Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gwyneth Supreme

Blown away is my reaction to this picture. Its a serious piece of photography and she looks great. The dress is wonderous, her stance is empowering and dominant, facial expression is on point, hair and make up is flawless. Some days things just work out like this, this picture is gold so you can either take it to the bank and get your bank notes worth of it or you can take it to your personal jeweler and get something made of it.
She Got Em


Hooka on Personal...

Find out how we got this way on L&F Personal.
Lets get Personal


Friday, May 16, 2008

L&F Personal

I bet you want to know how the "Word of Mouth" tour is going.
Check out L&F Personal here: Personal


West of the Moon

George Clinton, Michael Jackson, Prince...Kanye West?
It seems like Mr. West is developing his stage presence even more and he's becoming a dramatic performer. I must admit that its a beautiful transition and he is a true artist but not everybody will understand his brilliance. When an artist gets to this point its safe to say that there is a thin line between genius and insanity. Kanye performed at G-Shock's 25th anniversary celebration and I don't think that there was a person in attendance that wasn't blown away.

Here are some sights from his performance:
-topless astronauts? this is like out-takes from 007 Moonraker
-I live for this picture

Kanye West x Casio G-Shock 25th Anniversary

In 1983, Casio launched the first-ever G-Shock watch, now in 2008 Casio has shocked the world with their 25th anniversary celebration of the brand that fused cutting-edge technology within a fashionable accessory that is still the must-have of today. On May 14th, 2008, G-Shock celebrated its historic 25th anniversary in style at Gustavino’s in New York City. To commemorate this milestone; several hundred G-Shock fans from the editor and business community came out to pay tribute to a brand that has provided consumers with the most cutting edge technology and tough solar power available in a fashionable timekeeping device...
Stay posted for more on the topic.


N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose


Thursday, May 15, 2008

More sights from BBC

Great Scott was also in attendance.  If you don't know Scott is a model for BBC, ICE CREAM and Kid Robot. He also works at all of the above stores when they need him; so its kind of like an Abercrombie deal. If you've never seen a Great Scott ad then you have really been deprived of "The Cool". I've heard people say that after seeing Scott dress for events they realized that there will always be someone flyer than them; wow! 

Keep an eye out for him the next time your in SoHo and if you two do cross paths tell him that you seen him on L&F.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

N.E.R.D at BBC

With the Glow in the Dark tour coming to New York on the date of 3/13 you would think that anything else would fly under the radar; well at least thats what I thought. I didn't consider the people that weren't going to the concert but still wanted to get some action. 

N.E.R.D hosted a t-shirt signing at the BBC/ ICE CREAM flagship store in SoHo and the turn out was ridiculous (refer to L&F Personal for the walk through) the crowd stretched the length of three stores. People from all walks of life could be found in this crowd; believe me I looked. The cool kids, the skaters, the die hard N.E.R.D fans, the Pharrell fans (yes there is a difference) and the BBC enthusiast were all present and disorderly lined up for about two hours before N.E.R.D actually showed up in their chauffeured Yukon Denali. There was one parked directly outside of the store for the entire time however that was just a decoy to create suspense.
However when they did show up nobody but Coolness P realized. We were standing across the street and a second Yukon pulled up and P told me that Hugo got out so I briskly walked across the street and discretely approached the vehicle and just then Pharrell gets out. (refer to L&F Personal for the talk with Pharrell video) and hence these great shots. 
-Get all the way into his shades... now die.
-Chad told me my outfit was sick
-Get into his Tom Ford shades


Sights from BBC...lets go Tokyo!

One of the many people in attendance yesterday at the BBC/ ICE CREAM event. Miss Tokyo Diva. Get into more Tokyo Diva here: Tokyo 
Curiosity Killed The Cat


L&F Exclusive

As you know N.E.R.D was present at the BBC/ ICE CREAM store in SoHo May 13th and guess who was there to catch all of the action...duh! 
L&F exclusive coming soon


Monday, May 12, 2008

Get Into This Jacket!

Wait! Let me tell you how I was walking through SoHo with she who shall remain nameless (yes you boo :-*) and we walked into D&G. So my eyes were like "nothing new, nothing new, nothi...EJACULATION!" There it was hanging up perfectly still by itself, standing out amiss the other garments. I reached out and touched it only to ejaculate again. Then one final time when I seen the detail put into it.

-I told the story like a biddie on purpose.

Seriously this is my single nomination for garment of the year. D&G really out did themselves with this jacket. This is the kind of piece that you design and them eat the design because your too damn good at what you do and people just aren't ready for it yet. Then you design it again in 5 years. This is seriously the best jacket that I have seen in my life! 
Now leave me with the pictures of the jacket...


