Friday, September 4, 2009

Frais de Résiliation Anticipée

[marc by marc Naomi Campbell tee, Top Shop jacket, Longchamp by Jeremy Scott]

L'esprit de la vie la beauté en elle. 

The entire day at work I was thinking about leaving to meet up with this beautiful young lady that you see above. I have known Maelle for a little over two years now and she has been a fan of the blog since we started. She was one of the first people to put the link on her myspace page, a link that I believe is still there to this day. She is visiting New York this week, hailing from the South of France she is excited to see everything New York has to offer. Being the gentleman that I am I was more than happy to be her guide for the day. I left work a bit after lunch, dropped the files off at home, made some minor alterations to the attire and headed back out to meet her. She is every bit as beautiful as I could have imagined and a bit more. I really enjoyed spending time with her and upon reaching my residence I received a text message assuring me that the feeling was mutual so I highly doubt this is the last I will see of her.


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