Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Gentleman's Box

This is a box. Not just any box but what I would like to call the gentleman's box. As a gentleman that takes so much pride in the way that he carries himself (on most days) there has to be some order by which you store your accessories. 
What you are looking at is the top level of the inside of the box. The top level of my box consist of a watch, some time pieces, shades and glasses. The second level consist of a few more watches, a Dee & Ricky heart pendant, cuff links, cologne, another pair of shades and ear rings that I no longer wear.
I also have a box for my scarves and neck accouterments but that is a totally different post in itself. I am actually looking for a bigger box to move everything into; I might invest in a nice trunk. The whole point of a gentleman's box is to establish order amongst your belongings.
Try It.