WTF! Please Pardon my French

Wyclef is seen here with the President of MTV international, Bill Roedy at the 2008 MTV Australia Awards. The people just weren't ready for him in this outfit. I didn't laugh even though I assume (which I hate to do) that this wasn't his real outfit and that this was a joke. I know some bloggers are going to have a field day with this but I wont be one to join them. I recently extended my education to include the history of Haiti and since I learned of what they have been through and the state of affairs in Haiti now I look at Haitian's as strong people. 
Do The Research


Rising Up

New Video by: The Roots ft. Wale and Crisette Michele
Title: RIsing Up

-"Good rappers aint eating/ they Olsen twinning". Wale


C'mon now Robert.

Six years ago Mr. Kelly was brought up on child pornography charges by a court of law in Chicago. The evidence to the charge is a video tape of the whole thing, the director of the video tape, Mr. Kelly himself; Wow! Okay, whatever, fast-forward... The girl told the judge and jury that it never happened and Robert pled not guilty but for some reason the case is still open and Kelly is back in court. Now they are recruiting a new jury and a new judge to prosecute this man for something that the alleged victim said didn't occur. Is it really that important to prosecute him this hard for sexual intercourse with underaged women when we can't even prosecute our law enforcement for abuse of their power and excessive use of their firearms. (50 shots fired, no weapons found(Shawn Bell))


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Get Into This Ad

You must understand that YSL has this affect on alot of women and she is not responsible for her actions. But on a more serious note, this ad is definitely foreign because the US public is way too squeamish for this and we take everything too personal. If this were on 5th Ave by the YSL boutique, people would protest until  it was taken down. 
In my personal opinion...I love it!
Pilati Stance!


Priority Mail!

It seems that the post man has just come and he has some priority mail addressed to mister SoHo B. Oh well I wonder whom it could be from. Well what do we have here? It appears to be from Stefano Pilati, how interesting and surprisingly how nice. Not surprising because it's YSL but surprising because it's postage but yet its so chic.
Return letter to same address;
Dear Mr. Pilati...You nailed it!

for everyone else please consume here: YSL


Sick-o-ning! What a World We Live in...

where this is considered art. I'm just being facetious these pieces are great and I'm almost 100% sure that Karl Lagerfeld owns that gold Chanel rocket launcher. Mess up one of his runway shows and you know whats going to happen; lol. 

Honestly though someone that doesn't appreciate fashion or just isn't interested in high fashion or forward thinkers might look at these pieces and say this is ridiculous and we are all insane but I would then turn to that person with the most serious face I could conjure up at the moment and say "Look Deep", turn and leave then with that thought.
-Work by: Peter Gronquist
-entitled: "The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: A Weapons of Mass Designer"
-location: Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles 


Goldmine for Graham 09

Here we go again!
The Goldmine Girls are at it again but this time they are collaborating with SoHo B of L&F.
What they are working on together is a benefit banquet for Yvonne Graham.
She's a politician running for the borough president of Brooklyn in 2009.
The event is a fund raiser and the cover charge is $25.
The whole night is going to be one to be remembered, from the special guest to the secret guest performer there will not be a moment in which you wont enjoy yourself.

The location will be disclosed when you apply to go. Thats right, we are only accepting a select few to be a part of this event so you can't just show up with your money and your biddies and be granted entrance, you must RSVP and fast because seats are flying like city pigeons; so act fast.

Send an email to containing: 
Your First Name, Last Name
Your Age
A Short Piece Explaining Why You Would Like To Go

or you can just add the first top friend on my myspace page
(now isnt that easier? lol)
Good Luck


Now Presenting: L&F Personal

This banner that you are viewing is currently the front page banner of the new page that we've been working on here at L&F. The new page is L&F Personal and this page that you all have come to love and will be Classic L&F; sound good so far? There is nothing to fear the world will still exist the way in which you know it and L&F will not change. However you will get an exclusive opportunity to get a deeper look into the life of SoHo B, Coolness P and the people around us that influence us and affect L&F whether negatively or positively, directly or indirectly you will see it all.

The L&F Personal page will only be advertised on the Classic L&F site and nowhere else so it is exclusive to our readers.
-get into the life here:L&F Personal


No Comment

I bet your waiting on me to say something intelligently put together that makes alot of sense or maybe you want me to say something derogatory about her performance but unfortunately I'm going to have to disappoint you. 
-source: dug up in archive
Draw your own conclusions.


Kris Van Assche

Okay so the sneaker pics that I've been leaving up are actually Kris Van Assche sneakers. This is really a repost from the post I did on his sneakers back during Paris Fashion Week. Somehow I think the message was lost so I posted the sneaker pics and Im doing this post so that you all get the point this time around. So here is the message loud and clear: Purchase a pair!
-get a pair here:KVA
-either its me or these look like they were designed in the image of Dior Homme shoes