Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Naked Truth

When I came across this picture I was moved for a couple reasons. My first reaction was am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Are my eyes deceiving me or is she completely naked? Upon enlarging the picture my mind was reassured of what my eyes were viewing; the model in the picture is completely naked. Then I let out a laugh that would have scared anyone within earshot of my genuinely maniacal howl. What I realized in my second thought was something that most people wouldn't this picture is deeper than your mind would first conceive. 

There is a Chanel bag covering the head of the model and she is in heels however that is all she is wearing. So rather than explain what I think about this picture I'll ask you this: when you buy high priced, high fashion articles of clothing what are you really buying into?




  1. OMG! This picture is awesomely, mind boggling and the ideal representation of self proclaimed "label whores" (myself included). I dub myself Chanel obsessed, and have often joked about wearing nothing but Chanel. After viewing this image, I guess the jokes on me! Loves it! xoxo

  2. The joke is on us all. You get what you pay for which is just a name.