Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quote From The Editor:

"A man that is unable to see his tomorrow is a dead man today." Jason Burke


Pure Energy

Is it hard to see why I love her?
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Words From An Icon: KL

"I'm suffering from an overdose of myself, at a certain point you ask yourself: Am I a puppet or not?" Karl Lagerfeld


New G-Shock Collaboration

The Casio G-Shock watch is no stranger to the collaboration game. Here we see another good G-Shock collaboration. The last one that I remember being this good and kind of similar to this one is the G-Shock Bathing Ape collaboration. This is a collaboration between Casio G-Shock, Medicom Toy Bearbrick and Futura Laboratories. Notice the FL on the reverse side of the watch and the colors on the strap of the watch match the color scheme on the Bearbrick that comes along with it.


A Request For Mr. West:

Please just leave him alone. I understand that he is a public figure and the people love to see him but he is a person first, a human being. Leave him alone.


Friday, October 3, 2008

BBC Digi Jack Flannel Shirt

BBC has found an innovative way to revamp the flannel pattern without straying too far away from the classic shirt. It's good for three reasons: 1) its thick 2) the guys who like the classic shirt wouldn't find it hard to like this one 3) it introduces the youth to the classic looks.

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Register to Vote!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter From The Editor:

This is a look from Sonia Rykiel's show in Paris yesterday. It displays a cotton knit with the democratic nominee Barack Obama's name sewn into it. This is a blatant example of the impact that his presence has made on the world but it isn't about him as a man anymore. It is now about the ideal that he represents which is why everyone that is eligible to vote should register to vote so that you can be a part of this historic moment. Even if he loses he wins because he has still accomplished what no African American before him has. I'm not going to sit here and say that you should vote for him, thats not my place to say but I do urge you all to vote because if you don't your allowing someone else to make a decision for you. Someone can only take advantage of you if you allow them to. Speak for yourself; vote.

Jason "SoHo" Burke

This Just In From Paris:

Sonia Rykiel has provided a show with over 100 looks for Paris fashion week; incredible. More than the fact that she had a very long and dramatic show is that every look was good. The collection had a theme of Paris' fashion timeline with subtle influences from abroad. It was sexy and seductive yet sophisticated and chic. This is one show that you would have had to be there to completely understand. At one point during the show all of the models came out and began to playfully walk and frolic on the runway in these very playful dresses that involve a ton of movement. This is one of the most thought out shows that I have seen since Lagerfeld's Chanel tower.
Victor & Rolf have created this fantasy collection for runway; what a show! It was a true testament to creativity and imagination. There were candy cane's, and other creations that show the ode to fantasy like the one seen above and then there was the skirt with reverse ruffles that appeared to be climbing the skirt that showed there are no limits to imagination. The looks were a joy to view.
Karl Lagerfeld delivers yet another good collection. As amazing as it is that he does three lines the truely amazing fact is that they do not resemble each other. This KL collection is a reflecton of himself in the feminine form. This collection is the answer to the question: If Karl Lagerfeld were a woman what would he feel pretty in? The crazy thing is as many KL style notes are sprinkled throughout this collection it is still beautiful and isn't overly masculine. The slight masculine notes make it edgy. Good job. 
Riccardo Ticsi has done a smashing good job with this collection for Givenchy. There was a concentration on the construction of the garments that was conveyed through the presentation. Most of the designs resembled actual architectural designs, I found the parallel quite interesting. The whole presentation proved to be a good show. I selected this look because it is all black but yet certain parts of it speak louder than others. Look at the structure of the arms and the design on the front of the top.


Giuseppe Zanotti:

The new Giuseppe Zanotti mirror embellished ankle boot. Its creative, it's original and most importantly you want it. Remember life is pointless if you don't set goals, aim for it and you shall arrive at your goal line in no time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Over The Knee We Go

A while back I told you about the Aussie designer who created these over the knee boots, I also stated that they were a hot commodity and were going to go fast. Well guess what, they are gone but the good news is they will be coming back and I know where you can obtain a pair.
My advice to you is to stalk that link until they come back in stock. Call the number, make threats!


New Items From BBC

BBC/ Ice Cream just released a ton of new items ranging from tee shirts to cardigans. I think the majority of them are cool and I respect BBC/ Ice Cream as a clothing line so here are some pieces that you might want to take a look at:

But act fast because these pieces sell out in hours and your going to be sad when you see Coolness P or King D rocking it on L&F Personal.


Comme des Garçons for H&M

Rei Kawakubo has signed a contract to design a collection for the affordable department store, H&M, just as similar high fashion designers before her have. The collection looks just as good as the Garçon collection that she does for herself the only difference is the use of materials and some pieces might be toned down but that aside everything looks good. I have selected some pieces that you may want to give some good consideration to when this collection hits stores.

