40's were some good years weren't they? Well lets all enjoy some good clothes and reminisce. 


Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse: The Footage


Eva in Allure

Allure Magazine got Eva Mendes to bare all once again. Eva actually went on record to say that she is comfortable with her body and doesn't mind getting naked. Now it's not like she is doing porn, this is artistic nudity; There is a difference.


Home Made Daft Punk Helmet

Awww man this is definitely on my wish list.


Bill Blass is Feeling it.

Legendary couturier Bill Blass passed in 2002 and left a lifetime legacy in his name. The line has been picked up by Peter Som as the creative director but now due in large part to the current unstable economy, the line has been deemed terminally ill. The New York Times reports, the doctor has given the Fashion house until Friday to live. The showrooms will be closed, the store will be shut down and more people will be out of work. 
Farewell Blass, you will be missed.