Friday, May 22, 2009

Read Em & Weep

An outfit consist of many different elements: 

the waist coat, blazer, shoes, oxford, neck accouterment and watch can all be considered ingredients to a good outfit. Personally I consider accessories the make or break items in some outfits while in others they are just the icing on the cake. In the case of the picture of Jason Burke seen using the iPhone 3G, his outfit was well put together but two things made this outfit stand out; one of which was the pocket scarf. The pocket scarf doesn't have to be tucked any particular way unless you wish to stick to the conventional rules of it being neatly tucked revealing only an inch of the scarf. If you want to live a tad bit more dangerously then tuck it as you wish. The brown in the scarf also do something very important, it brings out the brown in the stitching of the denim jacket. 

The next and final accessory that brought this outfit together was the eyewear. The strong brown in the reading glasses solidify this outfit and draw attention to the softer brown in the cashmere covering his chest.

You've seen the glasses on Jason Burke and the glasses have also made their way onto the Brooklyn Circus blog. It won't be long now before they find their way onto your face.