Friday, June 12, 2009

When In Doubt...

Fine & Dandy

reach for the bow tie. This 100% silk purple paisley bow tie is sure to win the crowd at any event that you have to attend. The best part about this bow tie is that the print is so dominant yet elegant, you don't even have to tie it to look nice wearing it. Just open the top button and let the tie rest upon your chest and appear to follow you as you make your way through the venue.


Land on my Left Wrist

They say that your good luck.

If I catch you I'm not supposed to kill you but rather appreciate you and let you go.

Sometimes you don't want to go but I have to push you away.

Sometimes I don't want you to go but I can't let you stay.

Admiring you from a distance is alright.

This is just one of the complexities of life.


Curt@!n$ - Fashion Assassin

 Kanye West went on record to say in an interview with Complex Magazine: the true geniuses of fashion are people like Curtains  (the Brooklyn rapper)”. How do you feel about that? 

Hmmmm. That was very humbling but also it made me shut up forever about style. For years cats been talking that “who’s fresher than who” talk and I NEVER got my props. I promise, cats used to really not try to give me my just due. What I did was always too early for the streets, I was ahead of the curve as far as style. So when he said that, and coming from a dude who usually gives himself that kind of credit, that spoke louder than I ever could to all those cats who just denied me of my credit as a wardrobe assassin. I terrorized cats’ styles, been coming with sick fits for years, so that was kind of a personal “Fuck You” to all the nay-sayers.  But I don’ t even speak in fashion conversations about myself anymore. That comment was the end all -be all statement. They still hating. Ha! Sorry for the ramble,  I had to get that one off.



Jason Eric Hardwick
Joshua Liebman

A friend of mine once said "I'm reading a fashion magazine and all of the models are naked. How is it fashion if they are all naked?" I guess it's cool as long as it's artistic besides this last shot is serious.


How Tall Are You?

Terry Leather Over the Knee Boots

You must be this tall to even get on this ride and even if you meet the height requirement can you handle it? This is definitely not for everyone, not only do you have to be a certain height but you also have to be the right body type, have on the right outfit and sport a mean attitude. Standing at 21'' tall not including the 4.5'' gold rimmed heel this boot is a thing of beauty but more important that any article of clothing is always the woman wearing it. I look forward to catching some woman in these on a nice day.


I Heard Em Say: "Give Us Something Real"

Black Folk Directors Cut


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hopping Over Fences

Why is this art form illegal? What would these establishment owners rather do with the gates to their stores? Graffiti breathes life into the lifeless things that we walk pass on a daily basis.


Suede Fringe Necklace


I think this has so much potential to be a good accessory, if you just wear it right. I really think that it would look 10 times better had the frills been metal or tiny chains. Then again everyone isn't ready for all of that so this is a nice alternative, you can consider this the happy medium. My only concern would be what happens when the frills get dirty, this piece is going to look disgusting and you might regret buying it or it could look classic.
It's your call.


Rad Necklace

Chris Habana

DJ Hiro would fight for this.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Different World

Christow Velvet Slipper
When you put an outfit together and you slide these on your feet you have just stumbled upon the key to the doorway to a different world. The sun shines brighter, the air is refreshing , the water is plentiful drinkable and the food is in abundance. Oh what a world of bliss you have fallen into! Right now it's either my birthday trip or these Purple Label slippers and I honestly have to pry my hands from the mouse when it slips over the "add to shopping bag" button. This is not a piece of footwear, it is a luxury item; a suggested lifestyle.
Either you live it or you don't.

I Love You, You Love Me...

I just received a text message informing me that Barney's is having a crazy sale, so I immediately ran to the nearest computer to let everyone know to get to a Barneys near you because you do not want to hear about this a week from today, when the sale is over and you have missed out; you want to know now!
I also found this intriguing ad on Barney's website while looking up info on the sale. What I find truly interesting about this ad is that A.P.C is refreshing an idea that started circulating last year "men are the new women". I'm working on a response ad in my mind right now, soon to be materialized but until then I suggest that you don't dwell on that idea too much.

