Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Brilliance: Dee & Ricky Interview

TB: Let's talk about the LEGO accessory takeover. More importantly tell us about when the light bulb went off in your head. 

D: A light bulb never went off we didn't get a chance to pay out electric bill.. But We just did it one day because we were tired or wearing controllers on out waist wanted something more lowkey, we had the lego belt back in 06.. Only ricky was rocking it.. We Had it on ice for a yr.. Then we was at a party in the hamptons ran into one of Marc boys.. He's like yo is that a gucci lego belt?.. Im like yep.. He's like marc would love that im like marc who? He's like marc jacobs im like oword? That's dope.. Then We exchanged contacts.. 2 days later he hits me up like hey dudes im at the mercer.. Come threw bring a couple belts.. Went there enjoyed some beverages polyed at bit.. Gave him some belts.. Next day marc calls us like dude.. I love the belt idea.. Lets do something for fashion week.. Fashion week happend to be a week away but we pulled it off. The show was grand.. And Marc was our big break.. So that's basically how the legos came about it evolved from another idea.. And its ben a success from the likes of takishi and kanye wearing our pieces and a hand full of other celebs and such in that genre.