Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy

Last night Hiro Ballroom was the place to be. In celebration of Jeremy Asgari's birthday an all star cast of New Yorkers flocked to 9th avenue between 16th and 17th street. The night started off as regular as your going to get at a NY club, guys trying to pay off bouncers, women charming their way in and one woman outraged by the fact that she had to pay a cover charge. As the night progressed and people started to get a bit more comfortable the mood changed a bit and people were really ready to party. Questlove from the roots rocked out his set and really got things underway. There were dancers swinging from the ceiling, bottle service faster than chinese food deliveries, beautiful women everywhere your eyes could fall and good music only equals one thing; a damn good party.
The beautiful stylist responsible for Jeremy's Birthday tux.
Sur Fresh-A-Lot
Did I forget to mention that the Retro Kids were performing?
If you are at a party in NY and you don't see Sham either you are at the wrong party or she already left.