Looking Good Ciara

These shots are from the set of Ciara's video to her new song Go Girl. The inspirations for these looks are obvious, the look above is taken from Janet Jackson. I can't even put an exact time period on it because Janet still dresses like this for concerts and the final look is a no brainer, the black bob cut gives everything away. That look is inspired by Stefano Pilati's vision for Yves Saint Laurent back in March 08. I must say good choices for the looks for a video shoot, cheers to the stylist on that note.
Looking good Ciara.

This Just In From Paris:

Ann Demeulemeester gives us a different take on the look that Karl Lagerfeld conjured up for Chanel Couture back in July. The neck scarf is a nice addition to this piece and the shape of the dress is equally as nice. The entire collection was a story so when I got to this dress it didn't come as a surprise at all. Really cohesive work from this designer and the shoes were surely a treat to look at. It definitely is a nice variation to the gladiator sandal.
Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director for Balenciaga shows us just how sleek a mans suit can get with this look, which is very nice if I might add. The entire collection was a look to the future rather than a reflection of the past and was really centered around the construction of the pieces and the quality of the work that went into the creation.
Junya Wantanabe gives us a complete collection obviously inspired by African couture. Everyone says that a trip to Africa will change your life and now we see the influences clearly in high fashion. There was a lot of mixing with denim material but it didn't look a bit odd. The head pieces were a great addition to these looks, it really brought everything together to gives us a complete understanding of what he was going for.
Rei Kawakubo, designer for Comme des Garçons, gives us all a look into his dreams because these looks look so dream worthy that this had to be something that he woke up and drew straight from a dream. The black canvas follows through for the entire collection and as you go deeper the looks just get more creative to the point where he is teetering on the thin line between couture and costume. The hair pieces are definitely over the top but that is exactly how a fashion show should be; dramatic.
Jean Paul Gaultier set women free from heavy fabrics and the constrains of belts for the most part of this collection. Which involves a lot of breathable fabrics and loose fitting suits. Movement was a key idea in this collection because every piece enhances with the movement of the female body and comes to life as seen in the shot above. 


Myspace iCandy: Bonita

Obama: Hip Hop

Obama voices a very organized thought about the current state of hip hop culture and how he feels about it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Just In From Paris:

Balmain gave us a phenomenal jacket which draws inspiration from (believe it or not) a marching band uniform. The look has been seen on the likes of: Kanye West, Chris Brown and Usher. Now it has made its way into high fashion. Personally I think it's a great buy so when it is released don't hesitate. The collection was a beautiful mix between good jackets, such as the one seen above and fabulous dresses adorned with sworvski crystals.
Kris Van Assche gave us what I am coining as the "Taylor". Taylor gave us this look last week and this was KVA's first look down the runway. The collection was well put together and it was a great idea. It was really reminiscent to when Gabrielle "CoCo'' Chanel made her clothes to empower women or even when Yves Saint Laurent first put women in suits. This entire collection revolved around the suit and it was very powerful.
Women will clasp hands, jump up and down and sing in unison when they can go out without having to get their feet done. One way to break the religion is to consume the footwear shown in the Rick Owens show. The show was more about construction and attention to detail than pizazz so it had a very minimalist feel to it.
"You crazy for this one Rick" Jay-Z 
Nina Ricci took us all back to the Victorian era with this dress and others alike. The collection was packed with elegant dresses that had a construction in them similar to that of dresses from the Victorian era, which was a beautiful time for women if I may say so myself. Love the long flowing dress and love the idea of the entire collection.
Nina Ricci wasn't the only one taking notes from beautiful looks of the past. Gareth Pugh gave us a very Joan of Ark, Victorian Era combination; it was amazing to look at. Every look was either a dress inspired by the amour that was used at that time or a huge neck pieces that is completely taken from the style of dressing in the Victorian Era. That neck piece style wasn't limited to the women, as a matter of fact Karl Lagerfeld is known to wear one from time to time with his timeless outfit; the suit. The creativeness involved in this collection is unparalleled. This is my favorite show so far and this is also what I expect a fashion show in Paris to look like.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Diet Butcher Slim Skin: Patent Leather High Tops

I think it's safe to say that 2008 was the year of unique footwear. I don't know where it came from but footwear designers worldwide felt a need to step up the way that they approach footwear. We have seen unique styles from Raf Simons, Ato Matsumoto, Yves Saint Laurent, K-Swiss and now Japanese clothing line Diet Butcher Slim Skin has produced some innovative high top patent leather trainers. They are true to size seeing as most high tops are only physically mid tops, the thick laces give them a classic look, the tongue is huge and the details in the upper part really define it. There is even a zipper at the side for easier access. It went on sale on a Japanese website this morning for $350 and by 10am it was sold out. If you care to watch this site like the stock market to see if they get another shipment of them then be my guest: CLICK HERE


Sunday, September 28, 2008

King Magazine Party

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The Debate: Obama and McCain: