Friday, June 12, 2009

Curt@!n$ - Fashion Assassin

 Kanye West went on record to say in an interview with Complex Magazine: the true geniuses of fashion are people like Curtains  (the Brooklyn rapper)”. How do you feel about that? 

Hmmmm. That was very humbling but also it made me shut up forever about style. For years cats been talking that “who’s fresher than who” talk and I NEVER got my props. I promise, cats used to really not try to give me my just due. What I did was always too early for the streets, I was ahead of the curve as far as style. So when he said that, and coming from a dude who usually gives himself that kind of credit, that spoke louder than I ever could to all those cats who just denied me of my credit as a wardrobe assassin. I terrorized cats’ styles, been coming with sick fits for years, so that was kind of a personal “Fuck You” to all the nay-sayers.  But I don’ t even speak in fashion conversations about myself anymore. That comment was the end all -be all statement. They still hating. Ha! Sorry for the ramble,  I had to get that one off.