Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Long Live King James


Call Seize sur Vingt; Get This Man a Suit!

Christian Bale recently covered the June GQ magazine. He also recently played the role of John Conner, leader of the resistance in the new Terminator movie, so it makes complete sense to me why they went route for the cover. However the problem with doing theme covers is either you get it or you don't. Now since I saw the movie last night this makes a bit more sense to me than the average man that just subscribes to GQ and has no interest in the Terminator film. Do I think the cover could have been better? Sure but at the end of the day we all make bad decisions sometimes and in the case of the Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine they have been producing quality covers and content for some time now so one bad cover isn't much to fuss over.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Unstoppableness of Unstoppability

Pure Comedy


A Rose by Any Other Name

Three things brought this outfit together.
The first thing is my mothers age defying skin. If I told you to guess her age I put the other house up that none of you would guess anywhere near the right age. That comes from maintaining a healthy diet and never being a substance abuser (not judging). If you want to drink, enjoy responsibly. I know you hear that a lot but it does wonders for your body health which in turn does wonders for your outward appearance. I'm not going to tackle the topic of smoking because of how controversial it is.

Live your life the way you want to but be prepared for the consequences.
The second thing that made this a good outfit actually has nothing to do with the clothes and everything to do with the woman. A woman wears her confidence in a similar way that she would wear her handbag. She flaunts it around those without it, she uses it as a facilitator for everything that she will need to get done for the day and when she senses danger she holds onto it for dear life. If you aren't confident in yourself no matter what you are wearing you will not be comfortable and it will show.
Eat well, feel good, look great.
The third and final aspect of the outfit that made it a hit is the accessories. I tell you countless times that accessories can make or break an outfit and in this case they made the outfit. The burnt red ribbon tied around the waist brought out the red in the dress. The pearls drew attention to her neckline and the rose was the icing on the cake.


Read Em & Weep

An outfit consist of many different elements: 

the waist coat, blazer, shoes, oxford, neck accouterment and watch can all be considered ingredients to a good outfit. Personally I consider accessories the make or break items in some outfits while in others they are just the icing on the cake. In the case of the picture of Jason Burke seen using the iPhone 3G, his outfit was well put together but two things made this outfit stand out; one of which was the pocket scarf. The pocket scarf doesn't have to be tucked any particular way unless you wish to stick to the conventional rules of it being neatly tucked revealing only an inch of the scarf. If you want to live a tad bit more dangerously then tuck it as you wish. The brown in the scarf also do something very important, it brings out the brown in the stitching of the denim jacket. 

The next and final accessory that brought this outfit together was the eyewear. The strong brown in the reading glasses solidify this outfit and draw attention to the softer brown in the cashmere covering his chest.

You've seen the glasses on Jason Burke and the glasses have also made their way onto the Brooklyn Circus blog. It won't be long now before they find their way onto your face.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Award Tour: Summer Preview

It's almost here.


Beyoncé - Ego

The lack of control of your EGO can lead to your downfall but my EGO got me here. I guess it's cool as long as you can back it up.


Selling Yourself Short... or Not.

Petar Petrov
...and to think I used to tie my regular ties short. Why go through all the extra work when you can just purchase a short tie. Of course you aren't always going to want to wear a short tie therefor limiting the amount of times that you are going to wear the tie but you can't wear shorts year round either. So if you can invest in short pants for one season then I say why not get the short tie?

Once a Man

I was recently on Kanye's Blog and I came across this video that has been directed and produced by Chris Milk, a well noted American film director whom has worked on some of Kanye's music video's as well. I am particularly fond of this video because I see it as a pretty spot on interpretation of a man's life-cycle. I don't watch a lot of short films but this is definitely fermenting an interest in me to start watching them.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Brilliance: Dee & Ricky Interview

TB: Let's talk about the LEGO accessory takeover. More importantly tell us about when the light bulb went off in your head. 

