Saturday, April 19, 2008

Goldmine for Graham 09...

Coming Soon.


"Air Ye" Update

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you all, The sneaker that you've all been waiting on: "The Air Yeezy". This is the newest seen color-way of the sneaker which appears to be mostly black with a red base and glow in the dark trim and Nike trademark check. I really like these sneakers and upon their release I will be purchasing these. So basically I'm either going to have to purchase them a month in advance or wait on a three block line just to engage in a physical confrontation when I finally get inside for the last size 9 but hey; its worth it right? Of course it is.
Enjoy Obsessing 


Friday, April 18, 2008


Every rapper ran to reebok and got a deal with them to have a sneaker line, every rapper except for Kanye West. Maybe its because he was a producer first and he still thinks like a producer but for whatever reason he has a contract with Nike to make his own line of sneakers. Mr. West wasn't at liberty to discuss these matters before but this picture has just surfaced on his own blog so I'm assuming that its alright, hence this post. I really like them and I will be purchasing a pair just not this color-way. The back bubble appears to be inspired from the jordan 3, 4 and 5's. The huge tongue and mid section strap are obviously inspired by the Ato Matsumoto's Cow Hide Boot. Overall I think its a good design and should be a hot item on the market I mean after all its Kanye West's sneaker; who wouldn't want one? 
Release date:unknown
The hard part: awaiting the release

Your Welcome


And we will start the bidding at...

If there was a bidding for you to have these Rick Owen sneakers in your life how much would you be willing to pay? How far would you push your competition before even they realize that it has reached an outrageous price? Well would it be safe to say that $1075 is an outrageous price? I sure as hell think so, I mean they are a great pair of sneakers to own but you get to a point where your just like come on $1000. The sneakers are very chicly designed to follow the contour of the foot and I'm sure their comfortable judging from the fact that they look cushiony inside. You can pick these up at eLuxury, however these sneakers will be super rare on the streets or should I say on the feet of people on the street unless there is a sale or unless everybody spends their stimulus package money on them.
Aim High


Dont Trip!

These shoes are remarkable; seriously! If a woman walked by in this I would definitely talk to her i.e. these shoes are a conversation starter. Forget that they are the topic of every conversation in a 5 block radius. Oh yea and there $750.00 but worth every penny. These shoes were beautifully crafted by the good people at Christian Dior and are available at eLuxury right now. Ladies if you were looking to make a statement this summer, forget the mini skirts, this is the way to go.
Happy Consumption


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stay Posted

If you read the forecast for Tuesday post then I know that your checking the blog for updates and your wondering what P and I did on Tuesday but unfortunately everything is not ready for presentation so I still cant say too much but I can offer this piece to the puzzle so to speak. 
Stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Just In...

Lupe Fiasco's "Paris, Tokyo"



Murakami Reminder

When you go don't just look at the paintings and say wow! Read the panels next to the paintings and you'll get a sense of his perspective.



Tuesday's Forecast: Slight Chance of Rain...

I am not at liberty to reveal anymore until Tuesday, unfortunately Tuesday might be such a hectic day that you won't get to see the footage until Wensday so just stay tuned.


To Be Continued...

Feeling Militant: Finalized

Topic: M65
Object: compare and contrast
Soldier: SoHo B

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs M65 military jacket. There are four exterior pockets, no inside pockets, sholder straps, adjustable wrist width and length, also pull strings at the bottom of the jacket for a closer fit if desired. Comes equip with a hood concealed in the neck of the jacket by a zipper and a velcro neck strap. However there aren't any patches like the ones on the BBC jacket as a matter of fact there aren't any patches at all. I guess Jacobs was going on the idea that you have to earn your stripes.

The back is pretty simple, nothing about it really draws your attention or captivates you. Unlike the BBC jacket there is no pleat therefor be cautious when tightening the bottom of this jacket, you may find forward motion a little more challenging than normal. In the picture above the jacket front is open but you can still see the contour of the body in the back of the jacket meaning that when this jacket is closed and the neck strap is hooked, pleat or no pleat; lookout!

Marc by Marc Jacobs M65 jacket provided by: SoHo B

Well you have the targets now choose your weapon, load your ammunition, fight with honor and come home with pride.



Monday, April 14, 2008

Feeling Militant continued

Current topic of discussion: M65 military jacket
Objective: Enlighten the people about a couple options that they have for a military jacket
Soldier: CoOlness P 

This is the BBC version to the M65 military jacket. Notice the space between the two top pockets and the two bottom pockets, the space is for a removable waist belt.

Notice the patches on the arms and chest, they are official BBC militia patches. The jacket is rather slim and fitted nicely possibly the best I've seen for a M65 remake.

Notice the pleat at the back of the jacket, enabling it to move more, so while you navigate the crowds on your daily commute the light weight BBC M65 jacket will make every dip and dodge with you rather than fight against your movements like most M65 jackets.

 BBC M65 jacket Provided By: Coolness P

More on this later, stay tuned...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling Militant?

I was just curious how many of our readers were feeling militant this month. I've noticed that there are some cool military jackets that are being released around the same time but there are two in particular that I wanted to address;
more on this later...