Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Face of Positivity

I wore the mask because I thought it was cool. I posted it as my picture on twitter because I felt like it fit exactly what I was trying to do. Optimus Prime gave his life to protect the free will of those that couldn't protect themselves. He made the ultimate sacrifice for positivity and good. Thats a strong symbol. I was in deep thought last night and I realized that for those that do not know me I'm just a mask. A young lady on twitter asked me if I had a face and I thought that was the best question that I'd been asked in a long time. It helped me come to the understanding that people don't need a symbol. They want someone they can connect to, they want someone they can relate to; they want someone!
(Fine&Dandy bow tie)

I have removed the mask but I have not removed the mask from the picture. Prime is still one of the biggest representations of everything good, just this time around we all get to see that there is someone under the mask and he does have a face.


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