Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why So Sad?

Times are grey right now, the music is lackluster and uninspiring, the economy is fickle because the general public ate the foolishness that the media cooked up, everyone is walking around looking like this; I'm not political

I need the universe to get yellow again. Yellow being the way I see the sun, the biggest representation of positive energy. 
Yellow = Positivity.

Why so sad? Let's put a smile on that face. Women are plentiful in the world and more beautiful than ever so guys I ask why the long faces? Ladies I'm single and out 6/7 nights a week partying and networking so I ask again why the long faces?

Cheer up.
I think I know someone that can help us out of this grey situation.
"You got a couple of Beens but you don't have a clue; the situation is Bleek" Sean Carter
Excuse me while I make this phone call...
I said excuse me.

Photographer: Anna Bloda


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