Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Toppers

In 1840 the top hat saw the height of it's popularity but as we all know great ideas in fashion don't die they just get recycled. I was first intrigued by the top hat while watching "Gangs of New York" a movie based upon New York during the 19th Century. 

Most of the characters who was anyone in the town in that movie had on a top hat and they weren't afraid to throw it down and tussle if need be. Watching that movie made me look at mens fashion in a new light, I think the examples we see of men's fashion now are too soft. It's not that men are the new women but the ads for certain lines and the looks from certain collections aren't masculine enough. What the top hat represents to me is a time in America when men were men. 
Let's take the top hat's back from the circus ring leaders, clowns and upscale doormen.