New York:
660 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065
Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm Sat: 10am - 7pm Sun: 11am - 6pm
TEL: 212.826.8900


Curt@!n$ ft. Tyrese - Tomorrow


God Don't Like Ugly

How many times have you had this dream? You refer to them as nightmare's but the truth is there is no such thing. You usually just get up and say "that was just a nightmare" and forget about it. There is a reason why you had it in the first place and if you keep having it you are not to forget it. No matter how ridiculous the dream or how unrealistic the situation is; never ignore a dream. It is a personal message to you from either a part of your brain that you don't completely understand yet or something greater.

Stop telling people your dreams. If they weren't meant to see it they would have had the same dream. Just figure it out yourself, it's about something in your life.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Street Etiquette

I was first introduced to these two gentlemen by Phil of the Award Tour brand. We were all present at the Brooklyn Circus Changing of the Guards affair at Deity Lounge in Brooklyn. At that time I was unfamiliar with their site but assured them that I would give it a gander at my earliest convenience. I must say I am impressed with everything that their Street Etiquette site has to offer, from the mere presentation of the site to the material that they cover on a daily basis.
In my honest opinion I determine this site a good read besides there are few among the few that consistently dress this well. They have a distinct style and they stick to that, unlike yours truly who can't seem to decide whether he wants to be gentleman of the year or he thinks every day is halloween.
Give them a chance, you won't regret it.


Hear No Evil

Coolness P & Judah

When I close my eyes I can hear the SoHo Blocks talking. When I turn my back I hear whispers, I open my eyes; they fall silent. 

I heard em say: Bape is dead, BBC is over and Ice Cream is on sale.
I replied: Have you seen Coolness P lately?

 Only King David can kill a giant.
 Only the government and drugs can break up a society.
 Only a lifestyle can conquer death.


Now To Add The Spices...

Martin Margiela Bracelet Buckle

Accessories can make or break an outfit so as long as you don't overdo it or the accessory doesn't overpower the outfit you should be good. Also keep in mind, it has to work with the outfit as a part of a productive team. So select your accessories carefully.

The Dream

I've never had dreams this creative. My dreams are always realistic events, like possible outcomes to situations that I don't even know I'm going to be in. My eyes are windows to my soul and my soul is tied into something greater.

The graffiti in New York is serious and this is one of my favorite pieces so far. After I've covered most of the graf in NY I'm panning out to other cities, let's see how their graffiti matches up to that of the big apple.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Cole Haan Sale

Just when you thought life couldn't get any better the Gilt Groupe provides us with another beautiful sale. The last one this good was the Purple Label sale which was blazer heaven, this sale is more befitting a man trying to get his shoe collection in order. From beautiful black suede loafers to brown leather riding boots (for a little over $200) we've got you covered. The sale starts today and ends tomorrow or until supplies last which might I add are going fast, sizes are literally disappearing as you refresh the page; I suggest you take full advantage of the savings.
This Italian burnished calfskin, hand stitched, wingtip, perforated toe perfection is my favorite of the entire sale. There are shoes and then there are shoes but this my friends is perfection.


"I have no competition when it comes to style and original fashion; I just have friends." Taz Arnold


Lagerfeld on Technology & Fashion

"It is the world of today and I'm in the fashion business so I have to like the world of today. I cannot say elegance is dead; No! Just another phase, if you think it was better before then you stop... It's up to me to adapt myself to the changes and not to be there and criticize changes; we have to find our space in the world of today." K. Lagerfeld


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tea & Graffiti

I'm as likely to pop up here as I am there. 

I am everywhere and yet I am nowhere.

It makes no sense but yet it makes perfect sense.

Stop looking for me and maybe you'll find me.

You can't fight what you can't see.


Why Are You So Schmoove?

In search of some cool black shoes that won't break the bank? Then look no further, the company name is schmoove and honestly I couldn't think of a better name to express these shoes. Every shoes is uniquely designed with the body of a shoe and a the rubber sole of a sneaker so it looks good on you and it's comfortable. Why compromise when you have schmoove?


Lebron & Lil Dez

Oh you thought the puppet series was over once the Cavs got eliminated from the playoffs; ha! I think everyone has forgotten that this is Nike we're talking about, they always have a backup plan.


BBC/ Ice Cream Fall 09 Preview:

"We always take risks, but we never share with people what those risks are." Pharrell