Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cool Day, Good Blokes

Yesterday while in the city I got a BBM from the good Dr. Phil saying that he was in SoHo with some friends; coincidentally so was I. Upon meeting Phil in the new J. Crew Mens Shop he introduced me to the two gentlemen you see above. These two apparently jolly fellows are from the UK; London to be exact. Unfortunately at the time that was all I knew about them, so we spent a couple hours in the city talking about anything that came to mind and at the end of it all I can honestly say that these two are cool in my book. It wasn't until I actually got home and did some research that I realized how cool they actually are. They maintain a UK site called Tropical TV which is a very good site that covers much of what everyone wants to read with their own little twist on it. Try to imagine an English Phil and you'd better understand. All in all they have my seal of approval and I will be regularly visiting their site and I suggest you do the same.
I guess we all were feeling a bit English yesterday; a sure sign that a trip is in order.