Friday, June 26, 2009

The Passing of an Icon

It is impossible for you to have never heard a Michael Jackson song in your life no matter how old you are. At some point and time in your life you have to have heard a MJ song. What's wild about this particular pop icon is that he has broken down every boundary with his music. Nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation has absolutely no weight when it comes to whether or not you listen to Jackson. You can't mention any dancer/ singer in current music without mentioning the legend. Yesterday he passed away from heart complications in LA and the fans have been reacting to it in their own way around the world. Personally I delayed this post because the news was still kind of fresh in my mind and I didn't really get the chance to completely wrap my mind around it. I went out and played some basketball to clear my mind and last night during meditation it hit me.
I don't want to celebrate your death but remember your life and your many contributions to music that can never be challenged. Only one person alive can be mentioned in the same breath as him and that man is Prince. Death is nothing more than an idea, human beings are comprised of energy and energy can not be destroyed. The body is just a temporary shell that houses the soul. Therefore when your soul leaves the body the energy just takes on a new form in a different realm of existence.

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Michael Jackson
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