Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Gucci 2009
Fall/ Winter Collection
"look at this pea coat, tell me he's broke!" Kanye West

Since everyone (yes, literally everyone) started wearing Gucci I stopped paying attention to Gucci. I'm not a fan of clothing lines that are worn so much that they have become over-saturated and represented by the public in a terrible way seeing as the majority of people wearing Gucci now can't dress. However I recently came across these recent Gucci looks and much the contrary of how I see the general public representing Gucci, the brand still looks very well put together. I am a fan of quality clothing as much as I am a fan of life and this my friends is quality clothing. These very subtle pieces are what I look forward to seeing people wearing in the season to come. It's very easy to purchase a strong flashy article of clothing and make the rest of your outfit uncomfortably revolve around that one piece but to build an outfit having each individual article of clothing accenting another, working together to complete a look is a skill, one that Gucci hasn't lost yet. By far my favorite piece has to be the cardigan seen below; very cool.