Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kicking & Screaming

Life is a road. On this road you will encounter many potholes some of which can seriously damage your drive and possibly sidetrack you. This can cause stress so intense that you feel like the walls are closing in and you are sitting in the corner just watching everything in the room fall apart. You feel compelled to do something for your survival but you feel completely helpless; so what do you do?

You scream. 

There is nothing wrong with screaming. From time to time we all need to scream, so scream & let it all out.


Friday, November 20, 2009


E-Money Lopez


You win.



Create a Pattern

When it comes to style Michael and I took two different roads however we always seem to end up at the same gas station so to speak.

When people started saying that the BBC/ Ice Cream and Bathing Ape trend was over I asked Michael if he was going to stop wearing it and he laughed. He laughed so hard it made me laugh because at that moment we both realized that for him it was never about the fact that everyone else liked it, he wore it because he likes it.


The Ripple's in Life...

When you drop a stone in a serene pond it creates a ripple effect on the water that can go from one end of the pond to the other if the force of the stone is strong enough. A collective of the ripples then create a pattern. A similar thing happens when you wear certain clothing. You create a ripple in the sea of people that are dressed a like. In a group effort to be so different we have managed to look more alike than ever before. So when someone different actually appears that presence is much like that stone in the pond causing ripples to go through the stagnant sea.

I like to look at clothing as an expression of the person wearing it. You can tell whether the wearer is really into style or if the article of clothing was just purchased because everyone is wearing it just by paying attention to small details. You can tell if someone really cares for a certain clothing line or if they just want to wear it because everyone else thinks it’s cool.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spread Love...

The coolest people that you know play in the city but they live in Brooklyn. 

Love is necessary for anything to positively progress.

There is love in Brooklyn.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Movement

Some say they are down for the cause but they don't even know what the cause is. What are we fighting for and whom are we fighting? These questions never get asked so no one really has the answers. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in but be sure that you know exactly what you are getting involved in.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Perception Is To Perceive

The art of perception is to perceive. 

I am mastering the art of perception. When is a tree not a tree? When you realize that it is a man. Life is built on the foundation of perception. What happens as opposed to what doesn’t happen doesn’t matter because what ever you think happened, happened. Whatever you see your mind perceives as REAL unless you’ve trained your mind to think outside of the constraints of the five senses. The beauty in photography is perception. Politics is perception. Life & death is perception. So it is safe to say we are what we perceive because perception is the basis upon which everything that you internalize is born. Art is perception.


The Naked Truth

When I came across this picture I was moved for a couple reasons. My first reaction was am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Are my eyes deceiving me or is she completely naked? Upon enlarging the picture my mind was reassured of what my eyes were viewing; the model in the picture is completely naked. Then I let out a laugh that would have scared anyone within earshot of my genuinely maniacal howl. What I realized in my second thought was something that most people wouldn't this picture is deeper than your mind would first conceive. 

There is a Chanel bag covering the head of the model and she is in heels however that is all she is wearing. So rather than explain what I think about this picture I'll ask you this: when you buy high priced, high fashion articles of clothing what are you really buying into?