Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father Is...

When you say Happy Fathers day you have to remember that everyone doesn't have a father. A father is something more than just the other 23 chromosomes. Who made that rule? Any man can be your father. I am fortunate enough to have a father and a grandfather in my life; thats a blessing. 
Growing up I always looked at my father as something greater than an average man. He was the strongest person in the world, he knew everything and he was just superior to everyone in every way. He was superman. As I grew he was always there to help me stay on the right path, not that I didn't stray and run through the grass in my good clothes so to speak. Nevertheless I always made my way back to the path. He taught me what I know about basic style and quality clothing. He's really into suits, shoes, ties, hats and a very clean style of dressing which is most likely why I'm so into that style now. From time to time I break away from that and do something off the wall but much like my days growing up I always find my way back to the path. 

He taught me how to tie my first tie and I never forgot.
Thank You

Happy Fathers Day