Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Dapper Than Dandy

I can walk through walls because they do not exist in my mind. 
There are lines that you do not cross but walls are not real to me, therefore they do not exist.

My name is of as much importance as the soup of the day.
Yet it holds as much weight as the flight pattern of pollen.

You can't know what it is that I do because if you did what I do then you'd be a competitor.
My business meetings never happened because the government believes they never happened.

If you see me and it's not for business then you are a woman.
However I am still no better than you; I am just a man.


YSL 2010

Yves Saint Laurent 2010
This is the kind of short films I want to make when I start making short films (if I start making short films).


I Like Nice Things

Full Aureate Cintura Ice Cube Belt

While walking down the street today I saw my reflection in a car and I realized that this outfit that I threw together actually worked in a way that I had no idea of and honestly didn't intend on doing. The reason it worked was the belt. Oddly enough the belt brought everything together and without it the entire outfit would have fallen to pieces. You should be very considerate when it comes to choosing a belt because the wrong belt can throw an outfit off, while the right belt brings everything together.
Your outfit is a basketball team and the belt is the point guard.


Friday, June 26, 2009

The Passing of an Icon

It is impossible for you to have never heard a Michael Jackson song in your life no matter how old you are. At some point and time in your life you have to have heard a MJ song. What's wild about this particular pop icon is that he has broken down every boundary with his music. Nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation has absolutely no weight when it comes to whether or not you listen to Jackson. You can't mention any dancer/ singer in current music without mentioning the legend. Yesterday he passed away from heart complications in LA and the fans have been reacting to it in their own way around the world. Personally I delayed this post because the news was still kind of fresh in my mind and I didn't really get the chance to completely wrap my mind around it. I went out and played some basketball to clear my mind and last night during meditation it hit me.
I don't want to celebrate your death but remember your life and your many contributions to music that can never be challenged. Only one person alive can be mentioned in the same breath as him and that man is Prince. Death is nothing more than an idea, human beings are comprised of energy and energy can not be destroyed. The body is just a temporary shell that houses the soul. Therefore when your soul leaves the body the energy just takes on a new form in a different realm of existence.

Music, dance, fashion, style, icon...
Michael Jackson
photo source


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tom Tom: Keep Straight

Toms Shoes

Canvas Slip On Shoes

I can see these shoes really catching on this summer and for good reason. One good reason to purchase them is the comfort level. In the hot summer days nothing is going to feel better than these Toms on your feet, the body of the shoe is linen making it lightweight and breathable. Also if you read the inscription in the shoe displayed above then you would know that you are doing a good deed by purchasing a shoe. The best part of all is that Toms usually retail for under $50. How can you go wrong?


Sometimes I Wonder

Cheap Monday

When you wear these pants you are without a doubt going to attract attention, if that is not your intention then my advice to you is do not purchase these pants. There is no way that anyone is going to look at this and not think Wonder bread. They don't fit my personal style however I would respect the person that chooses to wear these for two reasons: 1) They will have a hard time making anyone take them serious. 2) No one would want to wear this. Wearing pieces that no one wants is what separates the fashionable from the stylish. A creative mind created this so that an innovative mind can wear it.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why So Sad?

Times are grey right now, the music is lackluster and uninspiring, the economy is fickle because the general public ate the foolishness that the media cooked up, everyone is walking around looking like this; I'm not political

I need the universe to get yellow again. Yellow being the way I see the sun, the biggest representation of positive energy. 
Yellow = Positivity.

Why so sad? Let's put a smile on that face. Women are plentiful in the world and more beautiful than ever so guys I ask why the long faces? Ladies I'm single and out 6/7 nights a week partying and networking so I ask again why the long faces?

Cheer up.
I think I know someone that can help us out of this grey situation.
"You got a couple of Beens but you don't have a clue; the situation is Bleek" Sean Carter
Excuse me while I make this phone call...
I said excuse me.

Photographer: Anna Bloda


Paint The Town Red!

Martin Margiela 
Hi Top Mix Up Trainer

This trainer takes a mix of patent leather, suede and nylon and presents it in a very interesting manner. I wasn't a big fan of the original release but I think this more recent release is more my style.

 After looking at this high end trainer for 5 minutes I realized that it has a strange resemblance to the previously release Nike SB trainer "Mork & Mindy" (seen below); with some high end up grades of course. Nevertheless it is a good trainer and a nice option for anyone in the market for a trainer that is anything but passive.


I'm Starting to See a Pattern

While walking through SoHo this women's choice in scarf caught my attention. The pattern was a very incan inspired almost aztec design that happened to match the design on her glasses and inversely brought out the gold tone buttons.
I like to call this the domino effect.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Honja High Patent Trainer

The Y-3 Honja trainer has to be one of the best trainers ever made by Y-3. The design of it is almost artistic and the best part about this trainer is that right now it's on sale for 20% off. So if you do not already own a pair, this is your chance.

Those Were The Days

Myrte Sunglasses

These shades remind me of a time when women dressed differently; think late 1940's maybe early 50's. That was an age when women weren't wearing denim or trainers, they were always in dresses and heels. The shades and the big hats weren't seen as something extra but rather a necessary part of the outfit. This is the age when women were draped in pearls and older women were clad in diamonds. Chloé remembers a time when women carried themselves with respect and there was a certain mystic about them almost as though they couldn't be touched.


A Father Is...

When you say Happy Fathers day you have to remember that everyone doesn't have a father. A father is something more than just the other 23 chromosomes. Who made that rule? Any man can be your father. I am fortunate enough to have a father and a grandfather in my life; thats a blessing. 
Growing up I always looked at my father as something greater than an average man. He was the strongest person in the world, he knew everything and he was just superior to everyone in every way. He was superman. As I grew he was always there to help me stay on the right path, not that I didn't stray and run through the grass in my good clothes so to speak. Nevertheless I always made my way back to the path. He taught me what I know about basic style and quality clothing. He's really into suits, shoes, ties, hats and a very clean style of dressing which is most likely why I'm so into that style now. From time to time I break away from that and do something off the wall but much like my days growing up I always find my way back to the path. 

He taught me how to tie my first tie and I never forgot.
Thank You

Happy Fathers Day