Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Day Off

I took the day off today to get some out of office things accomplished. Prior to today I hadn't been in SoHo in three weeks straight. I was starting to forget what the area looked like and I missed the re-opening of the Stüssy store. After a quick trip to the bank and about an hours worth of catching up with Alex Goldberg I was in the mood for pizza so he suggest we go to 2 Bros Pizza. I question everything but Alex has already proven that he won't lead me astray so I trusted his decision and honestly it was the 2nd best decision I made all day (2nd only to me NOT responding to her last text message). 

If you thought the sign said it all...
wait until you actually taste the pizza.
Usually when pizza is this inexpensive they cut corners on the dough so the crust is not as plump and the pizza is rather flat and dry. However this pizza was moist, the cheese's were oozing and the crust was as plump as a fresh pillow. I really enjoyed the pizza and was very grateful for Alex's insight.

2 Bros Pizza
32 Saint Marks Pl
New YorkNY 10003-8033
(212) 777-0600


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