D: A light bulb never went off we didn't get a chance to pay out electric bill.. But We just did it one day because we were tired or wearing controllers on out waist wanted something more lowkey, we had the lego belt back in 06.. Only ricky was rocking it.. We Had it on ice for a yr.. Then we was at a party in the hamptons ran into one of Marc boys.. He's like yo is that a gucci lego belt?.. Im like yep.. He's like marc would love that im like marc who? He's like marc jacobs im like oword? That's dope.. Then We exchanged contacts.. 2 days later he hits me up like hey dudes im at the mercer.. Come threw bring a couple belts.. Went there enjoyed some beverages polyed at bit.. Gave him some belts.. Next day marc calls us like dude.. I love the belt idea.. Lets do something for fashion week.. Fashion week happend to be a week away but we pulled it off. The show was grand.. And Marc was our big break.. So that's basically how the legos came about it evolved from another idea.. And its ben a success from the likes of takishi and kanye wearing our pieces and a hand full of other celebs and such in that genre.


Gestuz: Black Bodysuit

Believe me when I tell you that women will be wearing this bodysuit and similar ensembles. Why? I don't know whether it is the influence of Lady GaGa or all of a sudden women just got a sudden confidence boost but for the most part woman are way more comfortable with their bodies and they will not hesitate to let the world know how they feel about their bodies. It is going to be interesting to see how far they take it but for now I predict: neon spandex, nude spandex, bodysuits, and cut off denim.
Only time will tell.


Denim & Thread: Coated Jeans

I'm less concerned with how you got into them, the real question is how are you going to ge out of them?


Marc Jacobs SS 09

If you change your bag every other day (if not everyday), if you lose: key parts of your make up, lip stick, cell phone case, house keys, optical lenses, metro cards, parking tickets, business cards and money then when I saw this bag I thought about you. Investing in a bigger bag will not solve your organizational problems but now at least you know the moneymetrocardsmakeupcellphonecasepticallensparkingtickersbusinesscards are all lost in one big bag.


The Most Interesting Man in the World

"The police often question him just because they find him interesting."


Buffalo Soldier

When you have a long way to go that should never be discouraging, it's just an invitation to try harder.

Adversity isn't something that should get you down, it's just another opportunity to be great.

Shine through the darkness and you will find your own path, often times it's not the path that others want you to take; it may not even be one that was ever taken before.

"We still have a long way to go but look how far we have come" means appreciate everything in life because feeding negativity is the only wasted effort.


Brooklyn Inspires SoHo?

While checking out the new J. Crew mens shop in SoHo I ran into TakehideI don't want to say too much about this look because it speaks volumes for itself. The most important key here is execution. His attention to detail is on point but what brings everything together is his execution. The Brooklyn Circus vest was a good choice, also notice the glasses, even though they aren't on his face they are still present and play a role in this outfit. The cut of the denim is excellent and the cuff is spot on and the scarf breathes life into the outfit.
Look closely at the pics below for the little things that make this outfit an instant hit.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ikitabi: Ninja Slippers

These ninja slippers definitely bring tons of images and memories to mind for most viewers. Whether your thinking about your favorite kung fu flick or childhood memories of teenage mutant ninja turtles. Whatever thought they generate in your mind you must admit they are different. However I wouldn't advise everyone to jump on them because they aren't for everyone (obviously) but if you feel like they fit your style and your on the right level then by all means go right ahead.


Fillet of Style

"Getting dressed is like cooking, once you get the basics down there is no limit to what you can create." Burke


Monday, May 18, 2009

Anna Wintour was recently on 60 minutes. This is a rare opportunity to see the real Anna Wintour, unwind and talk about her love for fashion. You do not want to miss this.


Salt Water Fish


Why does the water hypnotize us in the shower but terrorize us when it rains?

People spend hours in the shower but run when it starts raining. 

A woman told me that water was the first thing that ever touched every part of her body.

I realized the difference between the shower and the rain.

In the rain you are fully clothed and your disposition is different.

You aren't the same outside as you are inside the house, you wear your clothes as a cloak.

You have no inhibitions in the shower, you are free of all constraints and as long as you stay in the longer you remain free.

Technology is the separation between man and nature.

So if you ever start to feel the walls closing in, lose your phone; thats only the 1st step.


1965 Jeep CJ5: Over Hills & Valleys Too

1965 Jeep CJ5
It may not look like much now but I assure you that it looks like so much more than it should. I think the owner has done a spectacular job at keeping this in a somewhat presentable condition.
I found the picture below to be the most interesting aspect on the vehicle.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Megan Fox on Esquire

First GQ magazine couldn't get enough of her, now she graces the cover of Esquire magazine; Megan Fox and 10 pages on "The Woman of Summer 09". After seeing Transformers I believe every man fell in love with Fox and if not then you might find the sequel a bit more convincing. I must admit, she is it.